Free event invite templates for email invitations 2022

Every great event needs greater marketing.

And while marketing for any event, email invitation has a very crucial role to play. Event invitation email would be the very first point of contact with many of your potential attendees. Therefore, choosing the best event invite template would play a significant role to boost your event ticket sales online.

Want the best email invitation template for your events? You are at the right place.

So, let’s jump into it.

What is Event Invite Template?

Your event’s email invitation can be the very first interaction with most of the potential attendees.

Your event’s invitation template would highly influence the choice of whether to attend or to skip the event. If your email does not create an impact, it might negatively affect participation in the event.

Your online event invitation mail must be impressive for building a long-lasting brand image. organizers have noticed 33% of their ticket sales with Email marketing. Email marketing is the leading marketing channel after social media promotion.

Event invites with email marketing

You can send event invitation emails to different audiences to make them take the final call to action.

  • Leads from paid event advertisement
  • Past event attendees
  • Purchased leads 
  • Interested candidates (Feature in

Key elements to include in your event Invite Template

Before diving into examining the event invitation template elements, you must be clear with four basic questions. That will make you more clear about communication and the flow of event invitation email-

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Why would your audience attend our event?
  3. What incentive are we providing to your audience?
  4. How are you different from others?

Once your thoughts are clear, you can design your event invitation email and registration form in a better way. 

Tips that will make your event invitation email appealing enough

Use Catchy Subject line

According to Mailchimp, the average open rate of emails is 20.51%. And the very first impression of any email is through its Subject line. 

The subject line and event description are the deciding factor whether your audience will be exposed to your event invitation or not. It directly affects the open rate of your email.

At this point, you need to decide on a catchy email subject line that can induce users to open your email.

  • Keep the subject line relevant, providing the event name in the subject line that clears your audience’s context.
  • The subject line must always be in alignment with the event’s occasion and the essence of your business.

Find the best catchy email subject lines for your event. Here are some examples.

  • Meet [Speaker] at [Event]
  • We present to you [Event]
  • An event lined up just for you
  • Had a bad week? Join [Event]
  • Let’s meet at [Event]
  • You are cordially invited to [Event]
  • Check the list of performers performing at [Event]
  • Your favourite event happening in your city
  • Hey [Name], free this weekend?
  • We are ready! Are you?
  • Experience the best at [event]
  • Don’t fear missing out on [Event]

Check the basics for the invitation template

Always include the basic information that the audience needs to know about your event.

Make sure to check all the boxes of the following list in all your event invitations.

  • Brand logo
  • Event poster
  • Title
  • Date
  • Time & Duration with time zone
  • The Guests/Instructor/Performer’s list
  • Location(Online/Offline)
  • Registration fees and link to the event landing page
  • Contact details

Email invite templates: aesthetics and flow

The event invite’s design would decide whether the person would stay or leave after opening the email.

How well you design your event invitation template will also greatly impact your company’s overall brand image and event ticket sales online.

Your event invitation template must visually appeal to the audience to induce them to purchase your event ticket. 

Download Event invite template

Use an engaging and conversational tone

Your event invite template must be in alignment with the theme of the event.

Here are some examples:

  • Excitement tone for fun and entertainment events
  • The professional tone for a business event
  • Use lingo if you are targeting youth

Apart from this, 

We should keep in mind that Nobody likes boring detailed paragraphs but a conversation. Humanized & conversational tone will interest your customers more to read your message.

The colour scheme should resonate with your brand

Colors are the very first elements that communicate with your audience.

With colors, one could quickly determine the brand, the event of the event, the event’s theme, the targeted niche, and overall business strategy.

Colors are essential to creating your brand identity. Some brands like Zomato, Uber, Apple, Dunzo have associated themselves with a single color scheme to capture the audience’s mind space.

Colors also create a link with the nature of the event.

Selecting the perfect color scheme for your event would yield better results.

Study your consumers’ perspectives while creating the design for your event invitation email.

Different categories of events would have different color schemes.

For example, on the occasion of a business event, using soothing colors in your design would please your audience, while for a party, bright colors in your design would engage your audience more.

Be creative in designing

The design of your event invitation is the perfect place to show your creativity. Based on how creatively you design your email invitation, one would want to attend your event.

Creative use of colors, fonts, and infographics can help you grab the audience’s attention. You can also use animated elements and GIFs to make your invitation design more engaging.

While designing your event invitation email, make sure that it resonates well with your brand so that anyone could easily recognize it.

Consider using the following points in your event invitation design so that it can resonate with your event promotion ideas

Keeping it simple

The simplicity of your event invitation template is the key. 

The attention span of the audience on any email is deficient. The simpler the communication, the better would be the pre event engagement.

Be straightforward with your message and use the space in your template judiciously.

Go singular

We should never forget that email communication acts as one-to-one communication though you send it to mass. While drafting a message, there should be no use of plural adjectives. You should rather keep singular adjectives only as if you are talking to one person only.

Content of your Event invitation emails

Keep the following points in mind to sell tickets online

  • The content in your event email invitation must be very crisp and clear.
  • The audience of your email would not like to read lengthy texts.
  • The shorter the content, the better readability. Avoid including content that is not necessary.

Add the “For more information” button to direct your audience to your event page. It will help in increasing traffic on the website of your organization and enhance your brand name. You can retarget visitors to your event page with paid ad campaigns also.

Use of catchy Invitation Phrases

Using catchy invitation phrases and event captions in your email can help you engage with your audience.

Be warm in your greetings and creative in inviting. 

Some phrases that you could use are 

  • Guest (Check), Venue (Check), Logistics (Check), You (Confirmation awaited)
  • We would be waiting for you at [Venue] on [Date and time]
  • We are all set. Only your presence is awaited.
  • An exciting experience is waiting for you at our event.

Call to Actions

CTAs are the most crucial part of any email invitation. 

Positioning CTAs precisely would help convert the reader of the email to the actual audience.

You will lose the interested audience if they do not find a navigation button to register for your event. Thus, the CTA placement must be such that it is easily visible on the event invitation template.

What can Call to Actions do for email invite mails?

  • CTAs direct the event’s potential attendees to the landing registration page, where the audience can get all the required information.
  • CTAs can prove to be very helpful for your customers’ growth and, in turn, your business.

Most successful organizers keep more than one CTA in their templates. Also, CTA in the form of buttons seizes attention for your mailers and designed event landing page

Leverage word of mouth with social media share

Usually, when people like any event and find it relatable, they share that with their friends and colleagues.

Social media sharers can be of great use to your business. Whenever individuals share or promote your event on social media, it helps you leverage the channel of word of mouth for your brand. Once potential attendee land on your social media page can be a follower of your business for life.

So, in any email invitation template, social media share buttons like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are important to reach out to more audiences and retain them.

Social proof will trigger

Whether it is online shopping or ticket purchase of an event, people will check reviews and ratings first. Audiences will get ensured about their decision of ticket purchase if they can see reviews. Reviews and feedback from your previous events will act as social proof for new customers. 

These reviews and feedback from individuals will help you build a strong community and create long-lasting brand loyalty for your organization.

A decent testimonial from a previous attendee will definitely trigger positively to the audience.

Reminder mail: An invitation is not enough

Sometimes, all it takes is a little push to convert your sales.

The potential audience wants to attend your event, but all they need is a little trigger to click on Register now button. In these cases, only sharing event invitation emails won’t be enough. You need to push them a little more with reminder emails. Reminder emails would create a sense of urgency and create brand impact in potential attendees’ minds.

You can share reminder mails before a week of your event with the audience interested in your event. You can identify individuals who clicked on links and visited the event page.

Reminder mail example

At, we keep track of interested audiences and share reminder mail with them. These reminder emails have really worked well for the organizers. We have noticed ticket sales from this audience.

Want us to do the same for you?

Download ready to use event invite template

To make your work a little easier, we present to you the best event invite email templates. You can download and use it for any event. email invite templates are efficient enough to create your perfect event invite campaign. It is a powerful tool to manage your event with all essential elements of the event invite integrated into one. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your event invite template, this will do the job for you. It is easy to use and delivers impressive results. 

These templates contain all the elements that you need to keep in your template according to your event. You can download edit information in this HTML template and integrate it with any mailing tool you use.

Workshop invite template

If you are planning to host your workshop, this is the best yet simple template you can use with all your details.

Workshop event invite template
Free Download

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Party event invite template

Hosting a party? Your template needs to create excitement among your audience. Use this ready-to-use party template and create excitement.

Party event invite template
Free Download

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Webinar event invite template

To webinar promotion ideas, the most important details are the content and the speaker lineup. With this simple webinar event invite template, you can also include speaker profiles in your email.

Webinar event invite template
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Trips and adventure event invite template

If you are planning to host any trip and adventure event, use this template including all necessary details that need to be conveyed.

Trips and adventure event invite template
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Sports event invite template

This sports event invite template will help you include all the basics rules and a list of giveaways to your email invite-only.

Sports event invite template
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These were some ready to use HTML templates to edit the details and use them for your event with any email services.

For more advanced templates or to design advance HTML templates, you can visit stripo email.

Automation is the key to email marketing!

No matter what event you are planning, it takes a lot of time and effort in creating a happening experience for attendees. Inviting an audience may seem like a simple task, but it will be tedious and time-consuming.

An email invitation is surely an effective medium for promoting your event and enhancing your brand. But it takes a lot of effort to make guest list, invite them and follow with them.

So, Automation is the key.

Most event organizers automate the invitation task to focus on other aspects of the event. 

While going for automation, you need to make sure that you are using a credible system it can make your emails not land in the spam box, which will affect the results of a campaign. allows your attendees to follow your brand page and also allows you to add them to your subscribers’ list (email list) as followers. These followers will get an automatic invitation whenever you create a new event. The system also follows up with them with a booking reminder if they show interest in your event. That’s how we help organizers converting leads!

Key takeaways

Event invitation emails are an important part of email marketing. Here are the key takeaways of a blog that will maximize your ticket sales with email marketing.

  • Email invitations play a vital role in the success of ticket sales.
  • The content of the email should be crisp and clear and humanizing
  • Double-check the basic information and navigation.
  • Try being creative in the aesthetics of the invitation template
  • Social share buttons are very crucial for word of mouth promotions.
  • Retarget and follow up!
  • Keep track of campaign success!
  • Automation is the key to email invite campaigns.

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