How to sell tickets for an event

Selling tickets for an event is the process of offering tickets for sale to an event or performance. 

Whether you’re hosting a concert, festival, sports event, movie screening, or any other event, selling tickets is the basic step to generating revenue for your event. 

Here is what this article will help you with:

  • Sell tickets in an efficient way
  • Get a large pool of potential attendees
  • Increasing revenue
  • Improving ticket-selling experience

Ticket sales are crucial to the success of any event! This blog article will explain each step you need to take toward the success of your event.

How to sell tickets for your event efficiently

Most event organizers miss this part and blindly jump into driving more traffic to their event page. Without realizing the simple baby steps that work wonders.

1. Start by identifying your audience 

Who is the event for? Where is your audience hanging around? Are they on LinkedIn or Instagram? Will they be searching on Google for events, or will they fall for something else?

Before you can start selling tickets for your event, you must first answer these basic questions. Knowing your target audience will help you determine the best way to market your event and reach out to potential attendees. 

2. Find your competitors 

See what your competitors are doing. What is the pricing of their tickets? What more are they offering? If your event does not beat them, then you are likely to sell lesser tickets than your competitors.

3. Decide on pricing 

Now you know your competitors and who your target audience is! So you can begin setting ticket prices. 

Things to consider while deciding the event ticket price – 

Make sure your ticket prices are reasonable and attractive to potential attendees. 

3. Don’t choose “just” a ticketing platform

There are a variety of ticketing platforms available, each with its features and benefits.

But will they help you sell more tickets? No!

Most ticketing platforms will only help you set up ticketing, but you need a platform that helps you to sell more tickets. The best option, AllEvents. Here’s why:

  • They have 20M, monthly event seekers
  • They recommend your event to the relevant audiences in newsletters
  • They help you feature events on Google
  • Automatic follow-ups for interested audiences and lot more

Choose AllEvnets, and you won’t have to search for a better platform to sell tickets.

4. Promote the event

Now, coming to the main part. Once you’ve set up your ticketing options, it’s time to promote the event. Promoting events include – 

  • Creating a website (Here is why you should have a branded event website)
  • Sharing your event on social media
  • Advertising in traditional media
  • Creating flyers, posters, and banners (don’t worry, our free tool will help you)
  • Hunt the right sponsors who will promote your event in their network

Make sure to include a link to the ticketing page on all of your promotional materials.

5. Collecting payments and issuing tickets

Now, the next step is to set up an online payment system, such as a credit card processor or PayPal, to allow customers to pay for tickets.

Here is how you can connect PayPal/Stripe to your ticketing platform.

It is important to ensure that all payments have been successfully processed and that all tickets got delivered to the customer.

6. Know what’s working for you by monitoring ticket sales 

You need to double down on what’s working for you. So, once the event has been promoted, it’s important to track ticket sales. You should be able to track the number of tickets sold on the ticketing platform with UTMs and adjust your promotion accordingly.

Tips for selling tickets for your event

With the right strategy, you can have a successful event with plenty of paying attendees. Here are some tips to help you sell tickets for your event effectively and efficiently:

1. Using social media to promote the event 

Here is a checklist to follow for promoting your event on social media:

  • Target people for free by creating your dedicated event page on social media platforms
  • Use eye-catching visuals, such as posters, images, or videos to help promote the event
  • Offer incentives to get an extra boost in sales
  • Respond to questions and comments from potential ticket buyers

2. Offering incentives and promotions

Here is how you can get your audience to market your event for free:

  • Create a referral program – Offer discounted or free tickets to those who refer friends or family members
  • Offer discounts for early ticket purchases – Offer a discounted ticket price for those who purchase tickets early
  • Create a loyalty program – Give discounts or freebies to those who attend multiple events
  • Offer a discount code – Make a unique code offering discounts to those who purchase tickets online
  • Create a VIP package – Offer a VIP package with special perks and discounts
  • Offer group discounts to large groups of people who purchase tickets together 

3. Utilizing partnerships to increase ticket sales

Here is how you can leverage more out of your network:

  • Reach out to local businesses to partner up for your event. These partnerships can be mutually beneficial.
  • Consider partnering with sponsors to provide additional incentives to potential attendees. This could be anything from free food or drinks to additional activities or entertainment.
  • Partner with media outlets. This includes online publications, local newspapers, radio, or television stations. 
  • Consider reaching out to event-related blogs, websites, or podcasts to promote your event.
  • Social media influencers can help spread the word about your event to their followers.

4. Building marketing strategies 

If you want to market your event, there are two options, outsource event marketing, or do it yourself.

Here are the channels where you can set up your event marketing:

  • Email marketing: It is the most cost-effective way to reach potential attendees and keep them updated about the event. You can use email campaigns to announce ticket sales, discounts, and other special offers.
  • Paid advertising: It is a great way to reach a wider audience and drive more ticket sales. You can use platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to target potential attendees and promote your event.

A Wrap-up

Overall, effective ticket sales are essential for the success of any event. Optimized ticket selling maximizes your revenue and creates a better experience for event-goers.

With proper planning and execution, selling your event ticket can be a successful and rewarding experience. This can be achieved with the steps above.


What are the best ways to sell tickets online?

Some of the best ways to sell tickets online are:
1. Advertising your event on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
2. Using email marketing to reach out to potential customers.
3. Leverage influencers in your niche to help spread the word about your event.
4. Promoting your event on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.
5. Utilizing search engine optimization to increase visibility for your event.

Which is the best place to sell tickets? 

Selling your event tickets on Allevents has additional benefits which include- Getting weekly newsletters and direct listing on google. 

How do I sell my event tickets fast?

Promoting your event on social media platforms, building marketing strategies, and offering incentives and promotions are some of the best ways to sell your event ticket fast.

When is the best time to start selling tickets for an event? 

The best time to sell tickets for an event is typically at least one month before the event. This will give attendees time to purchase tickets and plan.

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