Christmas is just around the corner- everything is in full swing and motion. And it is snowing Christmas events in the event industry. From large-scale Christmas parties to corporate Christmas party events, everyone is swamped with planning their best Christmas party.

Well, it is important to plan events, but don’t forget your biggest obligation to sell Christmas tickets online. During Christmas there is a lot of Christmas noise, so people are just flooded with offers and deals and whatnot. 

So, you need to make sure your Christmas party is not just like any other event. Take your event ticket sales to next level with some exceptional ticketing ideas. Make sure your audience gets a smooth experience to purchase a ticket to your event.

Here are the ways to sell Christmas event tickets online and make your Christmas party the best event in the city.

Tested Tactics to Sell Christmas Tickets Online

Let’s get straight to the point. Everything comes down to sell tickets online. So here are the basic things you need to have to sell Christmas tickets online.

1. Custom Christmas Tickets

Just like any other normal purchase, the audience has a budget. Make your party affordable and available for everyone.

And we all know Christmas decorations, gifts, and feasts, everything cost a heavy amount. So customers are looking for something that fits their budget.

Ticket discounts are quite helpful to make your Christmas event tickets go sold out. During, the holiday season there are discounts and good deals everywhere, then why not use them to our benefit as well?

As an event manager, be the first one to make this move. Customize ticket based on:

  • Tickets purchased by an individual- single ticket, couple tickets, bulk purchase, etc.
  • By the age group- Children & Adults

Add ticket types in 2 minutes

Start selling tickets by adding various ticket discounts, group deals, and whatnot!

2. Perfect Seating Arrangement for Christmas Event

Well, we all know how people are particular about their seating arrangements. And it gets personal as well as emotional when you are the biggest event organizer and successful event planner. 

As an event manager, you’d know how difficult it is to make that perfect seating arrangement that doesn’t hurt the sentiments of people and that you have enough space to include everyone in the given space.

Here are a few things you can do to build your seating plan:

  • Block the reserved seats
  • Segregate in VVIPs, VIPs, Golden, & Silver category 
  • Change the shape and size of the table

Tip: Set the price of tickets according to the seating arrangements. And let your guest decide their own seats and table. And it’s better when you provide a visual view of the seating arrangement. 

3. Leverage Social Media for Ticket Selling

Mind you, social media ticket selling is different than social media promotions. 

You can sell tickets online for Christmas events with the help of social media ads, events, and others.

Here are simple ways by which you can leverage social media to drive customers to purchase your Christmas event ticket.

  • Share a link- direct link to an event page, ticketing website, and others. 
  • Create events on social mediaFacebook, Event pages, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Paid ads– ads about early bird offers, hot deals, etc.

Tip: Social media helps you get heavy traffic. It leads the audience to your Christmas event, so make sure you have a strong social media presence, especially during December.

4. Escalate Online Christmas Ticket Sales with Email 

Email is one of the most popular revenue-generating platforms. With email marketing, you can immediately escalate your ticket sales online. There is a personal touch in email invites that drives people to purchase tickets online. 

With email tools like CTA buttons and Boost opens, you can quickly engage your customers in purchasing Christmas tickets. 

Make sure you announce it creatively with a great description to attract an audience. Here are a few things you can do with email marketing:

  • Notify people about the event
  • Target your potential audience
  • Send reminders and keep them up-to-date 
  • Relationship building

You can create great email invite templates with Canva, Mailjet, Sendinblue.

5. Deals and Discounts for Your December Event

One of the best ways that directly and quickly reach an audience is through good deals. There is nothing like offers that motivate the audience to make a purchase. There are multiple ways to provide irresistible deals and drive your online ticket sales:

  • Early bird discounts
  • Referral Programs 
  • Free Goodies
  • Incentives to regular customers 

6. Tell Your Audience- You’re Running out of Tickets

Show the audience that your Christmas party is unique and you are going to sell out soon. Sold-out events are most desirable, and when your audience sees that there are few tickets left, they are quick to make the purchase.

Here is how you can tell them that you are running out of tickets now:

  • Show the number of tickets left
  • Number of people viewing ticket
  • Number of tickets sold
  • Pre-book tickets 
  • Lock your tickets 
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Jingle Bells with Jingle Promotions to Sell Tickets Online

With effective promotions, you can reach your audience. Promotions are the only way to tell your audience that your Christmas event is happening in the city. 

Here are some other ways to promote your Christmas events:

7. Social Media Promotions before Christmas

If you want to reach an audience just in no time and go trendy on their feed- Social media promotion is the answer. 

Create the hype and engage your audience. The best way is to host social media contests to include people in your Christman events already. 

Use photos, videos, reviews, and exciting blogs of your Christmas party to attract an audience to your Christmas event.

8. Landing Pages/ Event Pages 

Event landing pages are unique and attractive in their own way. Event landing pages provide all the details, and descriptions of the events. So, don’t forget to create an event landing page that will help you sell Christmas tickets.

When the audience has all the display information, they get the trust factor which is extremely important to ramp up your ticket sales. 

Tip: Make sure you have multiple CTA buttons on your event landing page. For example, create landing pages like pH Designs. You can use other mediums like WordPress to create event landing pages.

9. Promote it With Top-Promoting Mediums

You are all over the place when it comes to social media promotions. Hence, it gets important to know which platform is doing well and which is not so much.

Tracking your promoting channels is the best way to increase ticket sales. When you know the platform which is getting the highest sales you can promote it there often. And when you know which platform is not serving you the best you can strategies for those. 

Pro Tip: UTM tracking is what you need to do to track your top promotions.

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10. Respond to the Highs and Lows of Christmas Ticket Demands 

There are highs and lows in demand as it is “THE CHRISTMAS”. It all starts with Fall Festivals to Halloween and after that, there are just endless events and festivals lined up.

There is a roller-coaster ride in the event industry. As an event manager, you need to make sure to manage this ride well. 

Here are two ways to manage it well:

  • Respond to the high demand. Make sure you sell the utmost tickets during high peaks.
  • Promote well and market well during the low demands.  

Winding Up on Selling Christmas Tickets

Things just don’t end here. 

One of the most important and integral parts to sell tickets online is your Online ticketing platform and ticket partner.

A reliable ticketing platform that provides you and your customers with an uninterrupted and hassle-free experience. Our advice to you would be that you focus on your Christmas party planning and promotions. Let the ticket sales and event registration be an automatic process.

Yes, you can manage your ticketing process at zero cost and seamlessly. 

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