Leaves are changing colors and the air is a bit cooler. So you already know what time it is!  Fall is here and so are the fall festivals and events. Everyone loves fall.

Fall is for event makers and marketers. It brings event opportunities that can bring high participation and audience engagement. It is the perfect time for event makers to promote their business. 

And guess what? Fall festivals have the highest potential for selling event tickets. People around the world love to attend events during the fall season. 

With the festival season, there is a high chance that your potential customers are looking for events, and of course, you would want to reach them as well. So it’s your time to win your audience, get high ticket sales,  grow your brand and make your events a big hit.

But how exactly are you gonna do this? How are you going to sell out all your event tickets? If you are looking at marketing tactics to boost your fall festival events, you are at the right place. Here, are some exceptional ideas to try out!

Just found some marketing essentials »to sell fall festival tickets

1. Announce it with the emails

Emails might look like basic and regular tactics. But believe us, it is not. Marketing by emails drives immense audience attention. Email marketing is a critical marketing tactic and is highly efficient.

With the email marketing tools like Boost opens and CTRs, you can quickly nurture leads and engage the audience. It makes the marketing process simple and streamlines communication to increase your ROI. 

Email marketing comes with other perks as well. It saves information, stores important data, is easily integrated with other tools, monitoring, scheduling, and much more. It can go beyond measures.

Email Marketing Tactics

2. Share it on social media & make them fall for your festival

What connects everyone in one place is social media! Create a buzz and engage the audience on social media. These days sharing and promoting an event on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, shows the authenticity of your events. 

People trust and believe when they see it. Your past fall festival photos, videos, reviews, and other such things show the success of your events. When people see how much fun and exciting your fall events are, they gravitate to your events. 

Another way is to host social media contests. Involving the audience even before the event starts, makes them feel belonged. This makes them feel valued at your events and hence they become loyal customers. 

3. Ads are your go to partners to skyrocket your ticket sales

Ads are your go-to! And that too if you are organizing fall festival events, then your calendar is going to be filled with multiple event ad campaigns. You’ll need to create dozens of event ad campaigns.

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, the list is un-ending when it comes to event advertisements. With ads, you can boost your event and engage the audience with an innovative and creative campaign.

4. Create scarcity, offer uniqueness, and become a Sold-Out Event

Sell fall festival tickets quickly

Sold-out events are the most desirable. Less number of tickets and the demand is more. 

Create urgency to purchase event tickets, and people cannot say no to that! Make your tickets elusive, and desired by many.

What we mean to say is, that you need to show that your events are unique and you are already selling out. And the easy way to do this is by giving them social proof:

  • Pre-book your tickets
  • Number of tickets left
  • Number of tickets sold
  • Lock in your tickets for future events
  • The number of people viewing the ticket, etc.

5. Irresistible deals on ticket purchase 

The audience loves discounts, deals, and free goodies. When it comes to selling tickets faster there are multiple ways to do it. And one of them is to provide good deals:

  • Offer early bird discounts on the events
  • Referral programs
  • Discount on bulk purchase
  • Incentives to existing customers
  • Free goodies to early buyers 

6. Use top-performing ticketing channels 

Now if you are putting your money, and efforts mindlessly into ticket sales promotions and marketing, you are just wasting your resources.
The best way to increase ticket sales is through the channel that gets you the best sales. This is possible through ticket tracking sales. When you are in the right direction, you can escalate ticket sales. 

It is extremely simple to track your ticket sales. With the help of UTM tracking tools, you get to know all the do’s and don’ts to sell event tickets.

7. Take advantage of event sponsors for ticket sales

Leverage event sponsors to drive your ticket sales. Event sponsors have a big network and you can reach your potential customer with their help. Ask your sponsors to promote your events on their networking platforms.  

If you don’t have sponsors, it’s high time to find a sponsor for your fall festival. And if you already have a sponsor, provide them with extra help. Give your sponsors email templates and ticket codes so it is easy for them to promote your events. 

Why do marketers fail to sell tickets?  

Isn’t it frustrating that you are putting in all your efforts and still you get no results? Well, there is something you are definitely doing wrong. Here are some reasons that contribute to lower ticket sales:

1. Wrong pricing strategy

Event makers often make this mistake. Sometimes they set prices too low or too high. With a low ticket price, you compromise on your profits, and with a high ticket price, you risk empty seats.

Hence, work out your ticket prices- cost, variable cost, discounts, VIP tickets, free tickets, etc. to set a justified ticket price.

2. Not paying attention to competitors  

You are not the only one hosting events this fall season. Think about the options available to your potential customers. Think about the other event makers’ offerings. 

Check if there are bigger or better events happening around your and what are you missing. Also, keep a check if you are clashing your event with some other events happening around at the same time.

Keep an eye on your competition and evaluate them fairly to make your event better and more successful.

3. Not responding during high & low demand time

There is a rollercoaster ride happening between your first event ticket launch and the big day. You might notice highs and lows in the demand for ticket sales.

As an event maker, you should pay attention to the peak demand periods. This is a mistake that event organizers make by ignoring and staying quiet during these periods. Make sure you don’t miss out on your event marketing opportunities.

Here is more, not just the peak periods but you can drive up your ticket sales with the right trends. For example, there are particular intervals of time when people access media and respond to ads and posts. And if your post reach does not look like this, then you need to work on it.

Trends and Ticket Demands example


To increase ticket sales you’ve to be a master in event promotion and marketing strategies, which of course, is not a one-day job. 

You might end up putting wasting resources on unnecessary paid advertisements. So, stay focused on what you are good at. You work on your events planning and promotions and let the ticket sales and event registration be automatic. 

You can seamlessly manage, and sell your tickets with us that too with zero cost. Sell your fall festival tickets and become the most popular event maker in the city.

FAQs on ticket selling

How can I sell event tickets quickly?

There are multiple ways to boost your event ticket sales. You can offer discounts, exclusive entries, free gift bags, etc. You can target your customers and offer special deals. 

How to sell event tickets at the last minute?

Keep a balance in the process of ticket selling. Have last-minute audience engagement, create community, use ticketing platforms, etc to sell your tickets last minute.

How to avoid low ticket sales?

To avoid low ticket sales ensure your ticket pricing is rightly done, set time aside for ticket sales, indulge in the right ticketing channels, etc. Take a look at these ticket-selling tactics

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