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You can easily create events, manage tickets, and add an event calendar to your website by using Event Calendar Plugin. After testing out tons of glitchy plugins, we concluded to find the best plugin which will sustain all event needs.

The WordPress event calendar is one of the most essential plugins for any website that wants to promote its events and services. And this plugin will positively change your audience’s experience while giving you the best features compared to any WordPress event plugin out there.

This plugin is completely free, lightweight, and easy to install — meaning it won’t slow down your site or cause any unnecessary technical difficulties in the future. Read on to learn more about the plugin and see why it is right for you.

Here is an awesome event calendar plugin for event websites #eventprofs

Why is it Important to Have an Event Calendar in WordPress?

If you are running a business or blog that promotes any form of event, then you know how important it is to have an event calendar available to your users. An event calendar can be used to,

  • showcase your upcoming events
  • allow users to register for upcoming events
  • display events from other users, etc., depending upon the need

So, having the correct event calendar plugin isn’t just a nice feature — it’s essential. There are many different uses for an event calendar on a website, but the most common is to promote your upcoming events.

Users can easily see which events are coming up and whether they’re relevant to their interests. This allows them to plan ahead and attend events that interest them. An event calendar also gives you an easy platform to promote your events and encourage sign-ups and subscribers.

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How to Find the Best Event Calendar for WordPress

If you’re looking for the best event calendar plugin for WordPress, you should first decide what features you need. You need to ask yourself how many events you want to be able to display, the types of events you want to display, and whether you want to allow users to buy your tickets as well.

Once you know what you want your event calendar plugin to do, you can begin shortlisting plugins. To find the best plugin, you need to consider how many users the plugin can handle, how easy it is to use, and how well it integrates with the rest of your site. You also need to consider how well the plugin is supported and if the developer is regularly releasing updates to keep the plugin up to date with any changes to WordPress.

What to Look for in an Event Calendar Plugin

After a lot of talks with event professionals, here are some of the most useful features of a WordPress Event Calendar Plugin that every event professional would look for:

  • User-friendly interface – You want a plugin that is easy to use and intuitive for both you and your users. An overly complicated interface can make it difficult to create events and manage your calendar, which defeats the whole purpose of having an event calendar.
  • Easy to use for multiple users – You might have a team managing your calendar. You need a plugin that is easy to use for everyone, even those without technical skills.
  • Supports multiple types of events – You want your plugin to be able to support all of the different types of events you want to display on your calendar.
  • Works with other WordPress plugins – You likely use other plugins on your site that interact with your calendar. Make sure your selected plugin will work with the rest of your site.

The Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

This is one of the best event calendar plugins for WordPress and is extremely easy to use. It’s designed for individuals and businesses to host, promote, and sell out events of all types. (Here is the example of the Event Calendar Plugin 👆)

Steps to install the Event Calendar Plugin on your website,

Add your event details

Log in and go to your event dashboard. If not a user, then log in and add event your details.

Go To Integrations and get plugin code

From your Profile> My Events > Dashboard (Integrations) > Embed Event List

Add plugin to your site

Copy the code > Paste it on your site > Save the changes

My Events 2

If you need more options for WordPress plugins based on usage, we have curated a list of best WordPress event plugins that will fulfill all your event website needs.

Sell tickets on your site

Copy code – Paste on your website – Done
You can start selling tickets within 60 seconds

Bottom line for Event Calendar Plugin

The event calendar is one of the first things people will see when visiting your site. It’s important that it be user-friendly and easy to use so people can easily find and sign up for events. It’s also important that the calendar be secure and protect your users’ privacy.

The best event calendar for WordPress will be easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. It should also be able to support multiple types of events so you can display the events you want. Finally, it should work with the rest of your site and be easy to install and configure.

You can refer to the following FAQs to clear your doubts.

Quick FAQs on Event Calendar Plugin

How to import events into the event calendar plugin

When you add the plugin code from your Profile to the website, it will automatically import all the events from your event business page.

How to add/import events into the event calendar plugin

You can go to your profile page and add new event details. It will automatically add it to your event listing page. No need to make changes to your site again.

How do I sell tickets on my events calendar?

You can start selling tickets with the events calendar by adding connecting your PayPal/Stripe from your Profile. You can start selling tickets on your website in no time.

I have doubts. Can I contact someone for help?

Yes, you can mail the author [email protected]. He will be glad to help you out.

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