Best Gujarati Garba Songs for Navratri This Year 2022

Aeeee Halooooo…

Do we need to say more? We don’t, right? We all know this phrase. As all the Gujarati says, ‘ Navratri- The Tomorrow Land of Gujaratis’. It is the most awaited festival of the year. These nine nights are full of culture and tradition.

THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! This Garba season is going to be the crazy one! After the covid-19 pandemic, this is the first Garba season happening full-fledged.

Navratri is pure joy and bliss for all the cultures and religions across India. Gujarati Garba is world famous and it has been celebrated for many decades. Not just in India, but people from different countries also celebrate the festival.

During these nine days, goddess Durga is worshiped and celebrated by grooving to Garba songs. We bet that anyone cannot resist the rush and energy running through their veins when they hear Garba songs. 

So if you want to organize a Garba night here are THE MUST-HAVE SONGS for your playlist. Just tune in to these evergreen and trendy Garba songs DJ mix and get grooving. Grab your dandiyas and get going.

Best Garba Songs to keep in your playlist this year!! #navratri #garba

Trendy Garba Songs of Navratri 2022

Full playlist here:

Personally, I can’t stop bragging about these trendy Garba songs for Navratri 2022. I am 100% sure that these songs will get you instantly grooving to their beats. So here are the latest Navratri songs.

1. Gori Tame Manda Lidha Mohi Raj 

If you haven’t heard this one yet, then you are living on some other planet. This new song took Navratri’s 2022 fever to the next level. This song is sung by Umesh Barot and Ishani Dave. This is not just youtube trending but it is going fully viral on Instagram reels too. Flaunt your dodhiyu and crazy Garba moves with this beautiful folk music.

2. Dholida 

Sanjay Leela Bhansali will always bring you some surprising elements. And in this one, he got the best out of Alia Bhatt and this new bollywoord Garba song. This song is so powerful on its own that it doesn’t require anything else. Must have in your list.

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Take you and your homies to awesome garba nights this Navratri.

3. Dakla

Talk about Garba and this is the very first song that will come to your mind. The DAKLA series by Bandish Projekt comprises of 6 dakla. And trust us, their Dakla songs are much-awaited every Navrairi season.  You have to watch this captivating video. It has such a strong visual and music, you can never dislike it. The moment you hear Dakla, the next moment you’ll find yourself dancing to its beat. This will take your spirits to another level on this Navratri 2022. 

4. Rang Bhini Radha

Rang Bhini Radha is the song that speaks ‘NAVRATRI’ loud and clear. It is a folk Garba song, a song that is apt for all passionate Navratri lovers. How can anyone not move their feet after hearing this song?

5. Moti Veraana

Who isn’t familiar with this song? This is song is sung by Amit Trivedi. This song is dedicated to Maa Ambe and how this festival to celebrate goddesses brings out nothing but happiness to all our hearts.

6. Mor Bani Thangat Kare

Even though this song has there been for decades but Ram-Leela movie’s mor bani thangat kare took this song to another level. This song is written by well-known Gujarati author Jhaverchand Meghani. Just like all previous Navratri, this song will hit the emotions during Garba nights this 2022.

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Take you and your homies to awesome garba nights this Navratri.

7. Radha ne Shyam 2.0 

Well, it’s been a few years since the release of the song. It is composed and sung by my favorite Sachin-Jigar. Sachin-Jigar has not just given hit music to Bollywood, but awesome Garba songs too. 

8. Vagyo re Dhol

This song from Hellaro is sung by Bhoomi Trivedi and it will definitely sway your feet away. 

9. Garbe ki Raat

This song got released last year, sung by Bhoomi Trivedi and Rahul Vaidya. This one is Hindi-Garba with the perfect beats and Hindi-Gujarati mixed lyrics. Unfortunately, people didn’t get a chance to dance on this one because of the covid restrictions but not this time. 

10. Nagada Sang Dhol Baje

Again, this song is a traditional one but Ram-Leela’s nagada sang is exceptional. Shreya Ghoshal sang this song and the beats from this song will get you grooving instantly. The Garba steps from this song are pretty challenging. We hope you take the challenge and get the steps right.

11. Chogada Tara

Navratri or Loveyatri? Chogada tara by Darshan Raval is the most played song of the Navratri season. This one is an energetic dandiya song and it will fit your playlist perfectly. 

12. Subharambh

Get on with your Dodhiyu, Bollywood fusion Garba or whatever you want to do! Hit the floor with one of the best Bollywood Garba songs. This song tops the Garba playlist with its authentic lyrics and its music is full of celebration. This is sung by Amit Trivedi in the movie Kai Po Che.

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Take you and your homies to awesome garba nights this Navratri.

Evergreen Gujarati Garba Song for Navratri

Of course, there are some songs you’d never get tired of. Here is the list of some evergreen Garba songs. 

13. Kesariyo Rang

Kesariyo rang my absolute favorite. This song has been around for multiple decades. The name of the artists is unknown yet. Aishwarya’s kesariyo rang has got melody and it will put you in a trance of the Garba. 

14. Gori Radha ne Kalo Kaan

All-time favorite songs! This is song is from Wrong Side Raju sung by Kirtidan Gadhvi. It has got amazing essence and reflects about the god Krishna.

15. Krishna Bhagwan Chalya

Ke Hove Hove! Garba lovers are absolutely crazy about this song. This is must have in your playlist. 

16. Indhana Vivna Gayi Thi

This one sung by Falguni Pathak is quite popular. This song goes with all the forms of Garba and adds to your celebration.

17. Zulan Morli Vagi Re

You won’t be able to stand still. You would definitely want to dance right. This song will add a little different touch to your playlist. 

18. Halaji Tara Haath Vakhanu

19. Maar te Mele

20. Odhani Odhu

No one beats the sensational Neha Kakkar! The fusion song Odhani from the movie Made in China starring Rajkummar Rao and Mouni Roy is going to be the song that will be blasting at all the Garba venues. This is a typical Garba and one of the must-haves. There are multiple versions of this song. Here is the best version for you to add.

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Take you and your homies to awesome garba nights this Navratri.

21. Bhai Bhai 

Bhai Bhai again is a Bollywood fusion that was originally sung by Arvind Vegda. This song from Ram Leela certainly sets the Navratri mood and makes for all the excitement. What is a Navratri without screaming a loud Bhai Bhai?

22. Sanedo

Garba cannot end without this song. This song will make you forget about all the other pieces. This is the best song to put an end to your Navratri celebration. 

More Garba Songs by the Popular Singers 

1. Jigardan Gadhvi

One of the most popular singers in Gujarat and worldwide. He comes from a family of singers and we must say he has kept his family name in high regard. The crowd goes crazy when he sings. 

2. Aishwarya Majumdar 

Aishwarya is a popular singer and gained high popularity. She can sing in 22 languages and more than 11 genres. Her melodious voice won’t let you stand still. 

3. Kinjal Dave

Kinjal dave is a folk singer and pretty famous in the Gujarati industry. She gained popularity with her song “Chaar Chaar Bangadiwali Gadi”. She sets the stage on fire with her powerful voice and songs. 

4. Aditya Gadhvi

Aditya Gadhvi is not just a singer but also a lyricist. He is well known for folk and Garba events. His songs will take your energy and enthusiasm to a new high. 

5. Ishani Dave

Ishani Dave got into the limelight a few years back for her Garba renditions of songs. She can get everyone into a trance and it is absolutely fascinating. 

6. Geeta Rabari

Geetaben Rabari- shegoes by this name. And she has thrilled millions of hearts with her folk songs, Garba, daryo, and other forms of music. 

7. Bhoomi Trivedi 

Bhoomi took even Sanjay Leela Bhansali by surprise. Do we need to say more about her signing and Garba? Of course not, her work and songs speak. 

8. Falguni Pathak

The Queen of the Garba nights and songs. For decades she is singing traditional Garba songs and composed many herself. She has a large fan base in the country and even abroad. 

9. Kirtidan Gadhvi 

Here is to the singer who got Coke Studio tuning to his beats and voice. Can’t leave Kirtidan Gadhvi out when it comes to Navratri. With years of experience, he surely knows how to get the audience to dance to its beats. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Put on your traditional wear, grab your dandiyas and get grooving at amazing Garba songs.

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