Create Event Landing Pages That Actually Converts

When a guest comes to your home, the first thing they look at is your living room. Similarly, when the audience looks for your event, the first they look at it is your landing page for the event. As an event planner, you need to think about the audience and create an experience for them. Generally, registers start by visiting your landing page/website and reading the content, eventually leading to the event’s registration. 

And for that, you need to create awesome event landing pages. Which creates nothing but excitement and buzz for your event. Whether you promote concerts, shows, activities, webinars, conferences, or anything; create anticipation “wait for it” type of hype. 

Well, it is easier said than done. That is why we are here for you. We have an entire guide on how to make top-notch event landing pages. 

Why Do Event Organizers Need an Event Landing Page?

A simple answer to that question is, to create awareness about the event and promote your event. The dedicated landing pages encourage visitors to purchase tickets directly. If you still haven’t created a landing page for your event, we would suggest you create it ASAP. 

An event landing page is your golden path to:

  • Increase Conversion rate: You persuade your visitors to have a look at your event website. Make your event page design look so amazing that visitors go like “we can’t miss that”. 
  • Promote Events: If you are promoting your event, you need your visitors to land somewhere to get all the information. 

For example, if you promote your event on Instagram ad, you want your audience to check out your event. With landing pages, you can redirect your audience to your event. 

  • Boost Ticket Sales: Building an event landing page allows you to target a particular audience segment and focus on getting the audience to RSVP.

Combined Landing Page v/s Main Event Landing Page?

Event Landing Page Examples

Event organizers often make the mistake of having a single event landing page for all of their events. 

In a single landing page, you are promoting multiple events- that drives the audience to other events and creates confusion. Sometimes, a single landing page acts like a website. 

An event landing page should be designed in such a way that it doesn’t promote other events on the same page.

With a unique landing page, you would create a page for a particular event, with all the necessary details. A dedicated event landing page keeps the visitors focused on a single event, sorts all their queries, and generates more registrations. 

Note: Whatever the case may be, an event landing page is better than websites to support your event and fulfill your event registration targets. Event registration software is a great help in designing.

Things to Remember While Creating Event Landing Page 

If you are looking to up your event landing page, here are things to keep in mind. When we started digging for effective landing pages, we discovered that having an event landing page is not enough. You gotta design guidelines to make a better impression on event website visitors and create this urge for them to register for the event. 

Here are the basic things to include in your event landing page. 

Details are big deal!

Your details are big deal!!

Your event landing page should have all the event details. It should be easy to navigate. Event description attracts a huge number of visitors. All the key details should be mentioned on the page. Every small detail should be creatively presented on the landing page. 

  • Date & Time
  • Type of event- in-person, hybrid, or online
  • Location
  • Outline of the event
  • Dress code (if any)
  • Host, Speakers, and others
  • Parking facilities

And there is a ticket button highly visible on the side of the heading. 

User Friendly

Event Registration Page

Event landing pages drive a lot of attention. Thus, it is crucial that it is easily accessible across all platforms and media. 

Your landing page should have the same impact when accessed from any device. The event landing page should be accessible from mobile, desktop, iPad, or any other medium. Your details must fit on the gadget’s screen with greater readability and accessibility. 

Mobile Friendly

event gif

People often search for events on their mobile phones. 75% of your target audience operates from mobile phones. Make navigation easy for your audience, and keep your elements spaced out and easily clickable. 

If you haven’t optimized your event landing page for mobile yet, it might be possible that your visitors are having a frustrating experience. And this can be the reason for your low conversion. Hence, make your landing page mobile-friendly. 

Here is the landing page for the virtual events that have an equal impact on both devices. It is easy to navigate from any device and all the information is visible on the screen. 

Quick Tips To Create Ticket Converting Landing Pages 

Design landing pages that convert

The better way to increase your event registration is through a persuasive main landing page. Drive your ticket sales by designing an attractive registration page, that gives a sneak peek into the event. 

Some ways to increase ticket sales and registrations

  • Highlighting Ticket Button with different contrast color scheme

Be sure that you are focused on the key parts while designing your event landing page. It can be bright, beautiful, and yet simple to navigate.

  • Social proof from past attendees

Give something very great to make your visitors tingle to join the events. Put videos and give a sneak peek of the event to your audience. It is the simplest way to let your audience know what to expect from the event. It makes unique event promotion strategies.  

  • Social sharers to reach prospective attendees

A social sharer button on your event registration pages makes it easy for a visitor to share it with others. For you, it is a great way to reach potential attendees and increase event awareness.

For example, while scrolling through a landing page a user saw a baking event, now that user might know someone who might be interested in the baking event.  A social sharer button makes it easy for the user to share the event.  

  • Proactive chat box or contact details of any team member

We all need to know what we are getting ourselves into before we enroll to attend future events. They might want to know all the details, or sometimes get in touch with you. A landing page for events must focus on the particular event it is promoting and have a chatbox, reviews, and other details to avoid friction.

Minimalism- Keep it Friction-Free

Confusion leads to audience frustration and disappointment.

You don’t want to give missed directions to your event venue, or your landing page to be frustratingly confusing, you cannot afford that. Keep the following in mind:

  • Your goal to create event registration page (i.e increase registration).
  • Don’t make it overloaded with information.
  • Highlight the important information. 
  • Give a clear message & value proposition.

Give them FOMO

Fear of Missing Out !!! Show your audience how much fun they are missing out on.

Influence your audience by indulging them in the past events video, pictures, or short stories on your landing page of events and showcase your event as worth attending. This will urge them to attend your event and you will get more ticket sales. You can include reviews and quotes from the last year’s audience, of the amazing moments from the show. You can also go with the following:  

  • Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Past event reviews
  • Photos

All this will keep the excitement up. 

Event Landing Page Examples with Additional Key Notes

SG PUB CRAWL created their landing page on Allevents and captured the entire theme of the event in a very attractive way. This landing page is an ideal example of a simple, short, and attractive event page. This page includes detailed information. 

This landing page is easy to navigate. Let’s see how!

Event Registration Landing Page

Clearly make your point and connect directly to the potential audience with a event page designed specifically for them. Use the graphics to encourage your audience to take action by registering. Here the feature image is having bold, neon and flashy tones which is very catchy.

Further, to avoid the confusion they have put in the google maps location so that audience knows where is the destination. 

Landing Page Essential Details

Highlighting the important stuff gets you going. Here they have mentioned- who they are, what they do, and what is the dress code, contact information and other such details.

The headings are short and yet attractive. Use of space is perfect, different sections for the details, and feature several CTA buttons to purchase tickets.  

Event LP 5

As we say reviews and feedback play a major role. Attendees gave 4.5+ stars to the event which shows that the event is super fun and a successful event

Along with the host details and reviews, they also have a social sharer button so that the visitors can easily recommend the event to their friends. This creates a word of mouth and you can target the audience just fine. Also, getting event feedback helps you improve your future events.

Time to Get Into Action with Event Landing Pages

Now, you know creating a dedicated event registration landing page is a must for your events. You can build landing pages with the help of WordPress or Webflow. Creating landing pages is a bit challenging and tedious. Coding and building events from zero take time. 

Fortunately, AllEvents makes your job easy. We provide you with a hassle-free experience. And not just we create event landing pages but also promote, publish and drive up your registrations for the upcoming event. 

Why go somewhere else, when you have an all-in-one deal! 

Event marketers must try this platform to create event pages to increase conversions. Create your next event landing page with Allevents to make your next event a huge success.

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