Virtual Event Streaming Platform

Stream your events to thousands of audiences cost effectively and create profits for you with paid only access! 


Simplified Event Streaming

To help you make virtual events profitable!

  • Cost effective
    Cost Effective
    No need to pay higher charges for indulging large audience.
  • Hassle free
    Hassle Free
    No end moment hassle for educating audience for joining the stream.
  • Secured access 1
    Secured Access
    Events will be secured with paid only access to the audience.

How does it work?

Publish Your event

Register your event with robust ticketing solution and payment option. Also, Get complete access to your attendees’ database.

Virtual event streaming

Stream globally with integration

Integrate any streaming or conferencing tools you know with your event & Your audience can access your stream on with a valid ticket. .

Virtual event streaming 1 4

Make It Convenient For Your Audience

  • Accessible with any device

    Convenient for audience to access event with any devices from any web browser.

  • Hassle free joining

    Easy to join without any hassle with user-friendly platform.

  • No download required

    Live event can be accessed without downloading the video or any application.

  • Convinient for audience 0


We make money only when you do! 

  • No fixed charges

    Publish all your virtual events with no fixed monthly charges.  

  • Unlimited streaming 

    Stream globally without any fixed time limit. 

  • Pay per transaction

    Share a small percentage of revenue on each transaction. 

Let's Make Your Virtual Event Streaming Profitable

Schedule a demo with team & check out the best-fit solution for virtual events streaming.

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