Best Conference Survey Questions You Should Definitely Ask 

Event conferences are a bit formal, where you get to host participants, companies, and other VIPs. Whether you host a virtual or in-person conference, planning an event conference is challenging. With 50 or 500 attendees, it will require significant time and money. 

People who want to sponsor you and attend your conference need good results, high audience engagement, and satisfaction from the conference events. But, how do you measure the success of your event or increase ROI? Let us tell you how.

A conference is an event to network and you have an opportunity to grow your business. Event marketers use real-time marketing data to promote events. And here conference survey makes exceptional marketing tactics.

Do an event survey before, during, and after the event gets over to gather constructive feedback from your participants, stay on board with your sponsors, and ensure overall event satisfaction. There are high chances that you might get sponsors for your future events

Why do you need an event conference survey?

Why do you need Event survey questions

With some general benefits of event feedback, how do event questions help event organizers to host events?

General benefits of event conference survey everyone will tell you:

  • To enhance your event planning and event management
  • To spread brand awareness
  • To find the gaps and improve them
  • To provide an unforgetful event experience

But here, is something more you can create through the event surveys:

1. Attract more audience by understanding them

attract more audience

To understand the audience event planners need to know them first. From demographics to their interests event planners need to have all the details so that they can plan according to the audience’s interests.  

A pre-event survey is the first step to gathering audience feedback about your event. Pre-event survey lets you know about the dos and don’ts for your event and sometimes sparks a new idea.

2. To measure event success and attendee satisfaction

measure event success

We “think” that high ticket sales and complete supplies make the event a success. But is it? Assuming your event was a big hit will lead you in the wrong direction. 

Gathering feedback during the event can add greater visibility and quantify satisfaction about the aspects of the event.

Measuring attendees’ satisfaction is not easy. The entire success of the event depends on not just the satisfaction of attendees but sponsors, investors, staff, team members, speakers, and all the people collectively involved. 

3. To improve events in the future and plan great conference events

Now the event is over, it’s time to get into the after-events. Post-event survey is the key to knowing about the after-effects. Here is what you can know with the post-event surveys:

  • Did you win your attendees’ hearts
  • Or were your attendees disappointed and expected something else from you
  • And better opportunities for your future events

Apart from feedback, a post-event survey is an ultimate force to get a call-to-action, network, share experiences, encourage events engagement, or whatever you want to know.

If they loved your conference, invite them to another one.

If they didn’t like your conference, offer them something more exciting for the next event conference.

4. To build community and increase reach 

Build community and increase reach

Word of mouth is everything and it plays a major role in building your brand image. We can say feedback forms are written forms of word of mouth.

You can create a community and reach your potential audience. Feedback lets you know about the like-mindedness of people. You can build a network with an audience having similar interests. In this way, they can refer to your conference events to their friends and family. 

Best Conference Event Survey Questions

Event Survey Questions

Now, do not worry about forming conference survey questions. Here we have mentioned all the questions you need to ask your audience to get insights. 

1. Pre-event survey questions to ask for conference events

  • Are you excited about the event conference?
  • From where did you hear about this event conference?
  • What are your expectations from the conference?
  • Do you like the conference venue?
  • How do you feel about the conference cost?
  • Which event speaker or activities you are thrilled about?
  • How was the registration process?
  • What are you looking forward to the most?
  • Did you face difficulty in finding any information or couldn’t access it easily? 

2. Questions to ask during the conference event  

  • How was the check-in experience?
  • Is the event layout and sessions satisfying?
  • Which event did you find most informative?
  • What was your primary objective to attend the conference?
  • Which speaker did you like the most?
  • Which event you didn’t like?
  • Was the conference as expected?
  • How was the atmosphere of the conference?
  • Were the speakers relative to your needs?
  • If you want to change one thing about the conference, what it would be?

3. Post-event survey questions to ask for conference events

  • Please indicate your overall satisfaction
  • Did you have time to network?
  • What features do you like the most?
  • Did the event meet your expectations?
  • What would you like us to add to the event?
  • How would you rate the on-site manager’s helpfulness?
  • What kind of speakers would you like to see more?
  • Would you like to come to our future events?
  • Would you like to recommend this event to your friend or colleague?
  • Is there anything you would like to improve?

Quick tips to distribute event survey questions form

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Getting responses is a bigger task than hosting and marketing the event.

Once you have organized all your questions, how do you deliver them to get them filled? Here are some quick ways to spread out your survey forms:

1. Send survey URL through emails, or SMS

This is the most useful and simplest way to send the survey form. Sending an email is by far the most effective channel to get customers’ feedback. With some beautiful email templates, you can enhance the experience for your customers.

2. Share it on social media

Who on the earth is not present on social media platforms? Social media promotions are soaring high in the event promotions strategies.  instagram video downloader

If you share your survey form on social media it has an immense potential to reach a wider audience. From creating an event page on Facebook to doing promotional campaigns on Instagram, youtube, or Twitter- you can do it all. 

Anyone and everyone around the world can see your post. This makes a great channel if you are organizing a hybrid or virtual event. It can be a major advantage to get visibility for the event. 

3. Mobile Survey at the Venue

This works best when you want to get during the event feedback. You can either hand in the survey forms during the events or you can send the survey link to their registered mobile number.

The best time to collect the feedback is during the break session or before the last session of the event. Just in a few seconds your start receiving feedback.

How to Maximize Your Survey Response Rates? 

Get Feedback Quickly

Without enough data, your will get nowhere. If not even 50% of your audience responds to your feedback survey form, it gets pointless.

So, to boost your response rates and to get high-quality feedback, follow this. 

  • Keep it short and be precise. Don’t ask too many questions. People have less tolerance for filling out feedback forms. 
  • Offer incentives and discounts. As per a survey, offering incentives for feedback tripled the response rates. 

For example, Google provided extra google drive storage space to the customers who filled out their feedback forms. 

  • Inform them that it won’t take long, you are sending a survey form. Let the respondents know that you are sending a survey form and it will not take them more than a few minutes to fill it out.

Design Your Event Survey Question Form Smartly

Event feedback templates are arguably important for effective responses. Only with the best-designed survey templates, you’ll get effective results.

1. Create an analytical survey form

Putting in data manually in analytical tools, because you didn’t design the survey form effectively? 

Well, here is what you need to know. You should be able to get auto-filled data on your dashboard. To avoid time and resource waste. 

2. Event survey questions type

Your question type matters the most. There are multiple ways to ask questions but there are two that matter the most. i) open-ended questions and ii) close-ended questions

event survey example 1

Event survey examples

event survey example 2

3. Get creative with the questionnaire 

Ask Participants to Rate Event

Here is something you can do to make your conference survey a little exciting and fun!

  • Put an attractive design
  • Use emoji-based responses
  • Creative boards where your attendees can write reviews
  • Poll based responses

4. Avoid asking repetitive questions

We would highly suggest you not repeat the questions or ask absurd questions to your respondents.

For example, asking them whether they attended the event or not. 

Ask what you need to ask. Keep it crisp and to the point.

Here is how you can design engaging conference event survey questions quickly

Collected Feedback? Now, jump into action!

Now, you’ve everything sorted on why to conduct an event survey and how to create survey forms. From creating to distributing survey forms- you know it all. But there is more.

With all the information you have gathered, you cannot just sit with it idly. You need to track and analyze your survey result. Only this way you can have an effective plan for future events. 

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Here is an example of event survey.

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