How to Make Tickets for An Event

Selling tickets may be a major difficulty when planning an event since we all want it to be fantastic. The top software apps for event tickets are included in this article today, and every event host should check them out. All of the apps we’ve mentioned will help you save a tonne of time and boost ticket sales. Keep reading, and you’ll see how to make tickets for an event.

Understanding How to Make Event Tickets

An event can be elevated to a whole new level and attract more attendees when there is an impactful message present. Sadly, ticket design is sometimes disregarded because even the organizers are more focused on the event itself or the sales than on the aesthetics of the tickets.

Designing tickets is one of the most important things that can influence a brand’s overall performance. Attendees may notice and begin to have some reservations about the calibre of the event if you utilize generic tickets rather than precisely personalized ones. You may see an increase in sales if your tickets are beautifully designed. The key advantages of understanding how to create tickets for an event are listed below.

Key Benefits of Creating Tickets for an Event

1. To inform the audience

When you choose custom event tickets, you may enter all the specific details about the event and arrange them on the tickets however you like, from the event address to the directions for getting there. Generic tickets can’t help you with such things because they allow attendees to learn about the content on their own, which is incredibly inconvenient.

Other details, such as an agenda or even a map of the place, can be printed on specially prepared tickets. If participants have any questions or require assistance, they can get in touch with the event organizers using the contact information provided on the ticket. To simplify event registration and inform the audience about the event, you can create a QR Code for a Google Form and share it with the audience to spread the word. 

2. Awesome tickets are more shareable

You may create lovely tickets and raise the caliber of your event at the same time with bespoke event ticket printing. They are also a great chance for the event organizers to increase their earnings through sponsors. When businesses are sufficiently interested in your event, they could wish to sponsor it and have their logos printed on the tickets.

3. Amplify Brand Awareness

In addition to being significant for the event sponsors, visually beautiful tickets are also a fantastic strategy to increase your brand recognition over time. Make every effort to ensure that your tickets can accurately and effectively represent your business because strong branding is nearly always more memorable and draws more attention.

Now that you know the benefits of creating tickets for events. Let’s discuss some amazing software that can help you create amazing tickets for your events.

Top 10 Places to Create Tickets for Events

We have the following advice for any event planner who wishes to create tickets for an event easily:

1. AllEvents

✔ Cost-effective (actually 💲Free)

✔ Auto ticket generation (mailed to attendees when tickets are sold)

✔ Multiple ticket types

This platform is popular among beginners as well as professionals. Be it the availability of multiple ticket types, custom ticket forms, direct and quick payouts, tons of event management, and ticket creation features, this software has it all.

AllEvents is very easy to use and doesn’t require the user to be tech-savvy. This makes it perfect for beginners and freelancers. It comes with an easy-to-navigate interface and also offers powerful webhooks and integrations. If you’re just getting started and looking for all the useful features on a limited budget, then AllEvents is a great software for you.

2. Cvent

The G2 Crowd Event Management Platform, which compiles the lists based on a provider’s aptitude and suitability for various sectors, consistently ranks Cvent among the top companies.

It helps you create virtual tickets and can do away with the requirement for paperwork and spreadsheets while still assisting event organizers in keeping good attendance records. With this platform’s total adaptability, you can handle events of all shapes, sizes, and complexity. Additionally, new users can ask for a free Cvent demo to see how it functions.

💲 Cvent Pricing

Compare Cvent Features

3. Eventbrite

Eventbrite’s goal is to unite the world by providing businesses with a wealth of resources to help them sell more tickets and stay informed about developments in the events sector.

Eventbrite is a wise choice if you require something that is easy to use. Michael, the director of operations for Clique Studios in Denver, claims that he selected Eventbrite for his design sprint workshop and came highly recommended the platform due to its user-friendly features, simple integration, and management.

However, some customers believe that Eventbrite’s template customization options are limited.

💲 Eventbrite Pricing

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4. is an additional option for making event tickets. The business claims to have one of the lowest service rates in the ticketing industry and doesn’t charge any setup fees. It’s simple to use, and you may sell tickets using a mobile device.

Tix also features a fantastic guest engagement option that allows you to interact with your attendees through social media posts and surveys. Tix takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service.’s occasionally sluggish software upgrade is one flaw.

💲 Tix Pricing

5. Event tickets from Magenest

This add-on is renowned for generating tickets for events with customizable choices. It enables retailers to create custom tickets for any specific event they host.

For managing their event lists with various information types, admins have access to a variety of grid view modes.

With simple maintenance and adaptable features, Magenest’s event ticket extension is one of the best options for any event organizer. Event Tickets may assist you in developing printable tickets with QR codes and creating event tickets with simple-to-customize features. Administrators can also set up email reminders to inform their clients of impending events.

It is obvious that managing your event’s guests using checked-in tickets is significantly simpler. As a result, organizing a successful event is now easier than ever.

💲 Magenest Pricing

6. Ticketbud

Ticketbud is a ticketing program that gives you complete control over how much you have to spend for the event while creating event tickets. For instance, Ticketbud offers daily rewards to event planners.

Ticketbud is renowned for its excellent customer support and simple interface.

But reviewers claimed that occasionally, background visuals caused them problems.

💲 Ticketbud Pricing

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7. Ticketleap

Low ticket prices are provided by TicketLeap for event organizers, along with an educational platform called Events University that enables them to advance their education and expand their businesses. There, you can nearly always find the information you need to prepare your event properly. For example, you can learn how to get people excited about your event so they tell their friends about it or how to plan your event in a week.

You may create web pages with a user-friendly interface for desktop and mobile devices using the pro version of TicketLeap.

Reviews on Capterra indicate that tickets are better suited for one-day events, and customers anticipate that they will be able to provide more.

💲 Ticketleap Pricing

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8. Eventbee

This platform is relatively inexpensive because it simply levies a one-dollar flat cost for each ticket sold. Additionally, the business offers numerous social sharing options, such as Facebook RSVP and sharing tools on social media, even though Eventbee’s color and style may not be particularly striking or surprising to anyone.

💲 Eventbee Pricing

Eventbee Eventbee Features

9. ThunderTix

Using the widget to incorporate your event list into your website, this event ticketing software is all about connecting external marketing materials. Additionally, you may advertise your events and sell tickets on your Facebook page by using the links provided by ThunderTix.

Users of ThunderTix have the ability to enhance their email templates and make their ThunderTix more distinctive and impressive.

Instead of enhancing current features, ThunderTix appears to be concentrating on creating new ones.

💲 ThunderTix Pricing

10. Accelevents

Although this program is affordably priced, it nonetheless offers a wide range of services to its consumers. With Accelevents, event organizers can edit their page. The integration of Accelevents with fundraising tools, including donation pages, mobile silent auctions, and text-to-give campaigns, is available to ticket planners.

You can sell tickets to your fundraising event and collect donations or auction bids using the platform, which enables your fundraising suite to be combined with the event ticketing features.

However, several users have expressed concern that the order of auction goods may alter after they upload them.

💲 Accelevents Pricing

How to make tickets for an event— FAQs

Any queries you may have regarding the creation of event tickets? We have got you covered! Check out the frequently asked questions below. 

What size should a ticket be for an event?

The dimensions of event tickets that do not include stubs are typically 1.97 x 5.63 inches and 5.5 x 2.215 inches, respectively.

What typeface should be used on event tickets?

Helvetica, Arial, Courier, Georgia, Verdana, and Times New Roman are the most widely used typefaces because they are all sufficiently straightforward, lucid, and legible. Aim to match the font with your current style while keeping in mind the importance of brand consistency in business.

What should event tickets contain?

It suffices to know the event’s name, location, date, time, and ticket number. There may be barcodes and other essential data on some tickets.

Which orientation should be used for event tickets?

It is best to use portrait orientation for short pieces of information and landscape orientation for longer pieces. The ideal orientation will depend on the addition of a logo or other pictures as well as the information on the ticket.

Conclusion on Creating Tickets for Events

We hope you found the post on how to make tickets for an event informative and that you can put some of the advice to good use in order to improve the success and income of your event. It can be challenging to create ticket events at first, but once you figure it out, it should be easy and enjoyable.

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