How To Promote Halloween Event in 2022?

People are BIG FANS of Halloween events. And being in the event industry this too is our favorite time of the year- Halloween is our favorite too. But the Main Question comes out How to Promote Halloween Event? Halloween is the perfect time to build your brand and boost your Halloween business. Halloween comes around when everyone is home, and it is an official holiday season.

With Halloween events like horror movie nights, costume parties, haunted dinner cruises, pumpkin carvings, or other parties you have a plethora of things to do. Along with other things you have Halloween event marketing to do. Your Halloween marketing strategy and campaigns need to be spooktacular just like your party.

Here we are with some amazing tips and tricks to help you achieve huge ROI on your fall festival events. We’ve come up with creative and spooky ideas to help you promote a Halloween event.

How do You Market Halloween Events?

Promoting Halloween events needs to be legit with event pages and engaging content. If you are looking for great marketing for your Halloween you are at the right place. We’ve sorted out some of the best ways to help you get started on how to promote Halloween events.

1. Early Promotions

Honestly, Halloween is not any small event. A lot of planning and resources go into organizing a Halloween event. You need at least 2-3 months of planning and promotions for the Halloween event. Start planning your event in August so that you have enough amount of to market your events.

Start with early bird discounts and deals. This is the quickest way to sell tickets online. Also, with early promotions and marketing, you have first movers’ advantage as well. Your ads might catch audiences’ eyes before they are bombarded with other holiday season offers and deals.

2. Legit & Branded Event Pages

What we mean by legit and branded event pages is that you have an authentic and exclusive event page for Halloween events or maybe a dedicated event website.

Mind you, aesthetics and engaging event content is important. So make sure you have everything listed on your Halloween event landing page. Mention all the Ws&H- why, what, where, who, and how.

  • Event Category- Costume party, Food event, Music event, Pumpkin carving, etc
  • Details- date, time, venue, speakers, guests, location, etc
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blogs/Vlogs
  • Audience review 

Embedded images and videos according to the age and interest of the people. If you are organizing a Halloween event for kids make the event page children-centric with fun costumes, candies, a play area, and others. 

And go absolutely crazy with horrific things when it comes to organizing Halloween events for adults. Adults gravitate towards horror and fun. 

Tip: If you don’t know how to create an event landing page, it’s high time that you do. Lucky for you, Allevents have this amazing way of helping you create event landing pages, try it out!

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3. Go to the Locals 

Well, let’s be honest not everyone is on a holiday spree. So there are many revelers who are looking for events that are nearby in the city on the weekends.

Go to locals, and sell your tickets to local communities with the help of local press and publications. Spread the word to the locals with advertisements and offline promotions. 

Usually, local publications would charge a fee to advertise your event but the other way is to partner with local firms. There’s a win-win for the event organizer and local publication to create brand awareness and increase ticket sales.

How to Promote Halloween Event Party?

After the word is out. Once you have created awareness about your Halloween party event happening in the city, it’s time to increase ticket sales. So, how do you make it happen for yourself? 

4. User Generated Content to Engage the Audience 

Well, this is the real deal when it comes to social media promotions and engaging audiences. When you are already spending your budget on paid advertisement, you might want something that is free but also gets you good returns. 

Social media contests are highly engaging. Here are a few ways to engage the audience pre-event through amazing content and contest.

  • Host contest- follow repost, unique content generation, etc.
  • Unique Hashtag
  • Giveaways
  • Prize
  • Free tickets or extra
  • Buy one get one offer

5. Halloween Incentives  

As per the data, 93% of marketer says that incentive offers are highly engaging and effective to create awareness in buyers. 

Give something extra to your audience. When your audience gets something different and exclusive they feel valued and this builds trust.

Few basic ways to provide incentive offers that would be pocket friendly to you are:

  • Freebies
  • Exclusive merch- to a selected audience
  • Goodies for early sign-up
  • Giveaways

6. Sneak-Peak to Past Events

Want your event to get filled up and sold out? The best way to attract an audience to our Halloween event is by showing them amazing photos and videos from last year’s Halloween party and events. 

This provides potential attendees a peek into your Halloween event if they have never been to your previous events.

Social Media Promotions to Boost Halloween Ticket Sales Online

In the digital era, no one is going offline to purchase tickets offline. Social media is a powerful tool to escalate ticket sales online. 

Making small posts and generating authentic content will help you generate interest and ticket sales.  

 7. Killer Ads for Halloween Events

Ads are the best way to promote Halloween events. There are many ways to sell tickets but one of the best ways is to sell tickets on Facebook, and paid ads are key to it. 

Creating events on Facebook will get you organic reach and expose it to potential audiences. This will allow the audience to register for your events, RSVP, and buy tickets.

Other ways of promoting Halloween events via paid ads are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads 

Paid ads are mostly targeted hence it gives your Halloween event the best marketing and more event registrations.

Boost event visibility by 3X

With paid ads, you can increase Halloween ticket sales and maximize ROI.

8. Instagram for Frighteningly Powerful Halloween Promotions 

Instagram is the best social media to engage the audience. Instagram’s tools and features make Halloween promotion even larger and help you reach a wider and more potential audience.

Include the brand’s name, good quality video, amazing images, and exciting swipe-up.  

This will help you trend your events on your target audience’s feed as well as help your audience find your profile quickly. 

9. Spread the Word Through Influencers

Influencers have thousands and millions of followers and hold a strong influence over people. Promoting events with the help of influencers make endorsement valuable and trustable. 

You can invite influencers to your event, ask them to make a video, promote your event on their social media, post about your events, or other ways of cross-promotions. 

10. Host Social Media Contest 

Social media is all about hosting a fun contest for the pre-event engagement of the audience. Host enter-to-win contests. 

Ask them to enter their details, follow your account, ask them to share your post, and tag their friends. There are ample ways to promote your events. This will not just help you promote your event but it will build a customer database for you to promote events in the future to your potential audience. 

Don’t Forget Halloween Email Marketing to Build Event Excitement

People pay careful attention to their emails. Plus, emails are an excellent way to reach your existing customers. Well, it’s time to make your mail invites stand out with the Halloween event marketing. 

11. Customized Emails

Get your audience’s attention with customized emails that personally invite every individual to your Halloween event or party. Also, you don’t want your email to end up in the spam folder. 

So make sure you have completed customized email marketing strategies to promote Halloween events.

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12. Spooky Puns in the Email Invite

Well, the subject line is something that gets your audience to open the mail and read it to the end. So you’d want your subject line to be attractive enough that your readers read it till the end.

Play with words, get creative, and try Halloween event invite templates with your puns and punch lines. Here are some examples for you to try:

  • Cocktail Party: Booze with Boos
  • Haunted Girls Night Out: Where the ghouls at?

13. Segment Your Halloween Email Marketing 

There are people with different tastes and different interests. Some of your events might be for children and come for adults. Hence, you need to separate all of them. Right email strategies for the right set of people. 

There is a high chance that people respond to different types of events with unique invites. Some strategies work on a person, and some won’t. So, make sure that you know your audience and the strategies that work for them. 

Boo-st Your Halloween Event Promotions With Us

Now, you know it’s not just one thing but your plate is overloaded now. With some careful planning and implementation, you can definitely boost your Halloween event ticket sales.

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