8 Helpful Tips Before You Start With Event Plan

When thinking of event planning there is a number of things that you should consider at an early stage. This will not only maximize your event success but will also make further event planning easier. An outlined event plan, which you can never go wrong with. 

Mentioned suggestions will help your event plan be more successful. You may make your event memorable for your attendees by incorporating a variety of these strategies into your event plan.

Just found these 8 awesome tips before you start your event planning. Must read for #eventprofs!

1. Confirm Guest List: It will save time & money

People try to choose a location first and then stress when they realize the location may not fit the number of people attending the event. Instead when planning makes sure you have a guest list beforehand. Basically, this will help you determine the size of your event and not the other way around.

Once you know the number of people you have in attendance you can move on to add details of your event. You can avoid unnecessary stress later this way.

2. Then nail down the location and set the event date

Yet again, event planners create blunders by selecting a date before settling on a venue. You will be constrained to the locations that are offered as a result. Most likely, while choosing the day, your audience can be a little flexible. Now you can choose the ideal place for your event if you know the general timeframe people prefer. Then choose a date in accordance with the venue’s availability.

You can choose the event date more effectively with the use of pre-event surveys. Therefore, don’t settle for a mediocre location for your event when a dream setting is available.

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3. Set Level of Formality

Make sure it is clear whether your event must be formal or informal. Location, the time of day, and the guest’s preferences will all play a role. Ensure that your team, attendees, and vendors are aware of the level of formality you choose. Nobody wants to arrive at a cocktail party in jeans because they were unaware of fanciness.

When trying something new, pay close attention to your audience. It ought to live up to guests’ expectations. And you can only succeed if you have a strong understanding of your audience.

4. Brainstorm unique ideas

If you have something unique to offer, no one will want to miss your event. Spice up your event with creative event ideas. You can add a theme to your event rather than going with a basic event. Include engaging activities in your event that will attract an audience.

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5. Make a buzz about your event with a promotional plan

A marketing strategy can generate interest in your event. Later on, this hype can help your event succeed. Mentioned are several strategies provided that you can use.

  • Today, video is a significant component of almost 65% of events’ marketing plans. Since people are more eager to find out what will occur at your event.
  • Utilize social media video strategically for both social media advertising and organic content. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, video content is preferred over static content.
  • Get your email marketing right by offering value to your audience. It can convert attendees into registrations in this manner.
  • Another tactic is creating a sense of urgency. Create closing catchphrases like “last few tickets left”, “offer closing soon”, “hurry up” etc.

6. Ticketing Software To Support Your Event

When you are in the middle of an event planning hustle, ticketing software can support you the best. It makes selling tickets much more manageable and easy. There are a lot of them on the market that can be advantageous for your event. But making the right choice at the right time is very important. So, look out for event ticketing applications that include other features too, rather than just selling tickets.

One such and most user-preferred application is AllEvents. It includes a variety of features such as email listing, event ticketing, real-time information, event promotion, and email campaigns. 

7. Back Plan can save you from mishaps

Be ready for the worst-case scenario that can unexpectedly arise. You can save time and effort by having a backup plan. When you are at ease with “Plan B,” you can operate without stress and effectively. This demonstrates your genuine concern for the audience’s interests. You’ll gain the trust of your team, which will make them stronger.

8. Use robust ticket registration and verification system

When you have a lot of attendees to take care of, you have to put in a lot of effort in the ticket selling and verification process.

How about using a platform where people can buy tickets by scanning QR and you can verify them by scanning tickets sent in the mail…just simple!

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