Guide: How to Promote event on Instagram 

To promote event on Instagram is as important as creating an event on Facebook as Instagram is by most millennials and Gen-Z.

There are numerous promotional websites that can assist you in promoting events on Instagram. With time, you’ll realize that there’s no hard rule that can guarantee your success.

Look into these several strategies to promote your event on Instagram. Moreover, including not only posting about it but also using the numerous features offered. Determine the preferences of your target audience before you begin. This data can be gathered using survey forms or by “question” features within the tale. Because stories only last 24 hours, you can save them as highlights. Which will later stay on your Instagram page and you can keep them there for as long as you wish.

Build Your Follower Base

The First step of promotion on Instagram is to work towards building a follower base. Content creation is important but at the time of beginning, it won’t help in getting a follower base directly.

Things you can do to increase followers:

  • Create a contest and keep this compulsory for contest participants to follow your page. And in return, you can provide goodies or Free tickets to the lucky winners.
  • Keep a photo booth and ask people to tag your page. Eventually, they will start following the page
  • The most important thing to remember is to keep your profile public at all times, at least in the beginning and later if you like.
  • You can turn your profile into a business profile, which comes with its own set of features.
  • Most important, Be consistent while creating content and maintaining engagement. 
  • To have a well-managed event strategy, use event management software.

Engagement through Instagram Features

Instagram has made things easier by bringing up several features, but the rivalry is now fierce. With millions of new user accounts being generated every day, Instagram is becoming another congested area. If all goes according to plan, Instagram for events may be the finest option. 

  • To broaden your audience, this will simply result in more views than sales. Follow ongoing event trend to gain popularity faster.
  • It costs a fee based on the number of days you want your adverts to appear. 
  • Pre-event engagement activities will build a follower base for your event.
  • You can redirect people to your profile or your registration software by providing links in your Instagram events.

Hashtags are never enough

It’s as simple as publishing a photo to create your own hashtag. These hashtags should be included in your posts, stories, and bios. This will assist you in developing a distinct persona for that event. You can also utilize other similar common hashtags to help you reach a wider audience. 

Make sure it sounds exciting and easy to remember for your audience, as your Instagram. This way events will have a greater influence on them. You may get software such as Instagram profile viewer to assist you with hashtag analysis on the internet.

Promote the event on Instagram through Memes

Meme sites are the most powerful and prominent social media communities. Many firms have started their branding by working with meme pages. Yes, generating memes about your product or organizing Instagram events can actually help it gain popularity. This is a proven great approach that one might come across, especially if you are targeting a younger audience. Social media promotion should be must in your event planning. 

However, no task comes without some level of risk. It is necessary to take care of memes that do not upset the other person. It should be enjoyable but within reason. If you have the funds, collaborating with meme sites to advertise events on Instagram is a terrific option.


Collaboration with well-known influencers will help you attract a huge target audience for your Instagram event if you have funding. You can send emails to influential people or celebrities who have a large following. To make an impression and promote events on Instagram, better target influencers with similar audiences to yours. 

If you haven’t done enough research on the people you want to partner with. Then initially, it can be a difficult undertaking, and all of your hard work could go to vain. Although there is a penalty for how to promote events on Instagram. And there are a variety of ways to generate excitement on the network through teamwork.

Giveaways and Discounts

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Still not at the right place? Patience is a virtue; worthwhile things need time to manifest. You must be motivated at all times and never give up. Before launching your Instagram events, consider having giveaways. Furthermore you can organizing some fun contests. Instagram is a fantastic alternative for events, and these contests are also popular. People enjoy taking part in activities. Whereas if the event is about a product launch, you can give early registration discounts on products.

Caption It

Sometimes pictures and videos aren’t enough to convey your message. It can also be difficult to know how to proceed with specifics. This is because, for obvious reasons, not everything can be mentioned in the picture. You’re supposed to use Instagram to promote the event by adding event captions to your photos. Excellent ideas lead to great outcomes. Make it clear what your event’s aim is and how attendance will benefit your potential attendees in your event description.

You can only be considered a success at event planning if you can communicate yourself in the description of your post. In today’s world, your writing will help you connect with your audience. Because your caption should be unique and legible, avoid using heavy words in your material. To boost interaction and reach, include relevant links in the referenced article or page.

Behind the Scenes

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Everyone is enthralled by the prospect of seeing what goes on behind the scenes of the real event. So you may either have everything filmed throughout the process or create a single video with multiple video clips and put it online. You can also distribute the videos in segments, with one posted every other day. Make use of this opportunity to give a general outline of your event. This way you can sell last-minute event tickets. And don’t forget to credit even the tiniest bit of effort. Uniqueness is the new popular culture.

Tags & Mentions

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Genuine appreciation should be the only constant all across the learning and unlearning process. The world is embracing a culture of boosting small enterprises. Assisting each other in whatever manner you can. And these little enterprises work incredibly hard to get things as close to ideal as possible. Yes, entrusting your work with someone less experienced can be stressful, but it is worthwhile. 

People can only help each other grow if those who work together. Along with identifying prominent brands and celebrities, make sure to mention and tag the Instagram handles. This help you promote the event on the platform. Instagram for events is becoming more popular, and there are plenty of prospects to expand.

Know Your Audience

You should be fully aware of the audience you intend to reach. This can be accomplished by thorough research and analysis of the market to which your event pertains. Knowing how to promote an event on Instagram is a secondary consideration when you wish to have large ticket sales in your event.

To begin, think about who you want to reach. Only until you have a clear idea of what you want out of this and what your audience wants can you plan your event and promote it. Only after both the organizers and the participants have a firm understanding of these two questions can you proceed.

Post Event Follow Up

This is the most effective technique to stay in contact with your audience. You will not only carve a place in their lives as a brand, but you will also be capable of promoting your upcoming events with 40% less work. You should learn how to promote an event on Instagram as soon as humanly possible, and then you may keep innovating. Post-follow-ups develop a feeling of connection, which is beneficial for long-term objectives.


Follow the lifestyle of extremely quickly social media to sit awake to date with the latest trends. It will help you get closer to your ideas about what constitutes a successful event. Making mistakes is fine in this industry; but, as you learn from your own mistakes, strive to learn from others as well. Maintain your motivation and consistency across your journey.

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