14 Fantastic Christmas Event Ideas for 2022

It’s the favorite holiday season, and there are plenty of Christmas events happening around. After an exhausting year, we all deserve a good holiday break, So Event Organizers are looking for top Christmas Event ideas for 2022.

As an event host and organizer, even if you have too much on your plate. So here we have got plenty of Christmas event ideas for you. And we are pretty sure that these Christmas event tickets get sold out immediately in 2022.

Christmas events are not just any event. You organize a whole Christmas tradition that people love. And for you to host the best event in the city we have a handful of Christmas event ideas for you. Everyone attending your Christmas events will be talking about you and how great your Christmas party was. 

Make this Christmas event classy, chic, and mixed with cliches. If covid has taught us anything, it is to cherish every moment with our friends and family and not miss a chance to hug them. Here is how you can give your attendees a memorable Christmas event.

Cheerful and Fun Christmas Event Ideas

From adult Christmas event ideas to kid’s Christmas event ideas we have got it all. As an event organizer, you’ll have total attendance and as an event attendee, you’ll love the events.

1. Christmas Ugly Sweater Party

Christmas ugly sweater party

Talk about Christmas events, and ugly sweater party event tops the list of Christmas parties. Event attendees are crazy about attending sweater parties and getting into their Pjs. Here is what you need to host an ugly sweater party:

  • Christmas party theme
  • Christmas party-themed drinks
  • Hot appetizers
  • Security checks
  • Swag bags for the winners

Tip: Do not forget to mention the age limit for the attendees. And make sure you do the ID check.

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2. Christmas Market/Fair

Christmas market or fair event

A Christmas market is the heart of the festival. People prefer a perfect festive stroll around with their loved ones. Christmas market is an event for all to come along and enjoy.  Host a Christmas market where attendees get everything in one place. Here, are the essential things you need to take care of for a Christmas market:

  • Huge space to organize a Christmas market
  • Enough parking space
  • No of stalls
  • Type of stalls- food, drinks, games, decor, gifts, etc
  • Entertainment- music, games, and others. 
  • Security 

Christmas markets are lively and full of fun.

3. Christmas Drive-in Movie Night

With the beautiful weather outside and starry and snowy nights, attendees want an outside activity. Hosting a drive-in Christmas movie night is something the event audience would kill for. Here is how you can easily host a drive-in movie night:

  • Select a big venue
  • Pick up a great movie
  • Ensure parking facility
  • Have food and beverage available 

4. Christmas Eve Dance Party

Christmas eve dance party

Working professionals hardly get time from their busy schedules to enjoy dance parties or clubs. Well, Christmas clubbing is a little and best getaway for people who haven’t had a good time in a very long. Throw a dance party with a costume theme and loads of drinks. That’s all you need for a Christmas dance party.

5. Christmas Concerts  

Be it a local artist or big fame and name. People are always up for a piece of good music and a few drinks. The choice is yours if you prefer to organize a jazz or rock concert. The artist will eventually attract a huge crowd. All you need to do is a little event promotion and take care of how to manage the group, drinks, and food.  

6. Christmas Family Disco

Christmas Family disco event

How many times does it happens that you go to the disco with your family? And what is Christmas without spending fun time with family? Family disco is trendy and new. Hosting a family disco will be something entirely different and unique. And event attendees are always wanting different events to explore.

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7. Christmas Cooking Class 

Christmas cooking class

People are looking for baking and cooking workshops to have both fun and food together. Attendees get a bit excited about baking with their loved ones. And when people hear about such events, they register themselves and bring in their friends and loved ones.

8. Christmas Gingerbread House

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A Gingerbread house competition is one of the popular Christmas activities. Host a gingerbread house-making event and we are sure your event will go sold out just like that. Every family loves gingerbread making.

9. Hot Cocoa Workshop

Everybody loves hot cocoa during Christmas to warm up their winters. Organize a hot cocoa-making workshop or competition. A hot chocolate-making workshop is a family event hence you’ll be getting multiple registrations for the hot chocolate Christmas event. 

10. Christmas Card Writing 

People send Christmas cards to their loved ones every Christmas. Then why not host customized card writing for both kids and adults? Christmas card writing is most popular among teens and adults. There are multiple online websites such as Canva that have ready templates to help you out with the cards.

Christmas Charity Events

With festive spirits, people want to start their new year with some good deeds. Christmas charity events are something looked up to by event attendees. Also, for such events event organizers get big charity sponsorships to host the event. 

11. Scavenger Hunt Before Christmas 

Christmas themed scavenger hunt

Well, for those who missed the Halloween parties due to some reasons or work. Christmas scavenger hunt parties are a way to make up for that audience. 

Trust us, a large number of the audience must have missed Halloween events and those attendees would love to attend a spooky Christmas party

12. Floating Christmas Party Around the City

Floating Christmas party around the City

If you have got a river or lake around you in the city, this is again a unique Christmas party to organize. Hire a boat, or a ferry and organize a Christmas party where event attendees can enjoy the city in all its beauty during Christmas. 

Crispy Tips Before You Organize a Christmas Event 

As an event organizer, you don’t want anything to go wrong. And Christmas is an event where you manage a big crowd. Here are the big things you need to take care of for the big event and big crowd:

Christmas Theme

No matter what type of event you are hosting, the Christmas theme is very near and dear to audiences’ hearts. Make sure you have the best decor and the best Christmas theme to woo your audience. Your Christmas tree has to be the center of attention among all your decor. Make sure you light up your Christmas tree with theme-based decor.


Security checks are extremely important as it is the busiest time of the year and everybody is out with their friends and family. You’ll have people of all ages from kids, teens, and adults to old citizens. You need to take care of them all.


Venue selection is a critical part of the job. Firstly, make sure the number of people you are wanting to host and select the venue accordingly. And if needed do not hesitate to have limited attendees at your event. Also, ensure the parking facility is adequate at your event venue. 

Christmas E-mail Marketing

Email marketing with appealing subject line is one of the best marketing tools. Especially for Christmas event marketing, e-mail marketing is highly practiced by all event marketers. Personalized email-marketing has a significant impact on increasing ROI for the event organizers.

Create Christmas Event Brand Page

The event brand pages are important to build trust among the audience. The event brand page shows the authenticity of your events and it gives insights into your events. Create an event brand page with all the details and descriptions of the event. Also, amazing description attracts an audience. Hence make sure your event page is error free and appealing to the audience. You can create brand pages from WordPress or other websites.


Yes, Christmas event promotions are important too. With all the Christmas event hustle don’t forget about your event promotions. Event promotions are the only way to spread the word among the audience and make your event go sold out. Social media promotions are proven marketing tactics to sell Christmas event tickets and for high audience engagement.

Here’s a wrap on Halloween Event Ideas

Now that you know what Christmas events will suit you. You can start planning out early to sell your Christmas event tickets and don’t end up with unsold tickets on the event day.

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