Top Event Captions To Engage Event Attendees 2022

Which event planner doesn’t want their Instagram, and Facebook posts to attain a good amount of reach? And it is not a tough game to play. You need to look for creatives, hashtags & event captions. Yes, you read it right, not as tough a task as it seems to be. Initially, it takes time but consistency and event planning can make it a much easier job.

You must focus on writing an Instagram caption, Facebook caption, or any post-event captions. So, it encourages your target audience to actively participate in it. You don’t need to go fancy on captions as it can distract the audience’s interest in it. 

As an event planner, your caption should be strong enough to connect your audience to your motive for it.

Social media platforms like Instagram are gaining huge popularity for digital marketing and collaborations.

6 Tips To Engage Audience with Great Event Captions
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Event Captions With a Purpose

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There is so much traffic over social media platforms that people tend to get confused about which event to attend. Here is your chance to stand out, you need to have a different and unique style to carry forward towards memorable events. Not quite enough time has to be invested once you get your hands on it.

Great ideas create great things. Make the purpose of your event clear in your caption. You can include how it will be beneficial for your potential attendees to attend your event. No one would like to invest their money and time into an event out of which they won’t get anything.

What can be done?

  • You can tag celebrities or your event speakers to your Instagram post.
  • Your caption should represent your brand or event.
  • Add location to your post.
  • Add related quotes with italic font style and avoid unnecessary information.

Hashtags are Up lifter

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This is not a secret anymore, hashtags are basically a way to keep your audience connected throughout your event planning journey. It will represent your event or its purpose in short form.

You can collaborate with influencers and celebrities to promote your event using your relevant hashtags. It’s something that your event owns and even your attendees can be a part of this promotional plan through hashtags.

How hashtags should be

  • It should be a catchy and interesting one to grab the attention of your potential attendees.
  • Hashtags can be included anywhere in between the captions for events.
  • If you write about the details of your event in Instagram captions clearly there are possibilities of your hard work paying off on your special day. 

How to write Event Captions like an Event planner

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Promotional Event:

  • It’s more about creating excitement among people. And people tend to get excited only about the things that are helpful to them or in their favor. What could be a better option than offering discounts on early registrations? Or if you cannot afford discounts then you can opt for strategies of giving extra services or freebies to early birds. Or you can take the help of registration tools.

Product Launch:

  • The best way to win this event on Instagram caption is by collaborating with influencers, asking them to use their code to avail discounts. Keep countdowns that will create a sense of urgency among the people. Start revealing a little part of your event every day a week prior to the main event will make the attendees know more about your launch event.

Upcoming Event:

  • Start writing captions mentioning the previous event’s success and growth. Instagram captions can be broken into smaller paragraphs instead of writing everything in one go. Readers should get motivated to learn more about your future events. Ask questions in your Instagram or Facebook caption, this will not only help your attendees interact with you but you can also figure out what your event may be lacking.


  • People love to participate especially if there are hampers to win. Mention the prize for the winners in the very first post on Instagram. Followed by rules of the contest like mentioning any 2 friends in the comment section or posting stories about the contest. This way you would be able to sell out your last-minute event tickets. Also, the coolest way to get free promotion from the audience itself. 


  • The event planning business includes everything from event invitations to creating an event roadmap to choosing an Instagram caption. The thing that is guaranteed is that with the course of time you will only get better at your work. Celebrating an occasion with your audience will make the moment a little more special. If people feel connected with you then it will bring you, new customers.

Add Value: Captions for Events

Before writing a caption about your posted picture you should be well aware of what you want to convey to your audience. Remember mentioning important details at the top. You can consider the following points if you need inspiration for Instagram caption ideas. Explain everything that the posted picture shows, be it, members, in the Instagram post, or just a template of your event.

– Use emojis and different font styles like bold and italics.

– If there comes something important between the lines of the caption then write it in uppercase and bold.

– Break larger paragraphs into smaller lines if your caption is a little longer.

– Don’t just fill up the caption with extra information. People will not look at it for more than 90 seconds.

– Always plan ahead of time because if you have a business account then to maintain its value consistency is the key.

– Mention the employee name along with the event name as a part of the appreciation.

– Paid ads are very trending when you are planning to do online marketing. These tips on Instagram caption ideas can bring you, new customers.

Fun Element: Create a story

place beautiful words like a great wedding planner

People won’t participate if they can’t relate, emotional connection is equally important between a lot of things that you are already ready for by now. Don’t be afraid to share your struggle behind your success, your hard work, the pain you had been through to achieve your dream world.

Everyone on social media platforms and Instagram is trying hard to prove themselves as the closest definition of “perfect” and still looking out for someone they can really relate to. Don’t just focus on writing a caption, better try to make a move for holding a conversation. Add real conversations you had with your customer in the caption. Keep the reality intact because reality is more famous.

Do Captions Impact on events?

Yes, captions can impact the event to a larger extent. Two things that are most important in the process of writing a great Instagram or Facebook caption are fun and can bring out life your successful event. Do mention how your event can successfully implement it and achieve great things. Interested people will definitely participate in your event once they are clear with these points.

Event management takes a lot of effort and you would not like to let go of all of it in the waste just because you couldn’t explain yourself in the caption. As to the time things are online your writing will connect you with your audience.

Add important links to the reference post or page, to increase engagement and reach. Forget about the example of the perfect event but following event engagement ideas and tips you can create a big event.

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