Best Hybrid Event Examples & Ideas For 2022

All credits to Covid-19, event managers are now creating hybrid events. If you haven’t considered the idea of hosting a hybrid event, it is high time you do. We are covering the best hybrid event examples and ideas to boost your event business.

Hybrid events are both virtual and in-person events altogether. This event has both virtual components and personal event components.

As per a study, 70% of event managers didn’t consider a hybrid method to host their events before the pandemic. But as a result of this worldwide pandemic, now people are more attracted to hybrid events. 

Best Hybrid Event Examples & Ideas For 2022 #eventprofs

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are those events where the audience is available online + offline. This concept is not new. It has always been there.

Remember the football match or a concert where two types of the audience were enjoying. One from the stadium and another one on their television. These events have massive reach. Hybrid events are popularly growing in today’s event industry.

Here are some hybrid event examples that can be hosted without much hassle:

Hybrid events are available to people worldwide. There is no geographical barrier when it comes to hybrid events.  An audience can attend it both digitally and in person. There are various reasons why people would like to join hybrid events. You can apply unique hybrid event ideas and learn from unique hybrid event examples to make your events stand out.

We suggest a pre-event survey to gather more information from your attendees about their attitudes and concerns towards hybrid events. From the survey, you can know if your attendees are interested in attending virtual or in-person events. If attendees are comfortable with both types of events, you might want to consider hybrid events as the best option.  

You can conduct your surveys and polls with the help of Mentimeter and Pollev.

Here are some tips, ideas, and examples of getting on multi-channel and modes for a single event.

Types of Audiences in Hybrid Events

There are two types of audiences for Hybrid events and you have to engage both of them with your event differently. Here is more on them.

1. In-Person At Venue Event Audience

On-sight or in-person events should be planned with utmost care and safety. One thing you need to be sure of is getting easy check-in and escaping long queues

  • Keep your in-person audience entertained with games and internal events.
  • Create photo booth and selfies zones to create a buzz
  • You can have feedback or a Q&A session on the venue]

You can explore different ideas for your event’s success and keep your audience’s excitement on point.

2. Virtual Events Audience

Gathering online and the offline audience is not easy. The offline attendees can be handled personally, but the virtual audience needs guidance and more attention.

For virtual audiences, event planners must have a team to keep them updated and entertained. The primary step to start is to make your virtual attendees understand the events and the activities. 

Note: You can use event planning tools to keep your team updated and keep everyone on the same page throughout the event.

Ensure your virtual audience knows how to log in, use the digital mode, and other essential techniques.  You can have demo videos and a guide about how to go with your event.

You can go through some virtual event ideas to engage your virtual audience.

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Why Should You Consider Hybrid Events?

Let me tell you about Hybrid events. They were always a part of our routine life. Be it cricket matches, football matches, stand-up comedy, news debates, or anything. Hybrid events were always around us. Just in the wake of the pandemic, there is a high shift in organizing hybrid mode events. Events planners are operating fully with hybrid mode.

1. Global Reach

Hybrid event examples

The successful hybrid method provides you with a wide range of audiences. It has no limits on the number of attendees for the events in hybrid mode. The whole point why event planners are organizing hybrid events is for the global reach. 

A study stated that 90% of the online audiences in hybrid events were not interested in attending a live event due to geographical barriers and schedule conflicts.

For instance, you are hosting an Ed Sheeran concert in New York, and people from California want to attend the live events. Of course, they cannot fly for a show, but a hybrid event makes it possible for them to enjoy it from California. 

2. Cost-Effective

Hybrid event ideas

Great Impact. Great Reach. Highly Effective. 

A hybrid event saves you a significant share of your budget. In addition, as there will be an online audience, you need not need to worry about limited seating and large venue or anything. 

Virtual expansion of the company gets a higher reach and has boundless options to take the event to a whole new level without sending a huge amount. 

Your operation cost, venue cost, publicity cost, ticket printing cost, etc., is effectively reduced.  

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3. Return On Investment

As per the IMPACT study, hybrid events bring 80% of internet traffic. Online enrollment has created a new stream of revenue. It is driving a crazy amount of attendees and registrations. 

The audience loves it when they get more options. By using digital methods and tools along with the live event, your leads and target audience pool are expanded. 

You provide an overall better experience to your attendees that essentially makes them your potential customers. Hence, there is an increase in ROI.

 For this, you need to design an event registration form properly so that it is well understood by the audience. Event registration tools makes your designed smooth and gives good experience to your participants.

4. Sponsors

sponsorship ideas for hybrid events

As per the study, 70% of corporate sponsors are interested in hybrid events. The hybrid event brings a large pool of audiences globally. Hence, hybrid events are extremely valuable for sponsors. This also brings flexible sponsorship, i.e., virtual sponsors and live sponsors. 

Sponsors companies want to become a part of this type of events. Sponsors can globally market their brand with great effectiveness and bring value. 

Read our blog to know about how to get sponsors for your events.

For instance, if you are a local firm seeking a global exposer, hybrid events are for you. It gives a powerful platform for instant global reach. You can live stream your products, sponsor live stream, sample products, hybrid events are for you and as such. 

Hybrid Events Ideas & Requirements

Venue facilities for Hybrid

While hosting a hybrid event, Venue facilities are important. For a Hybrid event, you obviously need a venue that fits your live audience but also from where you can stream your live event to your virtual attendees.

After covid, Most venues have prepared for streaming and hosting hybrid events.

Streaming platform

For organizing the hybrid events, apart from a venue, you would also want to have a streaming platform where you can cater to virtual attendees.

Also, it is important for a streaming platform to be a perfect fit for your event type and your budget. You can create interesting event themes for your virtual event audience to keep them entertained.

AllEvents has a virtual streaming platform where you can stream your events to thousands of audiences cost-effectively and create profits for you with paid-only access.

Engaging content ideas for Hybrid Events

You don’t want to bore your attendees, right, or do you? Once you have gathered a large number of people, it becomes your responsibility to keep them engaged. Holding the event live and happening will influence them to register for future events as well. 

Hybrid events have highly engaging content. To keep your event attendees entertained, including live games in your events. Connect your in-person and virtual events in the same environment. 

Here are some amazing event engagement ideas to make your event successful. 

Include games, spontaneous dance battles, singing events, charades, or anything to keep your attendees involved. Quiz and puzzles are great ways to engage a virtual audience. 


While marketing for the event emphasizes live in-person and virtual events, it will grab people’s attention more than typical event marketing. Create websites, videos, blogs, and social media campaigns to spread awareness about your event. Offline marketing like billboards, newsletters, posters, and other such print media.

So, for marketing hybrid events, there are no geographical boundaries. You need to market it as a virtual event and an offline venue event too. Digital marketing campaigns targeting a city and a global audience are definitely a good call.

Social media can reach any audience in any corner of the world. Here are few ways you can do your social media promotions successfully:

Instagram– promote your events on Instagram to create hype among the audience.

Facebook: create events on Facebook for a better reach. You can also sell tickets on Facebook directly.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great tool to engage with sponsors and audiences. This is an emerging platform now. You can create events on LinkedIn and promote it to your target audience.

Youtube: For better engagement, you can upload videos on youtube and your website to provide quality content to your audience. Here you can upload videos from your past hybrid event and tell the audience what they are missing out on.


Hybrid events get massive registration when marketing and publicity are done right. Here, you are organizing both virtual and on-sight events so your ticketing would be accordingly. 

Create a page or hire a ticketing platform for your event’s ticket sales. As you have attendees from across the globe, chose a medium that accepts all types of currency payment.

Here at allevents, we create a ticketing platform where all types of currencies and payments are accepted.  

Keep the pricing of the ticket different for both events. Your in-person ticket price can be higher than virtual event attendance. Customize plans for the sessions, and don’t forget to keep track of ticket sales.

Keep updating your attendees via emails and messages. Hybrid events need careful planning as they can bring huge revenues and a large audience to your event.  

Networking Platforms

Choose an appropriate platform where all your attendees are comfortable joining the event. Your online platform should be accessible to a large number of attendees. There should be no limits on the number of individuals.

Screen sharing, audio-video, two-way communication, recordings, data collection, easy entry and exit points, and other audio-visual components. Also ensure it is accessible from all the devices and gadgets like phones, laptops, iPad, and others.    

To know more about hybrid event examples and live streaming we urge you to watch this insightful video by Pauline Kwasniak.

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Best Hybrid Event Examples

Let us now move to types of person and virtual events. From Apple to Hubspot, all are moving towards hybrid events. Here we have mentioned a few hybrid event examples.   

Apple Special Events

Special Events Apple

Apple organized a hybrid event to launch its products. It became a popular and colossal product launch event. Apple virtually showcased the features and innovations of its products via videos. Both its live and virtual audiences loved the event. It is an extraordinary example of a hybrid event. Apple special events are not just any events. It has become a great selling point for the company. It is one of the best hybrid event examples for corporate events.

Digital Marketing Conference 

Digital marketing conference

Digital marketing conference was organized by “ Agents of change.” It targeted business owners, start-up firms, entrepreneurs, and marketers. They created awareness about digital marketing, guided them on how to generate leads, enter new markets and get new customers through digital marketing. In addition, they have a wide range of persona and virtual events like the podcast, live stream, videos and seminar that reaches millions of people.  

Social Media Marketing World

Social media marketing world

The social media marketing world created an amazing hybrid conference, giving access to private networking platforms to groups, employees, and others to connect among themselves. Its recordings are available online to watch it. When it comes to social media marketing, Social Media Marketing World is the cherry on the cake, welcoming thousands of people worldwide.


Inbound hybrid event exaample by Hubspot

Inbound is an annual event of Hubspot. People across the world look forward to attending this conference. Celebrities and top-notch speakers attend this conference. Inbound is a combination of all top uproarious entertainers, world-class sportsperson, and famous standup comedians. In addition, Hubspot moved to a hybrid event and recorded sessions that can be available in the future. 

Riot Games Esports

Hybrid gaming event example

League of Legends World Championship is making its way to hybrid events. They organize events every year. Riot games sport has found its way to the audience by removing barriers like networking, geography, and hardware with the help of live and virtual events. It is one of the leading e-sport companies in event management.

Tip: Event management software and tools are huge relief if you are planning an event on large scale.


Live Worx Hybrid event

Source: Liveworx

LiveWorx hosts huge events, and thousands of people attend it every year. They are the leaders of event organizing. Liveworx gave virtual access pass to their events due to covid restrictions where they hosted all the four days keynotes and sessions online. LiveWorx provides streaming services to its buyers.

Growth Marketing Conference 

converence 1 1

Source: Blog Latka

Growth Marketing Conference gave a “virtual access pass” to their virtual attendees, enabling them to access content in videos and webinars. As a result, they enhanced their experiences and created loyalty. Growth Marketing Conference hosted a successful hybrid event including both virtual attendees and person attendees.

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John Mayer’s Dive Bar Tour

concert hybrid event examples

Source: Billboard

Well, who isn’t John Mayer’s fan? So the talented singer and his team organized a Dive bar tour. The show was live-streamed on social media and gained popularity. It took the music industry and the musician to another level to create such live and digital events.

Yellow Conference 

yellow hybrid conference

Source: Forbes

Yellow conference is Women oriented community creating thoughtful work. They hosted two separate events for both the virtual and in-person attendees. Yellow conference is highly focused on their audience’s needs and wants, which makes them host successful events.

Content Marketing World

Conference hybrid event examples

For the content marketing world, this is a pool of opportunities and learnings. In the content marketing world conference. People purchase its all-access pass to avail its recordings and seminar to skill their content writing. It is a great strategy to boost their sales as it makes a comfortable space for peer-to-peer learning and networking with entertainment and fun.  


Gaming hybrid event examples

Source: Techcrunch

Twitchcon is the world of gamers. Twitchcon acts as a bridge between gaming companies and gamers and fans to connect and engage in online games. The main purpose of this platform is to link people personally who know each other through the screen. Twitchcon live streams its gatherings and festivities to audiences through digital platforms. 

Forward Digital Summit

Digital summit

Source: Rubrik

Are you looking for inspiration, motivating, and entertaining stuff all in one place? Forwards digital summit creates a space for you where you get it all from education and inspiration in the form of effective speeches and amazing content.

Hasan Minhaj to Microsoft chairman John Thompson hosts their award shows and gives speeches through this platform. 

DigiMarCon West

Conference hybrid event examples

Source: Digimarconworld

Talented speakers, networking opportunities, and quality leading content you get here at DigiMarCon West. DigiMar is selling virtual passes to people at a significantly lower price than other platforms. It is a successful hybrid event example. The content presented here is insightful that grabs an audience’s attention.


Clearly, Hybrid events are not new to the world but indeed a fresh opportunity for event organizers to expand their reach globally.

These hybrid event examples and ideas can help you host a successful hybrid event and expand your event business around the world.

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