How to Win Your Audience on YouTube

YouTube is just another social media platform where you can build community. And interact with them and, more importantly, share useful content with promotional event content. You can make a YouTube channel under your name or any other appropriate name. You can create event on YouTube. Then you can then post videos to that channel that you had planned to put there. Live stream on YouTube is great way to attract audience.

Once you begin uploading videos to YouTube, you will quickly realize that you have begun to grasp YouTube’s algorithm. Things would get easier for you from there. Add value to your clips to keep viewers interested in watching them or sharing them with their family members and friends.

Building Your YouTube Community

Youtube community

So, here are a few YouTube tricks that will undoubtedly assist you in expanding your YouTube channel and, most significantly, your personal YouTube community. It’s important to establish a target audience because that’s how you’ll be able to prepare ahead.

  • Language should not be a barrier, so include a translated script in your films and explain briefly in the description of the post if necessary.
  • Instead of opting for longer videos, break them up into sections and add them to your playlist. Various playlists for various topics addressed.
  • Create a proper video trailer before uploading the entire video and advertising it as much as possible.

Consistency on Your Content

You can’t afford to be inconsistent for whatever reason. Every day, a large number of videos are added to YouTube, and if you haven’t planned ahead of time, you could lose your place in no time. You don’t have to upload it every day if you’re not a lifestyle blogger. Better pick a day and then post your videos on that day every week after that. You can also choose a specific time of day for better results. Consistency can help you win audience and make event success.

Work on Thumbnail and nail it

Design youtube live stram thumbnail

Before they watch your video, this is the first thing they see. If you have a creative and eye-catching thumbnail, you can grab a few seconds of attention here. You can choose a specific invite template design and can use it to make thumbnails if it is suitable for your videos, it gives you a professional appearance. Alternatively, you might use images that are related to your video with bold punch lines.

Rewards & Giveaways

The easiest way to keep your audience hold on with you. You can organize time-to-time contests and giveaways for your loyal subscribers. This is a great way to promote your channel along with other social media pages promotion

Create Playlist

Things that are well-organized are generally more appealing than those that are disorganized. Create a playlist if you find it difficult to stay focused on a single theme and find it easier to stay motivated when working on multiple projects at the same time.

Making a playlist will provide your visitors with a sense of security and make it easier for them to find the videos you’ve placed on your channel.

Work on Marketing Plan & SEO

SEO for Youtube events

Prepare a plan for how you will advertise your event. Along with the obvious promotion on social media networks, you can also use landing pages to promote your event. It will not only help you sell more tickets on Facebook, Instagram, but it will also introduce you to a new audience. Maintain a strong focus on promoting both during and after the event.

Live Stream on YouTube 

How to Setup a live stream on YouTube

Technicality can be difficult to grasp at first, but with practice, you will be able to master how to live stream on YouTube. If you want to live stream on YouTube, the best part is that you may do so from any device.

  • Begin by authenticating your YouTube account, which you may do with your email address or phone number.
  • Then go to the Channel features page which is under “Features” 
  • The activation of live streaming on your account will take about 24 hours.

Live Streaming On YouTube

There are major options you can do live streaming from:

  • Mobile/Tablet cam

Go to YouTube app → Create → Go Live 

  • Web cam

Go to → Create (Top right corner) → Go Live

live stream on Youtube
  • Encoder streaming

– Download Encoder software

– Create → Go Live→ Stream (After YouTube Sign Up)

– You can use the previous stream key if you’ve streamed before, or you can generate a new one. Multiple stream keys are possible.

– To end the stream, click End Stream

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Plan your Topic in advance

You probably don’t want to miss out on anything, so plan ahead of time and take notes. Rehearse a little before the live stream on YouTube to ensure that you are comfortable with your portion. With time, you’ll notice that you’ve begun to love doing live streams on YouTube. And now comes the exciting part. When you are passionate about something, you tend to do it better.

Interact with attendees

Simply be bold and say things out loud, whether you’re blogging, marketing an event, or live streaming a current event, when you’ve already set up a live stream on YouTube. Make sure your YouTube feed is interactive; there is a chat option where you may respond to questions from viewers. 

Make an effort to engage your audience so they don’t feel left out due to the virtual mode.

Get your equipment ready

Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and tools readily available, as well as a backup plan. Check everything ahead of time to avoid any interruptions while streaming. Aside from that, keep anything else you think your live broadcast needs. You can have someone monitor your Livestream, which will assist you in correcting it if something goes wrong with your gadget anywhere in the middle. 


Because it is in real-time and without censoring, live streaming can strengthen your connection with your audience. It also increases your subscribers’ trust in you. In virtual form, streaming is the ideal way to stay in touch with your passionate followers. Here’s your chance to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Business, events, product launches, and a lot more may be done on live stream, and you can plan your next step based on the answers. After learning how to live stream on YouTube and best practices for keeping your channel updated, you’re ready to start your YouTube journey.

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