Best Free Event Registration Software to Sell Event Tickets

Event registration Software is a simple step in event management but the most significant of all because it directly helps to sell tickets online and drive the revenue for the event. There are many event registration tools in the market with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the right one for your event requires you to have a clear event need in mind.

You can evaluate the best event registration tools on the basis of their pricing policy, payment methods, event customization options, ease of use, and marketing & sale features. We have discussed this in detail in the second half of the blog. Before we start with selection, let us discuss the top event registration tools in the market.

List of Best Event Registration Websites

Event registration websites list

1. AllEvents

online event registration website

AllEvents is the most productive and easy-to-use event registration software. It is much more than an online event registration tool, it’s a complete solution to all your event needs. It is a combination of event management, event marketing, and event marketplace. The platform is simple to use and easy to manage. You can organize a wide range of events be it virtual events, hybrid events, or in-person events.

One of the key features that make Allevent separate is that it does not promote competitors’ events on your event page.

It believes that the growth of your business should not be penalized rather it should be appreciated. You can post events for free. It follows the charges per transaction method which is a win-win for both.

It only charges a flat $1 per ticket to your customer irrespective of the number of tickets they book. Your profit grows with each transaction.


  • Amazing event marketing & sales-boosting features like automated HTML email campaign, automated follow-up with users who have reached payment page, and booking reminders for interested leads.
  • Unlike the other event planning tools, AllEvents does not hold your payment with them. The moment customers buy a ticket, the money is directly transferred to your bank account via PayPal or Stripe.
  • Highly SEO-friendly platform to boost event visibility on search engines.
  • They provide event plugins and a free event website to organizers to help them how to sell tickets online.

2. Google Form

The second on the list is a product from a very familiar brand, Google. We use various Google products in our daily life like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive etc & we know how simple these products are to use. Google has products for everything that is important to us, so in no way it was planning to leave Events. So is there really a Google Event Registration Tool? Well, yes. And it can also be used as event registration from.

Google Forms, a simple product with basic features that will do most of your work. Google Forms comes in two versions Free & paid. You can use the free version from your personal google drive but it has limited features. The paid version is included in Google Work Space and gives you more control and security. The pricing for various plans ranges from $6 to $18 per user per month.


  • The free version comes with basic features that can be used to handle small events.
  • Google Forms is designed to be used by everyone. It is quite simple.


  • Google Forms comes with limited features and even the paid one does not give full liberty.
  • It comes as a side tool with Google Work Space. You need to purchase a subscription for all.

3. Splash

Splash is an online event registration tool. It enables you to design and customize web pages and emails for your event. Other features of Splash are check-in attendees, event surveys, and contests. Most of the work can be done easily but some tasks require you to rely on developers. Sign-up for events can be done by event registration and RSVPs. The pricing of Splash ranges from $12500 to $19500 per year.


  • Ease to collect confirmation from attendees as it allows managing RSVPs.
  • The platform has great check-in attendees feature.


  • The tool is costly and it is difficult to use the landing page and email builder.
  • Customer support is available only by email. This delays solving the problem especially when it occurs during the event.

4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an American event ticketing and organizing website. The online event registration software allows anyone to browse, create and promote events. It covers almost all types of events whether it’s a social event, business conference or charity. It is a well-known name but the prices are quite high and basic plans start from 2% +$0.79 per ticket plus an additional processing fee of 2.5% on each ticket.


  • Since it is well known, attendees are familiar with its process. It has access to a community of event-goers from 170+ countries.
  • It allows you to customize the event page and sell last minute tickets from your own page.


  • The Biggest issue with this online event registration tool is that it promotes your competitor’s event in suggestions. Thus taking potential attendees and your chance of building a loyal customer base.
  • Another big issue with Eventbrite is that your audience will pay fees on each ticket even when buying more than one ticket in the same transaction. This increases the overall cost of tickets and thus reduces the conversion rate.

Pro tip: You can look up for best Eventbrite alternatives to do the bidding.


Aventri is an event management software for all your hybrid events, virtual event and in-person events. The event registration system is secure and mobile app responsive which enables easy registration of attendees.

You can create a simple event registration form with basic details or one with an exclusive guest list. You can create email marketing campaigns with invite templates for event promotion and analyze and track performance on key benchmarks.


  • Aventri offers an unlimited number of page creations for event websites which is a great help for event organizers looking for multiple pages.
  • The response time of customer support of Aventri is excellent. They might not be able to solve every issue but they sure will respond and provide up-to-date information.


  • It has limited options to customize the event registration page and the process to do it is also not friendly.
  • The reporting system is complex and it is nearly impossible to operate without dedicated support from the team.

6. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a London-based event registration software with a primary focus on selling tickets. The event registration process is quite simple on Ticket Tailor. All you have to do is sign-up, fill in your event details and start selling tickets. You can also get registration data and manage the guest list. The pricing on Ticket Tailor starts from $0.26 t0 $0.65 per ticket and it charges $0 for the free event.


  • Ticket Tailor is a wonderful event registration platform for in-person and online events. It is quite easy to use and manage ticket sales.
  • You will either find easy-to-use and low-customization event registration software or complex and highly customization event registration software. Ticket Tailor is the best combination of customization and ease of use.


  • It is hard for event attendees to find tickets without a direct link. This affects your brand image and the experience of attendees.

How to select an event registration tool?

select event registration software

Event Pricing

The pricing system of event registration software is going to directly impact your costing, one of the crucial factors of the event. In the list, there are event registration tools that charge you per ticket and on the other hand, there are ones that charge you per transaction. For instance, Eventbrite charges you $ 2.5% on each ticket even if your attendee is buying multiple tickets in a single transaction. 

Contrarily you have AllEvents that charge your attendees a flat $1 per transaction irrespective of the number of tickets bought by your attendees. Your attendees will end up paying more for buying more. You can see the price comparison (with examples) between per ticket vs per transaction.

Event Customization

Your creative freedom is important. Event websites represent your brand and pass on the vibes of the event to users through its creative representation. You can not represent a musical event website the same as a business conference event website. Both these events require passing on different vibes. Customization enables creative freedom. Event registration tools that provide options like unlimited ticket types & custom ticket forms allow high customization. 

Ease of use

Simplicity is not just beautiful but productive. Event registration tools should be easy to use and not just for event organizers but also for event attendees and event sponsors. Ease of use means that the UI of the event website is user-friendly, online event registration saves time, automated confirmation, and smooth attendee check-in.

Event Support Team

Your event registration partner must have a responsive support team to solve your issues when things go south. There might be a technical glitch or difficulty in integration or privacy & security threat. Issues that occurred during the event need immediate attention because it affects your brand image, and overall attendees’ satisfaction and you might lose customers for future events. 

No one likes a successful event turned into a disaster just because you could not get immediate support from your partner. Your event registration support team should be available on both email and call and not just on emails. AllEvents have a customer service rating of 4.5/5 and their support team is available on both email and call irrespective of the size of your event.

Event Payment Process

Anything that is financial is always important. You put lots of effort into ideating the event, promoting it, and selling the tickets, and your payments get held for another 7-30 days. Now, that’s quite disappointing because it not only affects your operation cycle but your motivation for reward.

Always look for event registration tools like AllEvents that transfer the money directly into your account without holding it even for a day. The next thing to consider is the availability of multiple payment gateway options and multiple currency acceptance.

Event marketing & Sales

Event registration tools that have a wide range of relevant marketing features to promote your event are beneficial for you. Most event registration tools might provide automated email campaigns but there are very few of them which focus on event promotion on a personal level. For instance, your potential attendee filled up some details to register for the event and left the event website with incomplete information. So who is going to take follow-up? 

AllEvents provides event sales-boosting services like follow-up with incomplete bookings to convert your halfway prospect into your customers. That’s not all they also take care of your business by providing booking reminders to interested leads.

Event Community Building

We all know it takes huge efforts to convert a user into a prospect and finally into an attendee. Event community helps in maintaining a relationship with past attendees and so that you don’t have to follow the entire sales process to get them back every time. 

But building an event community and sending them reminders for events is not an easy task. AllEvents help you in building an event community for your brand. All your attendees need to do is just follow your organizer page and rest will be taken care. They will get notified via email and mobile push notifications for any new event you create. You can also send them email invites.


Now you know the top event registration tools and their benefits and drawback. You have also learned things to keep in mind while selecting the event registration tool.

You can evaluate each one of them and select the one that suits your event needs. But do keep in mind that you have to use the same tool on multiple occasions, so choose wisely.

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