Top 6 Platforms Where you can Sell Event Tickets?

If you are wondering where to sell event tickets, then the choice of your event ticketing platform can make or break your event. No matter how excellent your arrangements are or the stellar performances you’ve planned, without the right ticketing software, the chances of your event failure become high.

Keep in mind that the platform you choose to create and sell tickets will dictate the success of your event. With that in mind, we have curated this blog with the best platforms where you can not only organize fantastic events but also create and sell more tickets to make them a hit. Read on to know more!

Why Do You Need a Good Event Platform?

Where to sell event tickets? This is perhaps the most common problem the event professional struggles with. However, successful events are those that have an efficient system for them. 

By efficient system, we mean an optimized and efficient event ticketing and registration software that has your entire customer data, event information as well as ticket inventory all in one place. 

For event organizers, ticketing is perhaps the most important area. One of the common reasons behind it is that the funds you use in the event rely heavily on ticketing. So, when we said that ticketing software can make or break the success of your event, we were not exaggerating. 

Want to know how the right software or platform can make event management a breeze? Here is a list of things you can do with event ticketing software:

  • Sell event tickets online
  • Set up promotions and run discount offers to attract more customers 
  • Customize your event pages as per your brand
  • No need for paperwork, as everything is online
  • Collect instant payments 
  • Get insights into your event
  • Enable pre-registration and collect ticket sales in advance 
  • Streamline your event
  • Get detailed ticket sales reports and prevent loss or wastage of tickets 

Where to Sell Event Tickets — List of Best Platforms

To save you from the hassle of searching and shortlisting the right event ticketing platform, we have made a list of the best ones you can try to drive online ticket sales. Check them out, and thank us later!

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Top options to sell event tickets globally

1. AllEvents 

AllEvents is a great event ticketing platform that allows you to organize and manage events and sell tickets efficiently. It is quite a popular platform among all types of event organizers, be it freelancers or professionals. The most highlighting part about this platform is it offers a plethora of event ticketing features at a very affordable price. Talking about the features, it comes with custom forms, multiple ticket types, direct and instant payment, event management features, analytics, and reporting, to name a few. 

And because it is super easy to use, it is highly recommended for buyers who are just getting started. 

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2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is another popular event ticketing platform in the market. It has all the features and tools you need to plan and organize a fabulous event. The best thing about this software is that it fits all types of businesses. So, whether you are a freelancer or a part of a small or large event management organization, Eventbrite will suffice all your needs. With this software, you can create your own ticketing page using multiple ticket types. You can even sell tickets in just minutes on your own site with Eventbrite. 

Eventbrite is a popular event marketplace where users can search for events near them and find the ones according to their interests, like music, dance, sports, food, etc. And because both virtual and in-person events can be thrown on this platform, it attracts a global audience. Due to this feature, Eventbrite has gained much popularity during the nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic. 

This software offers great reporting and analytics features as well. So you can easily see how your events are performing in real time. Further, it also comes with marketing capabilities that allow you to integrate it with your social media handles to launch different types of campaigns. 

Coming to its usability, Eventbrite is great for small size events. However, medium to large-scale events may have to deal with its exorbitant pricing. Unlike All Events, Eventbrite’s useful features are available with higher plans, which can be an issue for low-budget buyers. 

3. Ticketbud

An easy and beginner-friendly ticketing software that allows you to create and sell your tickets online and earn an instant payment. — This is what Ticketbud promises. The goal of this solution is to make selling tickets a breeze and to access their quality promotional tools to help you target the right buyers or special guests.  

One of the main features of Ticketbud includes powerful Facebook integration that lets you sell your event tickets on social media. Further, it also comes with custom URLs to track the outcomes of your marketing efforts. 

Another good thing about Ticketbud is that it is quite flexible when it comes to payments. This means you can decide when and how you want to get paid. This not only prevents out-of-pocket expenses but also helps in maintaining a positive cash flow for your event. 

4. Ticket Tailor

TicketTailor is a great online ticketing solution that is used by a wide range of industry professionals due to the exceptional features it provides. Some of the most impressive features of this software include custom URLs, password-protected tickets, and recurring events, among many others. Well, that’s not it, it offers unlimited ticket types, public as well as private listings, event categories, and so on. What’s more? It is super easy to use!

Another notable thing about TicketTailor is its pricing plans. It is perhaps the only ticketing software that lets you prepay credits and save a good amount of money. This feature makes it great for small-scale event planners and individuals. 

5. Eventbee

Eventbee is a no-nonsense event ticketing software. It is easy to use, has a simple price structure, and allows effortless marketing and promotion. It is great for outdoor events like marathons that attract a large volume of attendees. 

Eventbee has a highly user-friendly platform. It works in a straightforward way: create your event page, then create your desired tickets and attach a price tag. Once done, you can customize your landing pages and emails to direct your message to your customers. Talking about the price, Eventbee charges $1 per ticket. With this pricing, you get all the amazing tools like registration forms, mobile scanning tools, social media promotional features, reporting tools, and so on. So, it is safe to say that you can ensure the success of your event by using the Eventbee community.

6. Eventzilla

Last but not least, we have Eventzilla, that not only helps you with event registration but also offers a complete range of event management tools suitable for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. What does this mean? You don’t have to worry about event management after creating tickets, as you have a full range of features that will help you with hosting and managing a successful event. 

Moreover, the registration forms you get with Eventzilla come with preset questions and branding control that help you elaborate on the required fields. Custom questions are also there if you want to tailor presentations as per your user interests. Also, if you want to go into more detail, you can work through conditional workflows that set off actions based on the rules set by you. 

Eventzilla is an excellent solution for simultaneous sessions. It is packed with a schedule builder feature that allows guests to prioritize the events they are most interested in. Another highlight is entire information about the events can be accessed using a simple mobile application. 

Where to Sell Event Tickets — Final Words

The event industry is thriving as it brings together attendees from all over the world to share live experiences together. While this is a complicated business that involves a lot of careful planning, the choice of event ticketing software can make organizing events simple and hassle-free. Thus, you need to select software that comes with efficient features and doesn’t demand an unreasonable fee. 

When it comes to selecting the right software, you need to check for compatibility, as there is no substitute for it. So, make sure the ticketing system you are going to purchase is compatible with all your current tools and complements the type of event you are planning to run. If the software is incompatible, it will lead to major issues like high costs, data loss, errors, and customer dissatisfaction. 

Besides, make sure the platform is easy to use for you as well as your users. They should be able to buy tickets easily and attend your event with full interest and enthusiasm. 

We have listed the best ticketing software in the market. All you need to do is shortlist the one according to your requirements and budget. The good idea is to test all the shortlisted ones to find a perfect fit for your events. And that’s about it. We hope this blog helps you in finding the best event ticketing solution that helps you host stellar events. 

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