Most Profitable Ways To Monetize videos without YouTube

Video content is the need of the hour and it is not going away anytime soon. According to studies by TechCrunch, U.S. adults spend almost 6 hours per day on video, on average. And this is a huge opportunity for anyone and everyone in the business to go online with their Events and content and monetize it for a lifetime.

However, popular video streaming platforms like YouTube are constantly raising the bar for video monetization requirements which might not be pleasing to many. With their constant change in policies, it is very difficult for videos to stay monetized for a long time that leads to videos being demonetized by some of even long-time publishers.  

What if I tell you I can help you monetize your videos for a lifetime. Wondering how? Let me share with you the definitive guide on how to monetize video content without YouTube.

What Is Video Monetization?


Although putting up a video internet can open a plethora of options to make money off your content. But the question stays: how can you make the most money for the longest time? 

A video is said to be monetized when it generates revenue or income for you after publishing or sharing it with people or in other words when people access it. It is often confused with that you are getting paid to make the video content. 

You get paid to allow people to watch your content in the form of subscription, or you grant access, or the platform pays you (per view or ads or one time)

Generally, you generate revenue through subscriptions, ads, and direct payments from the viewer. 

Here are some other popular ways to monetize. 

Choosing your platform wisely is very important for you and your videos; it will be the deciding factor on how many people it will reach and how much money you can make with it. As videos are great event engagement ideas for all- audiences, sponsors, partners, etc.

Most video creators monetizing their videos through youtube are exploring for other platforms to monetize their videos in search of better reach, profit share, audience management, and many more factors that YouTube is not being able to provide. This shift in platforms by the video creators has brought up new platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy, and many more. But, these platforms provide niche benefits that are limited to courses and planning workshops.

EOD by AllEvents does not limit anyone with any type of content. Video creators can monetize any of their content on AllEvents with ease and all the benefits. 

You can now see youtube’s stringent policies for video monetization with better clarity and understand why you need to explore other platform options to earn with video content.  

Why To Monetize Videos Without YouTube?

Monetize videos without Youtube

As mentioned above youtube constantly changes its monetizing requirements, policies and regulates content which makes it difficult for content creators to keep up. Monetizing videos without youtube will give YOU the content creator and publisher more control over your videos. Youtube pays its creators via its ad incomes hence, its primary objective is to protect their own interests and the interests of their advertisers. 

Recently Youtube has regulations for monetizing videos.  For anyone to monetize their videos on Youtube, the channel or the creator needs to meet specific requirements to join the Youtube partner program.

Requirements for YouTube partner program

  • The creator needs to have over 4000 hours of overall watch time on their channel annually.
  • They need to have at least 1000 subscribers on their channel.

In case one fails to meet these requirements, they will be unable to monetize their videos on YouTube. If you meet these requirements then also you need to share your profit with YouTube. 

Also, some inappropriate and irrelevant advertisements between the videos can ruin the message and experience of learning. With Youtube’s new policies, it has also become tough to market and push these videos to monetize them further as it has become very competitive in all content categories.

Know how youtube revenue works are unfair and how it is facing a backlash by video creators. 

Ways To Monetize Videos Without YouTube 

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing to monetize video content

Today, there are several methods that can be used to earn money from your Youtube channel. The most popular and well-known method is affiliate marketing. 

When someone clicks through to your Video or channel, they might be interested in buying something from your channel that you might have used in the video or are promoting for commission purposes. You can offer them a special discount code if they purchase it from the special links that you can easily obtain from the product manufacturers, dealers, or distributors.

Convert your content into video courses

Monetize video courses

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could create an online course and generate passive income from it? Well, it kind of can. 

Creating an online course has many benefits. You must first get your course off the ground, which means planning and strategizing. And creating high-quality content requires resources, for example, time. Your efforts will give you monetary returns for a very long time as well as open one more stream for generating revenue. 

There are other opportunities as well: using your existing audience and selling products as well as creating no-code learning modules or using webinars/presentations that already have live audiences. You can host recorded events such as webinars, conferences, etc.

On-demand video hosting

On-demand hosting is the most popular and profitable method to monetize videos without YouTube. In on-demand video hosting, people will pay for access to your videos whether it is a workshop or a talk, or an entertaining video.

You can choose a platform where the access to video is gated and allow people to purchase access. Also, you get paid into your account directly. Your videos can turn into a lifetime money-making product that you can monetize with a proper marketing plan.

Sounds Interesting, right? Check out for On-Demand Video Hosting.

On-demand video hosting

Offer downloadable digital resources

Downloadable resources

Digital downloads are an inviting way to deliver content to your audience in a variety of ways. Why? It keeps them coming back for more, where you can take advantage of your viewers’ momentum to drive your revenue.

Whether it’s an e-book, PowerPoint deck, or free audio/video recording, businesses of all sizes are generating millions of downloads of their digital products every month. By selling digital downloads to your audience, you will have many opportunities to drive revenue in the short and long term.

Here is the magic of downloadable content. The chances of your viewer purchasing the product increase with every purchase.

Here is what I mean to say with numbers; the first time it is 27% likely that someone will purchase or subscribe to the downloadable product, the second and the third time it increases 45% and 54% respectively.

Sponsors for your videos

sponsorship to monetize videos

Beyond including a link to outside products and services, a sponsored video typically involves a direct plug inside your video. 

The advertiser pays you to promote the product/service in your video. This can often be as little as 1-2 seconds of video playtime with a sponsor logo or the like tucked inside. In this way, if you’re trying to make money from video sponsors, it’s important to understand how advertisers’ policy works so you can make sure there’s no hidden cost for your viewers. There are ample of virtual sponsorship ideas, try them out!

The sponsor usually pays the video creators on a cost-per-view (CPV) metric. That can range anywhere from $0.02 to $0.09 depending on your audience size and reach.

Know more about getting sponsors for your videos and events

Points To Consider For Choosing The Right Way To Monetize Videos

Profit share

profit share

Youtube is the most popular platform for content sharing however, it is losing out on some great content when it comes to monetizing videos. One of the major reasons for that is the profit shared by Youtube and content creators. 

YouTube works on AVOD models. In this model your viewers will be presented with an event advertisement either at the beginning of the video or in between of the video, the more people that see or interact with the ad, the more money is the video worth in terms of the ad revenue. 

This does not end here the profit shared by YouTube and video creators are 45 to 55 that is if you make $1000 from YouTube monetization $450 will be kept by google and the remaining $550 is your earning and that is a significant share to give away. 

This is High time to monetize videos without YouTube.

Fortunately, video creators have started to realize this and most of them have started to explore other options for video monetization outside YouTube. 

Most alternate platforms to Youtube out there that offer video monetization work on the monthly subscription model. That is the viewers have to pay a monthly fee to access all the content of the platform but, what if they want to view a certain video or a course or a workshop not that won’t last the whole month; that can turn around precious customers. 

Wondering what are better alternatives? is a platform trusted by 285K event organizers globally. On you can host your videos as Event on Demand. You can monetize your recorded webinars, workshops, seminars, talks anything and everything recorded you want to monetize. 

That isn’t even the best part. When you monetize your video content on you get to keep 90% of your earnings i.e. if you earn $1000 from video monetization you get paid $1000 upfront doesn’t hold your money. The remaining 10% or $100 is settled as an invoice at the end of every month. 

EOD by AllEvents isn’t just cost-effective but provides you with much more for you to grow as a creator. 

Sounds amazing right. You get paid with every individual that views your video content right away. 

User Interface and audience management 

Audience management to monetize videos

The audience first comes in contact with the platform and its user interface, which is a crucial part to keep the audience on the platform and enhance the overall experience that leads to them spending more time on the videos leading to more views that gives the video creators more data for retargeting the audience. 

We can all agree that Youtube has a good interface that can keep its viewers engaged however there are downsides to it as well; views on your videos are totally dependent on Youtube’s algorithm. Also, the video creator does not have any data from youtube who is watching their video.  

Unlike YouTube, AllEvents provides you with all the tools to grow your subscriber base and manage your audience. 

On YouTube, you cannot reach or retarget the audience who has come in contact with your videos, until and unless they have not subscribed to your YouTube channel.

Retargeting Audience:

However, on you have all the access to the data of your viewers such as their name and email ids, plus the viewers are automatically converted to your subscribers so that they can be updated via emails and push notifications for every new video you publish. 

A simple ticket-based system allows you and your audience to enjoy the experience of your video content. This allows you to have total control over your audience.

You have all the data and insights regarding your video and have all the data of your viewers. This viewer data can be used to increase your subscriber base. With the subscriber base you can communicate, engage and update them regarding your upcoming videos or events. This will convert them into a recurring audience. 

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with Events on Demand by AllEvents 


Well, we all know what we intend to watch and what we end up watching on youtube. As a video creator that is a loss for you; as your video gets lost in the pool of 100’s of related videos on youtube. You don’t have to reach out to your audience directly, instead, you have to depend on youtube’s algorithm to reach your potential audience. This can be frustrating after all the efforts you put in making the video if it does not reach the right people at the right time. Whereas on the other hand, your competitor’s videos might reach your audience faster, such as the fairness of YouTube’s algorithm. 

You should understand the time and effort you put in the video should be compensated accordingly

Video content requirements

Youtube has certain requirements as mentioned above that is a minimum of 400 hours of watch time along with 1000 subscribers only then you can monetize your video. Even after that, it is not certain how many people will watch your video and how much you will earn. 

That is neither suitable nor fair for all video creators. You deserve an equal chance on the internet to monetize your videos and earn from them. Try to identify the platform where there are no minimal bars and no extra cost.

At there are no minimum requirements for anything, no minimum subscribers, and no minimum watch time. Also, there is no limit on bandwidth. Your Videos will be accessible by your audience on any device in a quality format.

Nothing holds you back on 

Content safety 

When it comes to monetizing video content, content safety is crucial. On Youtube, you are trying to avail your content for Free. But when we talk about on-demand video content, Safety is a must.

While choosing a platform, you need to check…

  • How does the platform work?
  • Will your customers be able to download videos and share them on their network?
  • Will your content video be in sharable format?

There are always answers to your questions! doesn’t allow your videos to be mishandled. The ticket system ensures one screen at a time, avoiding piracy and downloads so that your content is yours only to sell. is fully GDPR compliant where your data is secure with us.

AllEvents unique ticketing system doesn’t allow your attendees to share registrations. It is strictly one ticket, one registration. Here are some registration software to make your work easy.

Experience A Video Hosting Platform You Deserve

Capture 1

So, when you are hosting an On-demand video, you can have this kind of event page where you can host your video and also provide links to presentation, your social profiles, link to your website.

Discover the full potential of video monetization with, Learn more on how to get started and monetize your video without YouTube for a lifetime. 

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In a nutshell –

YouTube is there, and it’s great. It has video content that millions of people watch. But if you want to make money with videos, there is a better way. YouTube’s stringent policy limits how much control you have over the audience and content promotion for the events. This limits what kinds of things you can do with your videos. Also, it hampers the reach of your video as you have no option other than to rely on youtube’s algorithm for your video to be viewed by your potential audience this directly impacts the growth of your channel.

You should monetize videos without YouTube without a second thought in mind.

Delight yourself with the platform designed for your video creators to grow their revenue sustainably. 

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