Sell Tickets On Facebook for Your Next Event in 2022

Ever been in a situation when there are strangely scary scenarios gushing in your head before the event, creating all kinds of doubts, such as will people turn up? Will you be able to break even? Been there, right? We are here to help you just with that and make sure that such mind-created scenes do not become a reality. We will guide you on how to sell tickets on Facebook. 

Why Should You Use Facebook To Sell Tickets?

There are many advantages and benefits of using Facebook to sell your event tickets.

  • Facebook is a known social media platform used by almost 1/3rd of the world. Event promotion on Facebook can bring you a lot of traffic.
  • Facebook gives you unmatched benefits of word-of-mouth marketing.  For example, if someone purchases a ticket to your event or marks it interested, Facebook shows that activity to its followers and friends; this way, your event reaches many more people, and you get a chance to broaden your audience. 

Here, we will guide you on how you can delight your customers by allowing your customers to book your event tickets directly from Facebook. 

You can integrate our Facebook plugin on your Facebook page. This way, you will get a seamless booking experience & analytics that the ticketing platform provides and increase the reach that Facebook provides.

For this process, we will use the ticketing platform and connect it to Facebook. This way, your followers can buy tickets directly from the page.   

Before getting started, 

you will need to have an event that is live and has tickets free or paid. Also, you should have an active Facebook page (obviously) of your event or organization for people to land on and books tickets on 

Also, you should already have a live Facebook page for your business or organization. Moreover, the benefit of this process below is that you don’t have to create the event through Facebook – it’s all done through

Steps To Sell Tickets On Facebook

Step 1: Create an event on 

Visit AllEvents To create an event, click Start for Free to get started with


After clicking, it will ask you to Quick Sign in to the platform. Please sign in using your Facebook or Google account or any other E-mail account.


Fill in the details and create your Brand Page on


Click on manage page > create an event to publish your event and create an event landing page.


Once you click on create an event, you will see a detailed event form for information about your Events.


Add and fill in all the information such as 

You can edit or update your event page from here itself. 

Step 2: Create tickets for your events

After filling in all the information regarding your event, the next step is to set up ticketing.

After that scroll down, and you will see an option to select the ticket type under the heading “Ticketing”. 

online ticketing to sell tickets on facebook

Select free or paid entry and fill in the details. Scroll down in the same menu to see an option to add more ticket types

When done, click on Save > Finish. 


You can add more ticket types to provide more options with different benefits to your customers. 

You can enable ticketing for your event anytime after creating the event. On, you get to add different ticket types for Free.

Step 3: Activate payments for your paid tickets 

Where does all the money go? Good question. While your event is already live, you’ll want to make sure your payment processing is in order.

After creating your ticket, save and click on next.

sell tickets on facebook by different payment modes

A payment integration window will pop up. Select your preferred platform to accept payments. 

Herewith stripe and Paypal, you will directly receive payment from your attendee in your account. doesn’t hold on to your money!


Step 4: Plugin your event on Facebook from AllEvents

If your page has more than 2000 likes on Facebook, you will be able to create a book tickets tab on your page.

By integrating the Facebook plugin of, visitors to your Facebook page will see a Book Tickets tab on the left side panel. Moreover, they will be able to book tickets directly from the Facebook page without any redirection.


To allow to integrate tickets into your Facebook page, click on Continue with Facebook.

A different window will open. If you aren’t already logged in to your Facebook account, log in using your Facebook credentials. Once you successfully log in, you will see a list of all the pages associated with that Facebook account. Select the relevant pages and click on Next.


To finally grant permission, tick marks the option you want and click on Done. 


Now you need to select the Facebook page on which you wish to integrate the ticket and click on the Add tab.


An important step is to indicate the Facebook page where you want to sell the tickets, and this is your business or organization page, not your page. Many organizers make a mistake here and lose out on precious attendees.

Your Facebook page is equipped with a book tickets button.

That’s it. Publish your event, and you will be able to see your events on your Facebook page. 

What if, your page doesn’t have 2000 likes?

If you are in the starting phase of your business and don’t have 2000 likes, there will be surely a question that how you will be able to sell tickets? How to create a seamless booking experience with analytical tools? Right?

Here is the solution:

Step: 1 Create an event on Facebook

Firstly, create an event on the Facebook platform and add all details regarding your event. You can add a poster, event description, venue, date & time and other details.

Step: 2 Add event page link

Secondly, add your AllEvents event page link in the “Add ticket link” option. So with this, you will be able to ensure a seamless booking experience for your Facebook audience and manage all the registrations in one place in the AllEvents dashboard.

sell tickets on facebook by adding event links

Step: 5 sell tickets on Facebook

Now anyone who logs into your Facebook page sees the event and all the details you shared. Additionally, if you’d like to add more information, feel free to edit it on Facebook. Any changes to ticket details should be adjusted on

Go to the Facebook page and click on Book Tickets.

Furthermore, as you can see in the screenshot below, the ticket options and prices are displayed on the Facebook event page. Hence, users have the option to click the Book Now button if they are interested.

sell tickets on facebook

Marketing Tips To Sell Event Tickets On Facebook

Isn’t it amazing how you can sell tickets on Facebook with such ease? It is a fantastic platform; to add to it is an even better marketing platform. You can market your events on Facebook and sell even more tickets. 

Hence, we want to let you know some practices and hacks you can exercise to ensure your event succeeds. You can even sell last-minute event tickets because of the heavy traffic there.

Tip 1. Use Facebook paid Ads

Now you have successfully targeted the audience that is already following you, moving ahead. You can now work on who might be interested in the event but do not follow you. 

This is where you can use Facebook ads. It allows you to set up a budget and reach an audience based on their interests and behavior. You can also target a “lookalike audience” based on your current audience; with paid ads, you can also retarget visitors to your event landing page.

Facebook paid marketing is a powerful tool that can prove to be a game-changer if done properly by the right people. Moreover, many organizations use it to their advantage. 

Whilst many organizations do in-house marketing. Also, it is recommend hiring a professional social media marketing agency or professionals for better results.

Connect with marketing experts and discuss paid marketing for your events→

Tip 2. Measure and optimize your marketing with Facebook Pixel

A Facebook pixel is a simple tracking element that you can link to many other apps like It’s kind of like Google Analytics, but for Facebook, and it’s critical to understanding the effectiveness of your current marketing tactics.

Many times, you, as an organizer or collaborator, might want to track your audience’s activity and record ticket purchases. You can add your Facebook Pixel code to your events at 

So you can collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some action with your event.

Create your Facebook Pixel Code

Log in to your Facebook account and go to – Facebook Event Manager. If you haven’t created a pixel already, follow Facebook’s steps to create a pixel. If you have already made pixels before then, you can jump straight to step 2.  

Firstly, to find your Pixel ID, go to your Facebook Business Manager and check your pixel settings. Secondly, the pixel ID is usually 15-16 numbers long. Copy that down. 

How to add Facebook Pixel to the event?

 If you have a Facebook page for the event or a Facebook page for your business, you can activate this integration.

Once you activate this integration, you can optimize your ad campaigns by tracking engagement on your event page. Post event engagement is also very important.

To allow to integrate Facebook pixel into this event, copy-paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the integration menu > Facebook pixel integration.

It may take up to 24 hours for Facebook pixel traffic to appear on your Facebook advertiser account. You can then use the pixel to track Purchases for your event through the campaigns on your Facebook account. 

Visit get started with Facebook pixel for more information.

Tip 3. Create different ticket types and reward customers with early bird discounts

Creating urgency or “FOMO” is a powerful tool for any sale, especially when selling tickets online. Make your customers think they are going to miss out on early-bird discounts. This sensation will make them purchase tickets earlier than usual. 

On, you can create multiple ticket options for your customers to choose from for free, unlike other ticketing platforms where you need to purchase a professional plan. 

Tip 4. Engage with your current subscribers

Now that you already have a registered audience; you can update them with your upcoming event details and keep them engaged. In addition, Facebook automatically shares this information on their timeline. You can also make your event on your page’s timeline. Hence this way, it will be posted at the top of the page for any new visitors, and current users see it a second time on their feed.

There are many similar promotional tactics that you can use for your events and boost your ticket sales.

Tip 5. Ensure your audience with social proof

You can always keep posting your feedback on your Facebook page. So that, anyone who is visiting your account will get social proof about the event experience. Conduct post-event survey time to time.

Every organizer should focus on collecting feedback after the event gets over. Moreover, negative feedback will push you to get better and positive feedback will boost your confidence. Furthermore, positive feedback can be leveraged as testimonials. You should never miss out on this opportunity.

Are you ready to sell tickets on Facebook?

You can reach your potential customers and convert them into your audience. Along with all of this its equally important to manage event which can be easier by using software’s.

In addition, take advantage of the tips mentioned above and sell more tickets to your event. Facebook is a popular medium for getting your event discovered by the right people that can help you in selling more tickets. However, you can make it even better for your audience by integrating it with delighting your customers with a seamless booking experience.

You can also keep in touch with them post events providing them with upcoming event information and convert them into a recurring audience for your upcoming events.

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