Creative Music Event Marketing ideas in 2022

Do you know what is trending in events right now? It is MUSIC EVENTS.

Live concerts are roaring high this year. And music event tickets instantly get sold when you do effective music event marketing. Marketing and advertisement are critical when making a music event a huge success.

So, as an event organizer do you have a marketing plan for hosting a music event or a concert? If not, here we have a few tips and tricks that would be amazing for your music event promotions.

In this article, you will get to know,

And much more on how to organize music events. 

Great ideas for music event marketing and promotions 

There is a lot of promotional work required, regardless of whether you have a big name on the banners or are still a work in progress in music events. Whether you want to go with DIY with your band or host a concert with a famous artist. Sometimes, promotion is pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

You may make the most of your time when promoting your event by applying the following tips wisely:

1. Traditional event marketing

Do not neglect the power of physical advertisement. For concerts and music events, billboards, posters, and hoardings get high attention from the audience. One of the key advantages of offline advertisement is that it reaches the local audience quickly and easily.  

Concert billboards and posters are essential. It gives you a great opportunity to grab people’s attention and also creates word-of-mouth advertisements. Put these posters and hang some billboards at relevant places. You can use Procreate cartoon brushes to draw cartoon characters promoting your event. 

People tend to scroll and ignore advertisements on digital platforms, but with traditional methods, they are focused on the advertisement.

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2. Promote it with performers 

When you involve performers and music artists in your promotions you leave a huge impact on the audience to get their attention, as well as the artist, don’t feel alienated from the event. 

With such promotions, you get access to the performer’s audience. Some concert artist won’t perform unless the event organizer sells a specific number of tickets to audiences. Hence, this strategy will make your event ticket sell quickly. 

3. The seamless ticket booking experience

Have you ever experienced a ticketing site that was nothing but unprofessional? How many times do you avoid buying tickets to a show because of glitches and complicated payment methods? 

Well, your audience needs a hassle-free ticket booking experience online. There is no justification for not having a system in place for event attendees to purchase tickets. For both the seller or the prospective attendee, it should be a simpler, more secure, and smooth experience

After putting in the effort to make your event sound interesting, don’t give potential attendees an excuse to click away. Make sure you have a trustworthy site, and secure payment options available.

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4. CTA Buttons for the online promotions

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are crucial for online promotions. Make sure you include the CTA button in all your digital promotions. Here are the ways to use CTA buttons in music event promotions:

  • Event website
  • Music event landing page
  • End of the blogs
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters and others.

When you have pretty much convinced your audience to make the purchase, then why not make it quicker and simpler for them to buy the tickets? Your audience will be just one click away from making a purchase. 

Tip: Consider creating dedicated event landing pages to increase your ROI. 

5. Consider paid ads 

When organizing any kind of event, profit margins can be limited. Thus, it is simple to understand why promoters might be hesitant to spend.

Fortunately, you can target sponsored advertising so precisely that, if done properly, even a tiny investment can bring customers through the door.

You may target consumers using platforms like Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook Ads based on their location, the bands they enjoy, their age, and a variety of other factors. By doing this, you may increase the likelihood that the right people will view your advertisements.

6. Be present on social media and promote 

Using social media promotion to its fullest potential is obvious. There are several methods to share your event for free. Creating an event page and sending out social media invitations can be effective without turning it into a full-time job. Each month, 41% of Facebook users engage with event pages.

Share something a little more persuading rather than just asking people to attend your show. Create videos of your artists or prior performances with the help of a free video maker, which is a fantastic method to attract followers on social media.

The three most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but keep in mind who your target audience is.

Tip: This article on how to promote events on social media discusses in detail the benefits and effects of social media marketing.

Boost event visibility by 3X

With paid ads, you can increase ticket sales and maximize ROI.

7. Use free tools and methods 

Websites that list events are typically free to use. Many people go there to look for events to attend.

You can find any local listing choices by performing a search for “gig listings + name of the city”. Determine a way to contact them so you may share your own event.

Give as much information about the music event as you can without writing an essay, including pictures, artwork, and other media.

The local newspaper can also be a potent tool. It is worthwhile to contact local newspapers and radio stations.

Get going with music event promotions

There are several effective strategies to advertise your music event. You’ll probably discover that you prefer a particular social media site or particular advertising. As long as you are reaching out and using various marketing strategies, this is acceptable.

The most crucial stage in promoting your music events or concerts is taking action. Be persistent and make as many contacts as you can to spread the word about your event!

With AllEvents you can do all the above-mentioned things smoothly and quickly. Register your events for free with us and sell event tickets online at a very affordable price.


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