10 Community Event Ideas for Coworking That Bring People Together

Coworking spaces are increasing at an alarming rate, thanks to the possibility of working from anywhere in the world. In fact, research shows that these spaces are expected to reach around 41,975 worldwide by the end of 2024. 

Coworking spaces offer freelancers, remote workers, and start-ups a practical office and a chance to network with like-minded professionals — all under one roof. However, the success of such a space doesn’t only depend on how many people sign up for its services but also on the strength of the community within. 

And the best way to build a strong community is to organize various coworking community events. By participating in these events, co-workers from diverse fields come together to bring new ideas,  network with other professionals from different fields, and learn new skills  — without having to go anywhere else. 

However, organizing a great event can be quite challenging, especially for newbies. Here are 10 engaging community event ideas you can start with. . 

10 community event ideas for coworking 

  1. Lunch-and-learn 

Does learning new skills while enjoying the meal sound interesting to you? A lunch-and-learn session is the way to go. 

This is one of the easiest community events you can organize at your coworking space. It lasts for around 30-60 minutes and takes place during lunchtime. 

In this type of event, every coworker is welcome to join and gain skills regarding different topics from different professionals — via engaging workshops and presentations. 

From the latest industry trends and productivity hacks to launching a startup — members can learn about anything during their lunchtime. And what’s more? They can also ask doubts, share their insights, and connect with fellow attendees who share similar interests. 

Hence, lunch-and-learn is a fabulous option not just for networking but also for learning new skills, sharing ideas, and boosting collaboration within the coworking space.  

Extra tip: Start with an icebreaker question or activity to draw in more people and establish the vibe for an engaging session. 

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  1. Try wellness sessions 

Wellness sessions, such as yoga and massage, serve as a refreshing break for your coworkers in a hectic working environment. Not only do these provide them with a rejuvenating experience but also allow them to get away from their screens between their monotonous work schedules. 

Wellness activities promote physical, mental, and emotional health of your employees. From participating in a yoga class and practicing meditation to joining a fitness challenge or doing chair massages — these activities bring them together. It allows them to share experiences that go beyond work-related discussions. 

And don’t forget the added physical benefits these activities can offer to your employees. 

For example, hosting weekly yoga classes within the coworking space can help members relieve muscle tension, and promote flexibility. Further, encouraging them to participate in running not only strengthens the cardiovascular system but also allows employees to connect with nature. 

Mediation is another powerful tool to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance. Find a quiet space in your coworking office and organize daily or weekly meditation workshops to help members learn different breathing and stretching techniques and guide them in creating a mental journey.

Apart from these, you can also go for more exciting options, like a Zumba class, aerial yoga, or boxing lessons. Whatever the workout, find a good instructor, book a room, ask your group to wear comfortable clothes, and sweat together. 

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  1. Make time for open mic nights 

Organizing occasional open mic nights is another fantastic idea to build a strong sense of community among your co-workers. They aren’t just for fun — but also for discovering your team members’ hidden talents that you might never know otherwise. 

Picture this: an employee, always known for his analytical skills, transforms into a talented musician. Another team member, who’s an expert in finance, shocks everyone with their witty stand-up comedy. 

Apart from these, open mic nights can also include reciting poetry, performing magic tricks, and skits, or sharing a heart-felt thank you message to a team member. 


  1. Host a book club 

Picture this: Your team members are gathered in a cozy corner of your coworking space, reading and discussing the same book. That’s the beauty of a book club — it’s a unique community event that helps team members come together and engage in thoughtful conversations about a particular book. 

Reading is a fabulous and relaxing break from regular work tasks. Creating a book club in your office encourages your employees to not only read regularly but also connect with co-workers on a personal level. 

Further, co-workers can learn from different perspectives and know interesting facts about each other that might remain hidden otherwise. Plus, you’ll be surprised how many of the members love reading. 

You can host a book club at any time of the day or week. And, decide whether you want to hold them in person or online. Also, ensure that it is like an open discussion where people simply sit together and talk about the book while having coffee or tea. 

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  1. Hold weekly hackathons 

Want to create a tech-enabled community at your coworking space? Try weekend hackathons. 

A hackathon is a competition of a few hours or days that brings teams together to work on a common problem. This is usually conducted for employees involved in software development, project management, graphic design, etc.  

The most exciting feature hackathons offer is that experts from different backgrounds — marketing design, and technology — come together and use their skills to complete a project. 

Solving problems as a team encourages trust among co-workers. The best part? You can never know when they come up with something innovative. 

After the event is over, each team submits their projects. And, a panel of judges goes through each of them to find a winner. 

Hosting hackathons requires more planning and budget than other events. But, you can be sure of high member sign-ups to your coworking space. 

Are you organizing a hackathon for the first time? A coworking space provider can help. You will get not only the support and cutting-edge technology required to hold hackathons but also a community that encourages collaboration and innovation. 

  1. Conduct cooking workshops 

Another exciting community-building event can be hosting a cooking workshop. 

Cooking or baking workshops can serve as a fun escape from the mundane working routine. Think about it — your team members working side by side, chopping vegetables, decorating a cake, or creating a meal together. 

When your co-workers cook together in the kitchen, they’re not only creating a recipe but also exploring different cuisines and culinary concepts from different cultures. And don’t forget the joy they get by speaking their heart out and creating a warm environment within the coworking space.

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  1. Try panel discussions 

Imagine your co-workers gathered in one place listening to professionals talking about various topics. That’s exactly what happens at a panel discussion. 

When you organize a panel discussion, guest speakers from different backgrounds come in to talk about important and trending subjects in the industry. 

From starting a business and improving communication skills to using AI in workplaces — co-workers can learn various new skills and boost their careers. 

And here’s the beauty: these discussions are not one-sided. Where experts talk about different topics via presentations, co-workers ask meaningful questions related to them. And when they feel free to voice their opinions and ask questions, it takes their confidence to another level.  

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  1. Host happy hour days 

A happy Hour Day is another perfect idea to have fun with your colleagues and build a welcoming coworking atmosphere. The main goal of these events is to forget about business for a while and strike up exciting conversations with co-workers you might not usually interact with. 

These are like mini-celebrations that can include: 

  • Lunch at a local restaurant 
  • Playing scavenger hunts, truth or dare, etc. 
  • Organizing outdoor picnics, karaoke competitions, etc. 
  • Pizza party in your office
  • Enjoying drinks at a nearby bar
  • Live music and talent shows 
  • Beer or whiskey-tasting 

To add a sprinkle of creativity, you can decide on a theme each time you hold a happy hour day, such as costume nights, cocktail nights, “bring your pet to the office” days, game nights, or retro nights. 

With themes, co-workers can get excited about happy hours. Also, you can quickly plan the related activities and games. Think about it — one day you’re making your signature drinks. Another day, you’re dressed and acting like your favorite character. 

To make things more exciting, conduct a poll and ask your team members what themes they’d love. They will feel more involved in organizing the event and participate happily.

  1. Host launch parties 

If you want to showcase your new product, website, or campaign to members present within the coworking space, launch parties are a way to go.

Holding launch events can be highly effective in drawing more individuals to your coworking space. Members already present within the space get a golden chance to network with a variety of professionals and personally witness your innovations.

But, what’s great is that launching your products at a coworking space draws in independent workers, freelancers, and fellow co-workers present within that space. 

This gets people talking about your launch, and not just among your immediate circle of friends. And you can’t imagine the exposure you can get in their thriving community. 

Hence, when you host a launch event at your coworking space, it not only makes more people notice you, but also leaves a strong impression on various professionals. 

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  1. Organize day trips

Another community event idea is arranging day trips for the community members. When you plan fun things like a hiking trip or a picnic by a lake, it gives people a good time — leading to a stronger and more closely-knit coworking community. 

The best part? These events get people with different jobs to hang out in a chill and friendly place, not at work. It makes the coworking gang even closer and friendlier.

Wrapping up 

Organizing fun community events in coworking places keeps people engaged and connected, which makes the community stronger.

These are the ten events that you can host for your team members. However, experiment and see what’s relevant to your members and what will appeal to their interests. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. How to determine which event to organize? 

To decide which community event to host in the coworking space, consider your member’s interests, preferences, and feedback. Surveys can be a way to see what kinds of events your co-workers would enjoy and when they’re available to attend them.

  1. Can you host events during work hours? 

No, hosting events during work hours is not an effective approach as it can disrupt the members’ tasks. Therefore, make sure you host these during lunch breaks or before/after work hours, allowing members to participate and engage without affecting their work commitments. 

  1. Should you bring in professionals to speak at community events? 

Depending on the event’s nature, you may need to hire instructors, facilitators, or experts. Events, such as wellness sessions, panel discussions, or workshops, require professionals. However, some community events like open mic nights, book clubs, or happy hour days can be organized by members themselves.

  1. How to ensure co-workers participate in community events? 

You can ensure member participation in community events by promoting them in advance via emails or social media. Don’t forget to mention the perks, like rewards, incentives, or coupons, to encourage them to join in.

  1. What costs are associated with community events? 

Hosting community events in coworking spaces can involve spending money on things like renting equipment or hiring experts. However, these can be balanced by charging a small participation fee from members or collaborating with various sponsors.

  1. Are there any challenges in hosting community events for coworking? 

Organizing community events within a coworking space poses several challenges. For example, gathering the necessary information to organize successful events can be quite challenging. Additionally, dealing with limited time, low turnout, and budget constraints can also pose problems.

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