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How to Create an Event on Facebook

Starting an event page for your business or special event can be as easy as creating a Facebook event page for your business. Facebook has made it easier than ever to grow a business by finding an audience interested in your events. Now you can even find customers ready to buy your tickets and promote your event. 

Event Promotion

Event Advertising Guide For 2021

You create events for the audience, and advertisements help you reach them.

Advertising is very important for any form of business be it selling a product or service or selling tickets for an event.

The entire purpose of hosting an event is to invite the audience and to present what you have for them. The sole purpose will go into vain if the audience doesn’t turn up for your event.

And how will you ensure that the audience turns up for your event?

The answer is simple – Through promotions and advertisements.

Advertising for an event would be the most crucial step for any organizer after the idea. 

Event Promotion

Quick Tips: How To Promote An Event On Facebook?

Today Facebook has the highest reach to the audience with 2.6 billion active users worldwide. Every organizer should promote their event on Facebook for maximum results. Expand your marketing horizon by promoting your events on Facebook.

Facebook makes a great platform for better visibility and client reach. Well, just posting a picture on Facebook is not enough. To reach a massive audience, you will have to work harder. The event planner will have to learn how to promote events on Facebook. It has the potential to create a huge buzz about your event, generates revenue, and create brand awareness. 

Event Promotion

15 Tips To Promote An Event On Social Media

Promoting event on social media has become necessary as social media is the platform where your audience are.

Social media has become the world’s largest platform for people to connect, showcase, and promote. No business today can avoid the power of social media.

It is equally important for event organizers to promote an event on social media.

Social media has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Promoting an event on social media is like the most basic yet the most challenging activity. If you do it the right way, it will do wonders for your event.

In this marketing clutter on the internet, the question persists that, how to promote an event on social media in such a way that I get into the spotlight of my audience. In this article, we will cover 15 ideas that’ll help you promote an event on social media.

So, let’s get started!

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Most Profitable Ways To Monetize videos without YouTube

Video content is the need of the hour and it is not going away anytime soon. According to studies by TechCrunch, U.S. adults spend almost 6 hours per day on video, on average. And this is a huge opportunity for anyone and everyone in the business to go online with their Events and content and monetize it for a lifetime.

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Best Hybrid Event Examples & Ideas

All credits to Covid-19, event managers are now creating hybrid events. If you haven’t considered the idea of hosting a hybrid event, it is high time you do. We are covering best hybrid event examples and ideas to boost your event business.

Hybrid events are both virtual and in-person events altogether. This event has both virtual components and person event components.

As per a study, 70% of event managers didn’t consider a hybrid method to host their events before the pandemic. But as a result of this worldwide pandemic, now people are more attracted to hybrid events. 

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15 Proven Event Engagement Ideas

Right now, there is a battle going on in the event industry. So how do you keep your audience engaged? How do you keep your event live and happening? For that, you need excellent event engagement ideas. Whether you are organizing a virtual event or an offline event, audience engagement is the main focus to make it a huge success.

Thankfully, ample options are available to engage attendees. To keep the audience intact, create great content, provide some unique elements, and remain attentive to all the audience. Different types of events require different types of strategies. No matter how small or large your audience, a key concern is to have attendee engagement. In virtual events, it is slightly tricky to get attendees’ attention. We have got you unique ideas for virtual event engagement as well. 

Here are some effective event engagement ideas:

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Event Trends in 2021

If we say that event trends after 2020 have evolved and changed drastically, that wouldn’t be wrong. Our planning and strategies to plan events have changed. As event planners and event creators, we need to keep up with new trends and changes. For example, the event industry has seen a drastic shift from in-person to virtual and hybrid events.

New event trends have broadened our market and global reach.


How To Find Sponsors For An Event

Being an event manager is a challenging task. And for an event planner find sponsors for events is no less than fighting a war itself. You don’t necessarily have funds all the time. Event planning and event management require a massive amount of energy and funding. To make your event fully equipped, you need finance to process it all.

Event planners need venues, digital platforms, props, ticketing, and whatnot to organize an event. And all these things require a good amount of cash. Hence, it would be best if you had sponsors for an event.

Now you will be worrying about how to approach a sponsor? Who will want to provide us with that much funds?

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Virtual Event Ideas 2021

The pandemic has forced the world to change, and the most significant change (or we can call it a challenge) during this pandemic for event organizers is shifting from physical to digital platforms. But with change always comes resistance, and overcoming this resistance to change will be the first step towards new success.

What seems like a crisis to everyone is an opportunity for event creators.

The situation has forced us to discontinue the offline gathering events. But what better opportunity than inviting people to your event from all around the world without asking them to move an inch?

This is the perfect time for event organizers to shift towards conducting virtual events. We have collated some of the vital reasons that might inspire you to host virtual events.