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15 Unique & Interesting Event Theme Ideas

As an event planner, it may be difficult to choose out of a large number of event theme ideas available. These days, people have really high expectations from event planners. Everyone around is looking for a unique experience with maximum clicks to post on social media and, sharing around with families and friends. This boom of social media across the globe has kind of lifted the creativity among the people. So, event organizers are looking out for new innovative event theme ideas that clients would admire.

When people hear about the event themes it sounds like the planner has created an event with lots of effort. But in reality, theme events and parties make planning a lot easier. There are a few things one should keep in mind while theming for events:

Areas to reflect event themes idea:

1. Event Invitation: 

Event invite templates should include event themes in designing. It can help attract an audience even before the start of an event. This is the first step towards the goal of a presentable party.

We have designed some HTML ready-to-use event invite templates according to the event type. Various available templates over Stripo can help you customize invitation templates.

You can use any mailing tool to share these event invitations. If you want to automate event invites to all your audience, you can post your events on AllEvents.

2. Decor: 

It must be according to the theme of the event as it is the heart of an entire party. As the decorations surrounding the event will help achieve the goal of a perfect theme event. It has endless options to explore from in and around the budget.

  • Pinterest has a large number of ideas for decoration stuff.
  • DIYs is a go-to option if looking for budget-friendly decor.
  • For virtual meet, almost all platforms have theme selection options has a variety of decors according to the theme to choose from.

3. Entertainment:

It plays a major role in creating positive vibes in any event irrespective of theme. It can unknowingly upbeat the guests of the event and can bring up overall energy among the people present over there.

  • You cans organize gaming battles to heat up the functions.
  • Card games or games available over Google Play can be considered.
  • You can hire performers to entertain your audience. These performances can be based on theme you’ve decided for the event.

4. Event Banner: 

This could turn out to be a great tool if considered. An easy way to attract the audience and influence an event largely. Survey says that in more than 80% of cases banner is successful creating an impact on the audience.

  • For easy banner designs, Adobe Spark reliable selection. It has free templates to cull from.
  • For all the organizers who is not aware of designing, Canva is the easiest tool with so many beautiful templates.
  • While designing try to add good graphics according to your theme. It Can be used multiple times for indoor or outdoor events with a little update and so are reusable.  

5. Event Pages: 

People getting their hands on different online platforms to connect. Mainly, after covid-19 hit the world, there has been an increase in social media users.

Promoting the events through social pages is a smart move, as the reach of these pages is touching heights. Event landing pages help you reach an organic audience.

  • Pre-event promotion is a crucial part of any event. Landing pages can be designed according to theme to attract an audience.
  • You can design event pages throuh event registration platform. You can opt for those platforms where pages are aesthetically appealing and SEO friendly.

6. Gifts: 

Nowadays many organizers plan gifts and giveaways to attract attendees. While preparing for gifts, theme can be incorporated.

In lifting up the mood of the event, the thought of a gift could be a perfect choice. A gift itself is an act of healthy human interaction, and no occasion is less enough to show affection to your loved ones.


If you are giving coupons, you can print coupons according to theme.

Cookies and chocolates have also been popular and cute gestures. For example, At Christmas parties, the planner provides Santa-themed cookies to attendees. That helps in maintaining the theme vibe.

For other gifts, you can use a themed gift bag to maintain vibe.

7. Food: 

This isn’t the most preferred option among other choices because one cannot always have classic fair food items according to the theme. But everything is possible in some way so if everything goes well organizers can definitely use this as an opportunity to attract their guests.

  • For outdoor space events, there are never-ending options available. But if you want to save some money then go for vegetarian dishes.
  • Follow two-step food orders: Starter and Dessert.

8. Outfit:

While theming for events, outfits cross everyone’s mind because it is always so much fun dressing up. Looking good not only makes us happy but also boosts our energy. Dressing all sleek can never go out of style. The theme for events gives a chance to get into a new personality you have secretly wanted someday.

  • Best attendees dress prizes can be kept that will encourage attendees to attend the event in their best possible form.
  • Theme based event makes it easy for participants to decide their outfits. 

Unique & Budget-Friendly Event Theme Ideas

event theme ideas

Events can create a great impact on your organization, if not perfect through successful event theme ideas you can at least do the closest to the perfect. Through events, you are representing your company or your organization, so make sure you make a long-lasting impression and do lots of research about event theme ideas that will go well with the event. If you have the zeal to organize such events then no doubt your party-goers are going to love the vibe created.

The event themes should be more interactive so that attendees find it a fun event and worth sharing over social media which will ultimately be a promotion for you. 

Selecting popular theme ideas is not as easy as it sounds. The selection of an event theme gives a base to the event and so it becomes facile to objectify the motive of the event. It will also create a clear path on how to invest money in your decor that fits in consonance with the outdoor event space. 

1. Movie character theme

This can turn out to be more fun than talking about it. Guests will get a chance to live like their favorite movie character for a few hours a day.

Some days we all have at least once in a while have imagined ourselves as our favorite movie character. So, here’s the opportunity guests can opt for, this could be one of the effortless but worthy to try out things if looking for some funky event theme ideas.

– Invitations & Play cards:

Camera roll inspired invitation will add that extra tint to the event before it starts. This would be kind of unique that your guests wouldn’t have thought of.

– Movie Quizzes:

For the game night it’s a go-go idea, winners can be awarded some movie tickets or DIY movie awards similar to oscar.

– Decoration:

Pop-corn-shaped big balloons, welcoming red carpet at the entrance, photo booths to click pictures, hanging stickers and as many as you can think of can be considered.

– Fashion & Music:

When the theme is based on a movie then it comes with a package of music and lots of stylish outfits. Don’t limit yourself if you are really into entertainment.

2. Colour Theme

Color theme ideas

A budget-friendly and easy peasy party event theme is available- a color theme. Some random colors can be chosen and one more color to add volume to it can be mixed up with the chosen color contrast to it. All the decorations including banner color, balloons, dress code have to be matched with the selected color for the party. 

Colors have no boundaries to be bounded with, here are the color pallets that can be pondered when confused:

Turquoise blue, magenta pink: For professional and Striking effect 

Playful yellow, blue: Will give a youthful vibe and bright look

Navy blue, teal green: Beachy and pleasant presentation

Lavender, off-white: Creative and effortlessly beautiful vibe

Tawny-orange, red: For warm and Reliable Texture

Soft reddish-brown, cream: Casual yet professional color theme

Charcoal, Green: Something new and different to hit

Maroon and Peach: For creating a dignified aura

Lilac, Muted Green: Omofic and blazing energy around

Red, Black, White: Leisure classic retro vibe 

3. Halloween Theme

Halloween theme

The “Old but gold”  quote truly defines this themed event. It can never go out of fashion, it can be planned in several ways because of its popularity.

Decoration would include basic props like pumpkin, witch hat, mini ghost-shaped balloons and cupcakes. Some craft papers, yellow and orange evening lights, shed leaves of a Maple tree to be spread all over the floor. Activities like watching horror movies, scary drama, murder mysteries can be played to add excitement to the event will be an amazing party idea. 

  • Asking guests to appear in certain kinds of outfits usually has to be scary.
  • Haunted house decorations can be done.
  • A combination of orange, black and red is the prime element in this.
  • A colourful soft drink could be served for the extra detailing of the event.
  • Food experiments could be an option too.
  • Campfire can be arranged if hosting it on a winter night, giving it a warm touch.
  • A mystery play in which clues of the treasure are hidden in the story of the play.
  • Consider clients recommendations before starting the preparations.

4. Superheroes Theme

Superheroes theme

Each one of us somewhere has a hero hidden inside us and has dreamed about being a superhero. This most epic theme for events that could turn out to be fun for adults as well as children.

As there is no hidden secret that children love their cartoon characters superheroes. So they would love seeing their family members be it mother, father, uncle, aunt, brother, cousins appearing in some superhero outfit.

The superheroes event theme ideas would be no less crazy event for Marvel fans. Marvel, gaining popularity in more than 51 countries, can attract a large audience. Its comic sales share in the second quarter of 2021 was 32.2 percent. One can never go wrong selecting this themed event.

– Participants can design DIY capes or badges at homes if conducting it online. 

– What can define a superhero’s life more than a Marvel Movie. On-screen share can watch any of the Marvel Movies. 

– Quiz can be played with cameras on, questions based on movie characters. This will discover a true superhero fan.

– Event-goers can order surprise food for each other, this could be done through random “chits” 

5. Disney Party Theme

Disney event theme ideas

What could be a better option than getting a chance to live childhood once more? This could be a fun theme not only for children but for adults too. This is more like a combination of a dreamy world and magical ideas. Guests will be having a large number of characters to inspire their outputs from. To add the element of entertainment few small Disney plays could be performed, including a few famous stories of Disney world. For a groovy theme set up, mini Disneyland can be created hitting up the memories of childhood for adults. 

  • Mickey Mouse Theme: Polka dot dress code with colours like red, black and white to go along with.
  • Aladdin Theme: Welcoming guests to the party space by sprinkling “attar” over them. Colours like purple, golden and blue will be some of the best options for this theme.
  • Cinderella Theme: This event theme can never go out of fashion. Cupcakes along with master cake can do wonders for the party. Here colour choices of warm blue and white can be picked up.
  • Little Mermaid: If you are trying to experiment with something new, then you can definitely explore this magical theme. DIYs can be a helping hand for this theme, sea props can turn out to be party attraction points.

6. Pop Culture Theme

pop culture theme

Cultures have never been still, their ever-changing style is what keeps their interest in the market. Since the 2018 rise in pop culture all around the world is seen, quite many things can be included in this event theme of pop culture.

After 2020, everyone got a chance to spend quality time with their families. People altogether got to know different cultures in a way we never thought could happen. From online meetings to online parties, quite a lot of things changed around us. And now when gradually things are getting back to normal, this will help create a better understanding among our colleagues, friends and families.

Event themes as pop culture are all about experimenting and nothing is more or less here, rather it’s more about creativity to play around with.

Suppose “Titanic” is what you choose to go for then here is what you can do:

– Start with sending invitations, which can be letters with an ancient look. Make the design look like it has come from the past.

– Ask attendees to dress like titanic movie characters

– For the cake cutting ceremony, let the cake design be similar to a ship, boat, ship anchor or ice mountain.

– Decor should give a feel of the ocean so that you can place cardboard pieces shaped like ocean waves.

7. Squid Game Theme

Squid game theme

People are going crazy after the Netflix South-Korean action thriller series “Squid Game”. It has gained so much popularity that people are at home trying squid game challenges. If you are searching party themes for events then this can turn the tables around. With that fever on the head of people, squid games can boost the energy of the event.

It can be made inclusive of lots of activity, food, challenges, and of-course dress code. The organizing team can dress themselves up in a pink jumpsuit and as displayed in the series whereas, participants can dress up in some green outfit. 

– Red Light Green Light: Moving when light is green and standing still when the light is red, if caught moving during red light then disqualified from the game. Continue till the participants reach the finish line.

– Honeycomb Challenge: Participants need to cut out the shape from a sheet of honeycomb with a needle without breaking it.

– Tug of war: Each round has to have participating teams with an equal number of players, The one team that pulls off the other team in a given time wins the game.

8. Met Gala Theme

Met Gala theme

With no barriers regarding outfits, participants are allowed the free hand to show their creativity over their outfits. Met Gala Event is famous worldwide, theming for events as this one can catch limelight in a good way. It has to be all fancy and chick but don’t hold yourself back while experimenting with things in this.

Nowadays almost all kinds of events, be it professional or personal, the theme of the event works well. Few performances such as singing, dancing or magic shows can be kept. Different styled outfit pictures will spread far and wide, which would trill the social media platform for sure.

  • Create a dreamy decoration using lots of pinks, reds and white flowers
  • Extra efforts on the entrance, welcoming with red carpet on the floor
  • Photo booth at corners of the event hall for selfies
  • Long dining tables with classic decoration on them, keep it simple
  • Don’t use too many lightings, try to keep it a little dim, warm lightings would function well
  • Performances can add value to the event, it also keeps attendees engaged in the event
  • If the event is being organised virtually then a template can be created in Canva and all participants can use that template as their background wallpaper.

9. Old School Creative Theme

Old school theme

If looking for event theme ideas then “Retro Theme” strikes in everyone’s mind, as it’s a playful event theme and stylish in its way. Theme name clears it’s all how it could be decorated but if you want to spice it up a little then you can follow the mentioned points. 

  • Some old vintage records and cassettes on the table or gold and silver decor
  • A Disco ball and a dancing disco floor is a must.
  • Make sure you keep changing the lights of the corporate event hall to different colours like blue, green, red, pink, yellow.
  • Years back song playlist will give a throwback feel of the old days.
  • Include songs of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.
  • It was an era of board games and cards. You can introduce a few boards to the party such as chess, mouse-trap.
  • Decoration as well outfit should be more sparkling and glittery.
  • You can mandate old school sunglasses or headbands for each attendee.
  • Multiple colour lights across the room can be an addition to this event theme.
  • Food: Simple light dishes will work for this popular theme idea.

10. Money Heist Theme

Money Heist theme

I truly can never miss out on something like the Money Heist theme event. If you are organizing an event based on this theme, be ready to sing “Bella Ciao” all along with the attendees. It had created an obsession in people’s minds for two consecutive years.

There is a lot that can be a part of this and it is one of the perfect event theme ideas that can rock your event. Participants can dress themselves up in a red outfit which should be common among all but can play different characters of the series like Tokyo, Lisbon, Denver, Nairobi, Berlin, and many more.

As in the series, a robbery game similar to a treasure hunt can be played.

– Decorated event rooms like a bank with fake bucks around and provided everyone with a Money Heist official mask to maintain the suspense.

– Make a red hooded jacket as a compulsion for every attendee as a themed party outfit.

– For decorations of balloons, curtains, table-cover, cake design, choose red and black as the main dominant colours of the event.

– Arrange games like bank robbery or treasure hunts with some clues to create the vibe of the event.

– Can place the poster or stickers of different characters of the series on the wall.

– Let the host of the event be dressed as “Professor”. Bella Ciao!

11. Harry Potter Theme

harry potter theme

A crazy night party for a Potterhead relief starts by designing an invitation same as “Hogwarts Letter”. Attendees would get an idea about the party theme before they arrive at the event.

Get Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw house party banners printed for the event. Play games by dividing teams into these 5 houses, lots of questions for the quiz can be planned based on the Harry Potter series. 

  • Use shades of browns, black and golden for the event theme colour.
  • All guests must have a compulsory Cone-shaped potter hat.
  • Every team with their respective house scarves.
  • Without a magic stick event is incomplete.
  • Black Robes for outfit look and candles for decoration with yellow dim lights around.
  • Candy jars are placed around the corners of the corporate event hall.
  • Little round-shaped chocolates wrapped up with golden foil will perfectly display golden snitches.
  • Broom decoration for walls and hanging keys all over the room.
  • Decorate the room with white and brown balloons.

12. Play-School Fun Theme

Play school theme

This theme has no limit to colors, more is less here. The use of all different vibrant colors will add a fun element to the theme. This theme is suggested as it will throw a positive vibe to the event.


Attendees need to dress like kids, women can make two pony hairstyles, whereas men can attend the event in shorts. Create a look as if you are going to the playschool. Decorate the event ground such that it should give the feel of a mini playschool. Childhood’s most common games can be played to relieve it.


– Keep a green board or blackboard at the entrance with a welcome message on it with chalk.

– Place bowls of different toffees over the dining table.

– Use of soft toys around the party hall, along with some cutouts of alphabets hanging on the wall unordered.

– Polka dots table and chair cover or balloons with polka dots design on them spread everywhere around the room.

– Cloud, apple, tree, cartoons stickers on the wall of the hall.

– Playing block cubes can be a fun activity to follow.

13. Fast Food Theme

food theme

A relatively easy love-themed event than all the other options. Fast food is becoming a part of the culture now, so arranging food items won’t be difficult for this event theme. Costumes can also be pretty easily designed, using DIY hacks. The menu can be really interesting because it has plenty of choices, try selecting what is most preferred.

  • Cup-cakes in the shape of burgers and blow up ice-cream or doughnut-shaped balloons.
  • Classic pop-corn boxes can be used to serve ice-cream look-alike popcorn.
  • Hanging candy decoration with LED lights on it.
  • The fast-food theme party will be bitty without fries.
  • Participants can jazz up pizza pieces, burgers, ice cream or any fast food of attendees choice.
  • Posters of burgers, pizza, fries, noodles on the wall for decor.
  • Getting a doughnut-shaped cake can be the centralized object of the event, with the sure eyes of attendees on it.
  • White plain t-shirts for everyone with different fast food stickers on them for the guests.

14. Beachy Theme

beach theme ideas

To re-create a beach party looks you will not be needing a beachside venue, rather decorate it in such a way, it may look like the holiday theme came to you. Bring on some play sands, beach balls, big beach hats to forge the playful mood of the attendees. It doesn’t necessarily need to be organized in summer but winter can equally be fun in this themed party event. Choose some color theme of your personal choice and make your invitation designs according to it clearly out your agenda of the event on it.

– Welcome your guest with some fruit juice with ice cubes on it as a welcome drink, make sure these juices are of bold colours.

–  Make flip-flops as the common element of the event and it will also be relaxing for everyone.

– Get a loud, dancing playlist ready beforehand. It will give an extra touch to your sea theme event.

– Bitter juice shorts can be kept and let attendees finish it in 40 seconds of the time limit, whoever finishes first wins the round.

– Hula hoop competition for attendees to see who can hold it for the longest.

– Decoration is all about flowers, big leaves of trees and lights in this event theme.

15. Angel and Devil Theme

angel and devil theme


As the name suggests half of the attendees will be invited dressed as angels and the other half as the devil. Suggested color combinations for angels are white and golden, for the devil will be red and black. If you are peeping for dramatic event theme ideas this one’s for you which will create a modish and eerie atmosphere. 


– Divide the room into two halves, place golden and white curtains on one side and black and red curtains on the other side.

– Use of big three to four Chandeliers in the hall will uniquely present the room.

– Use of candles more than that of lights.

– Add moving lights to build a spooky effect and drama in the room.

– Use of white and black color feathers on the chair corners or near the plates on the table.

– Can play some drama like Lucifer, Good Omens, Supernatural can be performed or watched on OTT platform.

– Paintings of angel and devil on the respective side of the wall in the room for decor.

– Red creamed cupcakes with devil horns on them, and while creamed cupcakes with angels ring on top of it.

How can event theme ideas help?

Creating themed events requires out-of-the-box thinking and efforts. So, why would we want to get into it.

Here is the answer:

In the competitive event world, the audience searches for unique experiences to spend their time. The theme makes your party/event unique and exciting.

It gets easy to promote the event experience as you will have USP to showcase.

Engaging the audience gets easy with unique event theme ideas.

Choose any theme listed above and start designing unique events. AllEvents can help you incorporate your theme in pages and invitations with the DIY platform with customizing option.

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