How to Write an Event Description That Drives Event Attendees in 2022

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! So better make it a good one. An event description is the very first impression of your event for your attendees.

Your words in the event description should be clear and loud enough to attract your target audience to your coming up event. Planning an event is no big deal if you decide to choose a clear and planned path which AllEvents can surely help in increasing event attendance.

When everything is done in a planned manner then nothing seems to be tough to do. Every step towards organizing an event is important, be it creating an event, promoting an event, or selling tickets online for your event. And in all of this getting event descriptions ready plays a vital role. Who doesn’t want their good impression to last longer on others? Being an event organizer it’s your duty and role to make the event successful and run it smoothly throughout. 

A few things that organizers can get help with while creating good event descriptions are listed below. 

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How do you write a great event description?

Write event description

Before diving into the topic of how to write a description of an event you must be aware of what to write in your compelling event description. It shouldn’t be messed up by mentioning irrelevant details or something less important. First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes. So, you should utilize these minutes with your utmost capabilities and skills. 

Here are tips to write better event descriptions:

  • Important details such as time, date, and venue, you can never afford to go wrong with this in your event description.
  • You can look out for some poster templates to design your solid event description, eg: Canva, Adobe Spark
  • Make it interesting enough to grab your attendee’s attention.
  • Put your creativity into it, adding images can help you in it.
  • Choose emotional words while writing event descriptions.

How do you explain an event?

Once you are clear with your event goal then all you have to do is to make it short and present it to your potential attendees in a form of the event description. Make your event description clear by following the rules of Who, What, Where, Why, and When as these are some important questions your attendees must be aware of. It should be good enough to let the target audience relate to it. Because if they can relate to your story they will be more than interested to join you at the event.

Here is a checklist to have creative descriptions for your event:

  • Focus on valuable content and let your audience know your motive for the event.
  • Make it a retable one so that your audience can connect with it.
  • Introduce some catchy event caption in your event description.
  • It should be easily readable and has to be SEO-friendly for online event descriptions.

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The flow of event description

Your event has to be found through your event description. A good event description is a map of your event. There should be a clear picture to be created in the mind of the people of your event while they are reading your event description. Write event descriptions by considering the following event description examples.

  • Give your event a catchy & SEO- friendly name and place it at the very top and center of your format.
  • State a clear objective of your event in your event description template.
  • Mention exactly what key feature stands your event out from other events.
  • In addition, include the Agenda & different sectional timing of your event.
  • Provide registration details with opening and closing times along with contact information. Can go for registration software that can lighten your workload.
  • Include all the social handles where people can reach out to you for any queries or learn more about your event if interested. A major reason for the increase in event attendance.

Extra Info: Mention extra details and clarification on the do’s and don’t of the event in the event description.

Pro Tip: When mentioning time be careful as the world is divided into 24 time zones

How long should event descriptions be?

Remember you’re not writing a book on your event so about mentioning points that aren’t necessary. Avoid points that sound irrelevant because your goal is to grab the attention of your audience and once you have their attention jump off to promote your event. Let your audience know the summary of what is going to happen in your event and what they can gain from your event.

Experts say that around 250-300 words and 1700-2000 characters would be good enough to carry the dominant details of your event. These days time and money hold more importance to people. Make sure your content is so strong that it can drive event attendance to invest in these two important things in your event.

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SEO Consideration while writing event descriptions

event page SEO

While choosing the best words for your event description content, try keeping the main keyword within the top paragraphs. Write unique titles that sound interesting to look upon. Keep track of your content SEO score and update it accordingly. Instead of writing the description in a single paragraph, you should break it into multiple small paragraphs or bullet points as it will be more readable. 

Think like you are hosting a New year party in Chicago. What if someone in Chicago searches for a New year party to attend in Chicago and your event tops the google search? That is the power of SEO!

Here are tips to keep in mind while choosing the best words for your event description content,

  • Try keeping the main keyword within the top paragraphs.
  • Write unique titles with the most searched keyword by your target audience
  • Instead of writing the description in a single paragraph, you should break it into multiple small paragraphs or bullet points as it will be more readable. 

Here are a few free SEO tools for event professionals:

Tip: List your events on platforms that are highly SEO-friendly. So that your event will rank top on google search. And it goes unsaid that the importance of ranking on top will only result in growth for you. You can design an event website on your own or can opt for one already present in the market. The few best website to list your event is listed below:

What is a summary of events?

Turning a brief story of your event into smaller main points has to be called a summary of events. Excluding needless things, as the event description has to have limited words in it. As an organizer, you have the option of both creating a post-event summary and a pre-event summary. And needless to say, taking these extra steps in your event planning can give your event an extra push. You can take the help of event planning tools for better management of your work.

you can create an awesome post-event summary if you keep the following points in mind:

  • Accounting for what went well in your event.
  • Thanking sponsors and attendees for their support and participation.
  • Include a hint of your upcoming event if you already have something planned in mind.
  • Design it more as of conclusion event description.

Pre-event Summary

  • Images can say a lot about your event if words can’t.
  • Do fresh research about everything.
  • Include previous events’ feedback.
  • Showcasing the uniqueness of the event to get good event sponsorship.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Similarly, if you have limited resources then online events can be the best selection for your tight budget. Also, you won’t be compromising with the number of your audience as it has the advantage of being conducted online. So, people from around the world can join your event and attain a quality experience. To create & List such online events you can also check out this feasible option by AllEvents.

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Value of Originality

Be intact with your original content because that will be a factor in making your event a unique one. So, convey your event message to the potential attendees keeping your originality intact. Go for the latest technology trend and try to implement it in your event because we live in the digital era. There is a slight difference between throwing an opinion and giving information. Being an organizer your role is to give important information and let your planning speak for your event.

Little Things to Grow Event Attendance

Do cut out content you feel doesn’t hold much importance and make sure it is being reviewed by any of your teammates before going into the hands of your audience. If you are choosing to send it out online, optimize it for search engines. SEO will help you reach a larger group helping to gain the attention of others. Get your hands on pre-designed event invite templates present all over the internet. Don’t forget to mention the details of the expert or guest speakers of the event, it does leave an untouched impact.

-For single-day events: The dates aren’t an issue but always double-check the AM & PM in case of time.

-For long-standing events: Make sure you cross-check with the available slots over the period to make it easy for your audience to pick. The audience can pick the dates which suit their availability.

-For multi-date events: In this case, ensure there is no confusion in terms of the right date being in sync with the right time. Multi-day events may have different timings, ensuring that everything is right in place. The audience here has choices to pick event dates which are subjective from event to event.


After careful application of the above-mentioned points, you can surely write an event description without worrying about being a professional writer. This will be the easiest and most effective path toward your event’s success. Ending your event with a thank you note will work wonders. And a follow-up would be helpful for your next event acting as a crowd-puller. Put your thought process on what your guests expect from you. Happy writing, and good luck!

Tip: Your attendees will listen to you if you will listen to them.

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