Event Planning

How to Create an Event on Facebook

Starting an event page for your business or special event can be as easy as creating a Facebook event page for your business. Facebook has made it easier than ever to grow a business by finding an audience interested in your events. Now you can even find customers ready to buy your tickets and promote your event. 

Event Ideas

Best Hybrid Event Examples & Ideas

All credits to Covid-19, event managers are now creating hybrid events. If you haven’t considered the idea of hosting a hybrid event, it is high time you do. We are covering best hybrid event examples and ideas to boost your event business.

Hybrid events are both virtual and in-person events altogether. This event has both virtual components and person event components.

As per a study, 70% of event managers didn’t consider a hybrid method to host their events before the pandemic. But as a result of this worldwide pandemic, now people are more attracted to hybrid events. 

Event Promotion

How To Sell Tickets On Facebook?

Ever been in a situation when there are strangely scary scenarios gushing in your head before the event, creating all kinds of doubts, such as will people turn up? Will you be able to break even? Been there, right? We are here to help you just with that and make sure that such mind-created scenes do not become a reality. We will guide you on how to sell tickets on Facebook.