7 Tips To Host Awesome Navratri Garba This Year: 2022

The most awaited festival is here, Navratri: The biggest dance night fever!

Navratri is all about dancing to the Garba songs, culture, tradition, and food. These nineGarbaa nights are full of energy and the thing we have started calling VIBES. The Garba season is overwhelming- you’ll find guys are girls in beautiful chaniya cholis, kediyas, and funky accessories.

Something new and trendy is always there every season. And this season is a special one as it is the first one after covid-19. The crowd is going to get crazy this season. So, as a host, you have to make sure that you can handle the madness and deliver to the people’s expectations.

After talking to Navratri Garba organizers, we have summed up the broad needs to organize dandiya event. Here is what you need to focus on this Navratri 2022 season– Fashion, Food, Fun, and Frolic.

Hosting a Navratri bash is going to challenging this season. But hey! It is going to be fun. So let’s get loud and lavish with our most favorite festival of the year. Let’s get you prep to host the best Navratri 2022 bash ever!

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1. Find A Venue Where People Will Find Ramzat

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The most important thing is the venue. Your venue should be large enough to handle the crowd. Keep the guest list in check. Invite the number of people your space can have.

There are multiple things you need to set up at your venue. Here are the things you need to have at your venue:

  • Large space to dance
  • Main Stage
  • Music system
  • Food Stalls
  • Decoration and others

Keep in mind that each of these things occupies a large space at your venue.

If you have a small venue, then keep the guest list moderate. Don’t keep it so short that you end up having dinner night and don’t invite many people that you end up creating a mess.

2. Find Sponsors That Will Fund Your Navratri Plans

Of course, you cannot handle the Navratri event all by yourself. No matter how much manpower you have, you cannot be everywhere. 

For Navratri, even sponsors are looking for event managers and big events to sponsor. We all know how there is a huge footfall at every venue.

Here are some ideas for sponsorships. You can reach out to these people to get sponsorship for your Navratri bash 2022:

  • Food outlets
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Drinks and beverage
  • Media partners
  • Local radio stations
  • Music and DJ partners
  • Real Estate (venue is a big deal)
  • Others- security agencies, accessories, furniture partners, etc

Navratri sponsorship is a win-win for both the sponsor and the event organizer. Sponsors’ ROI and benefits are always high when it comes to sponsoring Navratri events.

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3. CashCows: Food, Beverage, and other stalls For Garba Night

Food and beverage are mandatory. Especially, Gujjus are major foodies. 

Garba is not just one hour of dance. It keeps on going for hours and your audience needs food and drinks to get the energy back. 

Partnering with the food and beverage outlets is the best thing you can do. After killing on the stage, people need to calm themselves down. Boosts their energy and quench their thirst down. 

How to divide and organize stalls? 

If you have a big venue, just one or two stalls are not going to work. Here you need multiple stalls. And of course, there is no free lunch. As an event organizer even you need to make profits. Here is how you can charge and structure stalls and sponsors at your Garba event:

  • Depending on the size of the stalls.
  • Depending on the place of the stall- entry points, exit points, others.
  • No of stalls an individual requires.
  • Type of items sold- food, drinks, accessories, etc.
  • Depending on the number of days- initial days, ending days, or all nine days.
  • Fixed or fluctuating charges.

4. Music and Artists To Get The Audience Fired-up

What is Navratri without good Garba songs and amazing artists who just add to the Garba fever and madness?

Include all the traditional Garba songs in your playlist. These days you have music apps to curate some thrilling Garba playlists.

If you don’t have enough time to create a Garba playlist. We have sorted it out as well. Here’s a list of amazing Garba folk songs that will instantly get you grooving to the dance- Garba Playlist.

Here are the things you need to ensure for the music and DJ systems:

  • The big main stage for the singer, their playback artists, and instruments.
  • Quality speakers
  • Speakers covering the entire venue
  • Woofers, etc.  

Tip: Make sure that you don’t leave the wires lying on the ground. 

If you are thinking to include professional singers at your event, here are your must-have Garba singers:

  • Jigardan Gadhvi
  • Aishwarya Majumdar
  • Kinjal Dave
  • Ishani Dave
  • Aditya Gadhvi
  • Bhoomi Trivedi

5. Sell Tickets For Navratri 2022

Garba passes is what it is called. Unfortunately, the government has levied taxes on the venue and tickets. It is going to be challenging to sell Garba passes.
Because of this, you need to set prices that are affordable and manageable for all. To make your Garba event go sold out here are a few things for you to try.

  • Bulk discounts
  • Giveaways
  • Early bird discounts 
  • Get one-day entry free
  • Couple passes discount

Here are a few tips on how to manage your tickets and make your event go sold out instantly.

Here is how you can manage your Garba passes sale

Now, everything has to be managed online. To sell your tickets you need a ticketing platform to manage all your tickets. You don’t want customers calling and questioning that they didn’t get the passes, or there are payment issues, there is a glitch, etc.

You need a hassle-free ticketing platform that gives a seamless ticket booking experience to your customers.

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6. Decorate Like It’s Your Own Wedding

It’s all about aesthetics now, isn’t it? Lights, diyas, lehriya dupattas, and all funky-chunky accessories are a huge part of decore.
Decorate your venue in gorgeous vibrant colors. Add your different touch by bringing traditional art forms such as Kutchi wall hangings, decorated umbrellas, artificial marigold flowers, puppets, and others to elevate the look.

Fairy lights and big statement lights are always the safest options. Similarly, earthen pots, garlands, and string lights are something you can definitely rely on. These are easy to find and are not very expensive. 

7. Thumb Rules to Organize Navratri Bash


You are going to have people in hundreds and thousands at your event. It would not be easy to manage this big of a crowd. You need strict security and bouncers to manage the public. To reduce the traffic, and long entry lines you need security and helpers. 

Parking Space

Parking becomes a big issue when it comes to Navratri events. Make sure you have adequate parking facilities and security checks. 

PR and Media

No matter how popular you are, you still need good publicity for the events. Media coverage at your event is a must-have.

Publicity is vital to spread the word- not just to your audience but also to get potential sponsors.

Go with the social media promotions. Navratri season can get you and your event trendy on social media feeds and reels. 

Dress Code

There is always a huge mess about the dress code. Many event organizers don’t allow people who are not wearing traditional dresses. So make sure you clearly mention the dress code. 

Now you have everything you need to organize thrilling and exciting Navratri 2022. Then what are you waiting for? Get going. The occasion is about enjoying and having fun. So don’t wait up. 


How long your Garba night should last?

Ideally, the Garba timings are about 4-5 hours. The Garba timings are usually from 7 p.m to 12a.m, not beyond that.

Who can host Navratri Garba night?

No, not everyone can host Garba night. If are hosting a big Garba event, you need permission from your nearby police stations or the concerned authorities. 

Which are some of the most attended Garba night’s venue?

Here are a few Garba events happening in the city that are craved by Navratri khelaiyas,

  • United way Garba- Baroda
  • Mirchi Rock-n-Dhol- Ahmedabad
  • Red Raas- Ahmedabad
  • CEPT University- Ahmedabad
  • Cultural Foram Ground- Gandhinagar
  • Khodaldham- Rajkot
  • Shankus Dandiya- Surat 

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