Important Event Planning Certifications & Tips for Event Career

If you are someone whose interest lies in managing or organizing events, it’s a great idea to pursue an event management course. Event planning certification allows you to achieve your goal in a planned manner.

Remember that certification has to be in your interest or else it will remain just a piece of paper. You don’t need to be a pro from day one nor anyone is expecting you to be an expert at event planning. So, if you have made up your mind to go ahead with the path of becoming a certified event planner then readout this for more information.

Education never goes to waste. So, it’s never a loss. There would be nothing to regret even if things don’t go as planned. Eventually, you will land in a place where you are supposed to be irrespective of the situation. Event planning courses can be quite demanding but nothing comes easy. And event management certification can help you hold your dream job closer to you. And it’s never too late to start your event planning certification journey.

Why become a certified event planner?

Before asking anyone else, ask yourself, your own self will help you clear your confusion. Ask questions like are you really ready to put so much effort and money in attaining event coordination certification. You should be someone who is creative, curious to learn new things, and love the concept of event planning. You should have the zeal to accomplish your event planning career. 

How to become a registered event planner? 

Start with doing research on your interest and based on that select which type suits you. Although a degree isn’t a mandatory thing to become an event planner, it will definitely strengthen your profile. You should gain deep knowledge in terms of education about event planning platforms. You can pursue event management certification after class 12th, graduation or post-graduation. Basically whenever you feel the urge to do so and be an event planner.

No age or time is very particular about event planning certification. The only thing is you should have completed your high-school education. You can opt for different event planning certifications mentioned here that may help you to decide exactly what it is all about being an event planner. 

Event Planning Certification

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CMP – Certified Meeting Professional

As the name clarifies, it is a specialized course for meeting professionals. It is one of the most valued and dedicatedly meeting-oriented courses. And yes it is worth all the effort it takes to be a certified meeting professional. To get this event planning certification you need to be an experienced professional and pass the CMP exam which is obviously not so easy. One of the best programs to get enrolled in if you are into corporate events.

CSEP – Certified Special Events Professional

It is designed such that you become an expert in your event planning. The best part is it is internationally recognized and is being issued by the most prestigious ILEA (International Live Events Association). To receive this you must have at least 3 years of working experience as an event planner in the field of event planning. If you want a tag of certified special events professionals then choose this as your option.

CMM – Certification in Meeting Management

The best thing about certification in meeting management is that it offers a customized study program. It focuses more on enhancing your management skills and shaping you into a great event planner. It is being issued by Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Certification is a way out to become an event professional.

CEM – Certified in Exhibition Management

It maintains education standards in the exhibition management field of event planning. It focuses more on particle learning and it includes 9 courses of event planning. You can specialize in exhibition managing areas and you can pursue it in countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and Thailand.

CTSM – Certified Trade Show Marketer

This event certification has three-step processes which include classroom training, final exam, and building portfolio. It has two eligibility criteria, first is to be a graduate and 2 or more years of working experience in related events. The second is having no degree but a minimum of 3 years of experience in related fields of event planning business or trade shows. It’s kind of suited as it allows to fully fill these requirements concurrently with the program.

Cvent Certifications (Event and Hospitality Professionals)

Cvent certification is of two types: Event Professional and Hospitality Professional. It allows you to accelerate your career as an event planner and it lasts for a duration of 2 years. Will definitely help you enhance your expertise in event management skills. Event professionals are now highly in demand because now people want to be very precise about their events, especially during corporate event planning.

Online Courses

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The New York Institute of Art + Design (NYIAD)

It includes everything you want to start for your online event certification course. You will never feel a need to go for offline classes, they have in total 6 Units of event planning courses and are globally recognized by DECA (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) and the New York State Education Department.

LaSalle University

This university offers you a 4-semester program with a designed structure. And in these semesters it covers all types of events you can come across. The learning curve is higher here. You will get to grow not just as an individual but along with the team too. Your skills of collaborating, people talking, and creativity will tend to improve if you successfully complete this program.

How certification will add value to your profile

certified special events professional

You can be an event planner by gaining experience that is a little bit difficult to start with. Initially, you may not find projects, and then for you to grab a good project they would ask you for some experience. Here is where certification can help you if you are starting as a fresher. You can present yourself in a more knowledgeable way, even if you hold zero experience. Your event certification will speak on your behalf in your profile. 

You will find yourself analyzing things with different perspectives and more logically and learning to speak in terms of your learning. You can attract your potential clients by having certification in your profile.

The global pandemic impact has increased the conduction of virtual events and meetings and these event planners need to work on their way of working and adapt online event planning skills. And these certifications can provide uplift to you and help you facilitate stronger upfront to represent yourself. And not just certification programs but most curriculums include working on event planning software too. So, you get a chance to get your hands on such tools. 

How to Grow As Event Planner by Other Means

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Plan in advance 

You must know what you are really into. There are lots of events that can be organized and try to learn from them. Don’t limit yourself, this way you will be able to find what you have more expertise in. Explore your field on your own only then you will be able to know the real thing.

Do self-research before taking up any advice. Because it is such a unique field that works for others may not work for you and vice-versa. Once you start working your collective experience will be enough to show your skills and gain the expertise of event planners. You can start off with taking up local events, you can work under the team of other team planners and share your approach.

Learn from Experienced Event Planners

Get to know the already established expertise in this events industry. Make your contact with the people and create a network that will help you in the long term. The biggest benefit of learning from people who have event planning experience as they already know what works for this market. They are aware of the old practices going on and here you will find the scope of adding new elements to make the whole process more interesting.

Those days are gone to make mistakes and learn from them, now you should learn from others’ mistakes too and work accordingly. This will not only save your time but your money too. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and give input wherever you feel like it.

Get Inspired

Follow someone who you really wish to be like, be their shadow. Observe certified special event professionals who work carefully, and try to learn from the smallest details. Seek their advice whenever you feel like it, and follow the path they suggest. They have been in this event industry for years. They are aware of it in and out.

Choose your mentor after good research of their work as their path should be aligned with yours so that it is easier for you to follow it. Ask for their guidance in your career path, they will be best aware of what can work for you. Listen to them carefully and respect their time and suggestions keeping your originality intact.

Software and Tools

Being a newbie and after a whole lot of hard work if you still couldn’t figure out what has to be done, then we are here for you. Start on your own business, organize your event on different online platforms like AllEvents, which is most event planners preferred software to host different social events from. It provides multiple features like online/offline ticketing, event promotion, automated booking reminders that will make your job a lot easier. 

Explore the largest collection of events on StayHappening, which is Wikipedia of events happening worldwide, and keep yourself updated with the latest ongoing event trend.

Increase Online Presence

Learn to create events on Facebook free of cost and sell your tickets online. The world after 2020 has already made us realize that being actively present online can bring you opportunities. But the key is to be constant and never stop experimenting. You never know what can work for you. After organizing the event the vital step is to advertise it, and applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube can help you in that.

Keep yourself up to date with the ongoing trend because anything crazy can go viral and bring you a good amount of audience. A great event advertising plan can make your event successful and attract your target audience.


The industry of event planners is growing as it is a unique one. And because growth is being seen here it is a plus point to be a certified event planner. It’s now no more limited to private events but there is a high demand for government meeting professionals too. And there is an event leadership institute that provides certification programs to build you as a certified government meeting professional. Remember planning events as your own event will work wonders for you in your career.

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