How To Sell Tickets Fast By Optimizing Your Event Website

Attractive websites make you want to click on everything you see out of curiosity but might not convert. But, a brilliant event website urges its visitor to click and get register for the event. How to sell tickets fast for your event? It’s simple. Event websites set the bar for your event. So you need to create a website that inspires people to click, sign up, and attend your event.

You need to make the process super smooth and easy.

Here is what happens when you overload information.

You might have noticed that all your promotional campaigns are doing exceptionally well. You are able to drive high traffic to your registration page, but you do not have ticket sales. Wondering how and why?

Let us say your Facebook ads are driving heavy traffic to your website. There are 100 clicks per day from your Facebook ads, but you are selling just 5 tickets daily. Well, this shows there is a problem with your event website. 

Ways to Optimize Event Website to Sell Tickets Faster

A good website is simple, detailed, easy to navigate, and effective. On your website, you can sell tickets online, promote your events, and share the sponsor’s details and other crucial information about the events. Well, you don’t want to mess up and clutter all the information in one place.

1. Great Event Heading & Description

The event heading must be catchy, and it should catch the attention of the visitor. Make it attractive so that a visitor can’t help but click on the title to get the details.

And your event description is your first chance to make an impression on your visitors. So, better make it worthwhile. Details in your event description should be clear, crisp, and persuasive to attract an audience to your event.

Write a compelling event description with all the relevant details. As per the study, you have got 30 seconds to two minutes to capture your audience’s attention. So, use all your skill to write a solid description. Here are the things to include in the description.

  • Include the basic details such as time, date, venue, speakers, guests, and others.
  • Make it interesting to create hype among the audience.
  • Chose words that leave an impact on your visitors. 

2. Attractive Photos and Videos 

Show your audience what they are missing out on! And, what is better than pictures and videos?

Pictures and videos speak larger than words. It shows the whole atmosphere, vibe, size of the event, and the success of your events. Get audience’s attention by showing them photos and videos from your past events. For example, Singapore Pub Crawl showcased happenings of their website.

Attractive visuals that will solver your issue of how to sell tickets fast

You can also include short stories to show your event is worth attending. Here is what you can show on your event website to get more ticket sales:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Vlogs
  • Attendees reviews
  • Stories

Pro tip: Sharing behind the scenes of event-making creates a sense of connection between attendees and hosts. You can make gifs from Giphy and edit photos in canva.

3. Friction-Free & Friendly

What do friction-free and friendly mean? It means your website should be accessible across all devices and media platforms. It should have the same impact and attract an audience. 

As per experts, most event ticket purchases are made via cell phones. This makes it important that you have a responsive event website that can adapt to any screen. 

Your event registration website should be accessible from mobile, desktop, iPad, and any other medium. Make sure your details fit on the screen with visibility and readability.

4. Optimize Media Content

Optimizing media content means that your videos and photos should hinder the performance of your event website.

Pay attention to the photos and videos you are sharing on your event website. Many times the images are broken and videos take time to get loaded. This leaves a bad impression on your event website.

Make sure you’re using the right format for your media content. Moreover, there are a number of tools available that can help you compress large files so your website doesn’t slow down.

5. Must have CTA Buttons

Call to action (CTA) buttons are IMPORTANT! When you show your event, you need to have a clear intent if you want to sell tickets.

Check the example below. You can also have your event tickets sold on your site by simply adding plugin codes.

CTA example to sell tickets on your website

CTA directs high traffic to your registration site and also it easily connects viewers to your event. Use prominent CTA buttons- catchy and large CTA buttons with an impactful one-line statement that encourages viewers to click.

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6. Keep it Minimalistic

minimal event website helps in selling event tickets much faster

Firstly, people prefer fast websites to slow websites taking forever to load. As an event organizer even you want your audience to know everything about your event. And you end up with an overload of information. 

This is a bit overwhelming for visitors. They don’t want to read too much and they also don’t want to be bombarded with pictures. So, you need to maintain the balance of information and visuals.  

Tip: You can also have dedicated pages for each of your event registrations. 

Get Going With Websites 

Now, you know what to include and what not to include on your event website. You can build your websites and landing pages easily. 
A good event website and landing pages are important to build a powerful online presence and promote your events. Take inspiration from awesome landing pages to improvise.

With AllEvents you get hassle-free event registration and your viewers would have a smooth experience. Improve your website to increase conversion rate.

Quick FAQs on How to Sell Tickets Fast!

How can I increase my online ticket sales?

There are 3 major ways to sell tickets online with the best ROI:
1. Publish event discovery websites that have lots of visitors looking for events like AllEvents, StayHappening, etc
2. Sell tickets on your website by listing your events there with event plugins
3. Social media presence will help you build an audience and sell tickets real fast

How do I create a ticket website?

You can create your own website and optimize it to sell tickets within 10 minutes if you know how to do it.
There are two ways you can create your own ticketing website,
STEP 1: You can do this by using free event website creators like wootick to build your branded website
STEP 2: Use the event listing plugin to add event cards to your website and then you can start ticketing in no time.

How do you increase group ticket sales?

There is a simple hack to sell group tickets,
1. Create ticket types for group purchases
2. Give them an attractive discount on group buy
You can do this by creating events and adding details of your tickets. Then, connect your account to get payments. Simple!

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