How to find Sponsorship for Charity Events

Hosting a charity event? Do not know how to get sponsorship for your non-profit organization? You’ve come to the right place. Let us go step by step to get sponsorship for charity events.

Before we dive further into the sponsorship for non profis organizations. Let us know how to get corporate sponsors for non profit events.

  • Firms or businesses provide funds in exchange for branding, marketing, publicity, and creating goodwill. 
  • A profit-making business giving funds to non-profit organizations with the expectations of visibility, brand awareness, and other marketing activities. 

Such firms usually pay for sponsorship from their marketing budget, CSR budget, philanthropy budget, or general profits. 

It is best to seek sponsorship from the firms those have shared values, mission, and objectives as your firm. Understanding sponsorship is easy, but the main challenge lies in actually getting the sponsorship for non profit organization for fundraising events. 

No matter whether you have a virtual event, in-person event, or hybrid-event it is easy to find sponsors for a charity event. And in return, you can definitely provide them with significant ROI, incentives, and other investments. 

Now, here are a few things corporate sponsors for nonprofit wants from organizations when they sponsor a charity event. Charity events can be a hybrid events or virtual events as well. And there are firms who want to sponsors for charity events.

How to Get Sponsors for Non Profit Organizations

Let us have look at ways you can find the right sponsors for your charity events, whether it is virtual or digital events, you always have ample to offer.

Basic question is, who can be your potential sponsors for charity events? Following are the points you need to look for:

  • A firm with a name and recognition in the region/community
  • Interested in sponsoring events, or have sponsored in past
  • A willingness to support charity events 

Here is how you can start.

Start With Local Business

After the covid-19 lockdown, we have been listening to the phrase “Go Local”. It doesn’t just mean you support your local businesses by buying. Even local businesses can help you in return. 

Do not underestimate the power of your local businesses. They have built credibility and a positive identity in the local region or the community. Local businesses are looking to grow in different markets and regions, and you are looking for funds. 

Local sponsorships are a win-win for both the sponsors and the event managers. You get funds, they get publicity- lift each other within your reach and networks. 

Hence, start listing down the local businesses you can approach for the sponsorship for non profit organization events. Now, this brings us to our next step. 

Sponsors for Charity Events with Shared Mission and Values  

Target Sponsors for Charity Events

You find the best sponsors when you both have mission and values in alignment. When you both share the same values and objectives it is easy to relate to each-others working.

For example, a local community might have a pet shop for a sponsor. A blood bank can approach trust/ community hospitals. Likewise, a food bank can reach the local grocery store to be a sponsor. 

Another way to find corporate sponsors for nonprofits is to reach out to your donors and individual philanthropist. Just think about your organic connections- and you will find yourself halfway into the partnership for fundraising. 

Find Businesses that are Already Sponsoring Fundraising Events

Sponsorship for Charity Events Ideas

There are high chances of finding sponsorship from businesses that have already sponsored charity events in the past. These days events are mostly hybrid or virtual given the situation raised by the pandemic. But that doesn’t stop you from getting sponsorship for charity events. 

Moreover, you can offer multiple incentives for hybrid kinds of events. Here are some suggestions to design your non-profit website an amazing tool for seeking sponsorship:

  • Create a landing page with short messages or pop-ups, pictures for each, provide a great event description, what they are sponsoring, and a link to their website. 
  • Promote your sponsors with a video on your social media, add it to your website registration page, promote the role of the sponsor in your upcoming event.
  • A blog post about your sponsor can do magic on your registration page.
  • Feature your sponsors’ logo, name, and messages in your email, social media pages, and websites about your event.
  • Give opportunity to your sponsors to get featured on your social media to talk about their company. For example, use the “go live” option on social media for sponsors’ product launches or any short demo about their products and services.

Tips: Use your strong digital presence in every way possible to offer your sponsors immense publicity and marketing. 

At AllEvents we make your work easy. So, you sit back and let us do all the work. We promote, publish and make registration easy for your charity events. 

Create Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorships for Charity Events Packages

Go everywhere possible for sponsorships. It might be tempting to go to big business giants but don’t limit yourself. Small and local businesses also have the potential to give you a good chunk of sponsorship for a charity event. 

Do not judge a company based on their pockets- smaller businesses can give you a good percentage of their profits. For charity events, philanthropists go above and beyond to do good for the community. 

Creating sponsorship levels is extremely important. Once you are set on how much funds you required, break down it into categories that will allow multiple businesses to sponsor nonprofit events. Make a list of the following question to be clear on the sponsorship levels: 

How many sponsors you can have in your event?

What type of support do you need from the sponsor?

On what levels do you need sponsors- top, middle, or bottom level of the event.

Tip: It is suggested to have sponsors on the middle and bottom levels. Because if you can shoot to get more sponsors in the middle and bottom level, you leave yourself with more margin for error; this way, losing a major sponsor last minute won’t disrupt your event. 

Get Creative When You Ask for Sponsorship 

You might give a call to your potential sponsors and give details about the event and eventually ask for sponsorship. Do not ever do that. Find your ways to get acquainted with your sponsors, take time and make a pitch in person. If that is not possible, do not just bombard them with word doc or pdf. 

Here is how you can customize your ways to ask for sponsorships:

  • Mention details about your nonprofit organization, event and how it can benefit the sponsor, and what are your offerings
  • Provide numbers, graphs and charts– tell about your expected audience, past profits, past successful events, target audience, new potential market, and others.
  • Tell your side of the story- about the organization, mission, and values, growth, and developments, who you help, impacts you bring to the society, tell them about your past sponsors-if had any and other such minute details that would show you more presentable and authentic.

Tip: Use presentation tools such as Canva or Adobe to make impactful presentations. 

How to Keep Sponsors for Your Non-Profit Event Upcoming Events

Relationship Building With Sponsors

The final step is to tell each of your sponsors what you bring to the table and how you can support them in return and future in exchange for their support. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the sponsor and think about what would you need if you were giving sponsorship for non profit organization. 

When a business or an individual agrees to sponsor they are wanting to build brand image. Create a sense of goodwill for the sponsor, appeal to people who have a social responsibility and would love to buy from businesses that are helping to make society a better place to live.

Things to Remember 

Do not forget to thank your sponsors- pre-event, during the event, and post-event

It would count as an appreciation and vote of thanks from your side but it will also leave an impression on the audience. Take follow-up from your audience, as well as sponsors. 

Be generous with your gratitude, and express it through your whole event process.

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