Quick Tips: How To Promote An Event On Facebook?

Today Facebook has the highest reach to the audience with 2.9 billion active users worldwide. Every organizer should promote their event on Facebook for maximum results. Expand your marketing horizon by promoting your events on Facebook to sell tickets online.

Facebook makes a great platform for better visibility and client reach. Well, just posting a picture on Facebook is not enough. To reach a massive audience, you will have to work harder. The event planner will have to learn how to promote events on Facebook. It has the potential to create a huge buzz about your event, generates revenue, and create brand awareness. 

Prepare your event calendar with accuracy like, when to share content, what will be the timeline, selecting a proper theme, on what day, and what time the content should be shared. It will eventually lead to your successful event.

5 Reasons Why Should You Promote Event On Facebook?

  1. Highest audience reach
  2. Small investment, significant returns
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Organic reach
  5. Relevant targeting is possible with paid ads

Strategies to Grow Event-Business With Facebook Promotion

1. Publish Event on Facebook

event promotion on Facebook

Wondering How to create events on Facebook?

Brand Page

The first step is to create your event business profile. Next, optimize your Facebook events page. Events account will make your job easier to get the attention of people.

Event page

Update your cover page. Your event cover image and event description must be exciting, appealing, and eye-catchy. After all, your cover photo is going to be your event campaign poster for a long time. So include all the necessary information with event captions in your cover photo.

Pro tip: Make sure your Facebook event page is SEO friendly. You can check out SEO for event planners guide or list events on AllEvents with ready SEO-optimized pages.


Chose a name or the topic for your event that is short, memorable & catchy. People use Facebook from small screen gadgets like phones or tabs. Therefore event name and picture should be mobile-friendly.

Event tags

Share data-loaded Facebook events post. It has an algorithm that enables you to promote your events based on categories like conferences, concerts, seminars, festivals, etc. Provide the necessary information in event description regarding the event, such as times, venue, type of event, etc. 

Most Important, Ticketing Link

Add an event ticketing platform link in the Facebook ticketing where people can be able to purchase tickets the moment they decide to go to the event. Paying at the venue might risk their affirmative decision.

AllEvents is one such platform that allows you to create multiple ticket types, coupon codes, and other flexible features. Publish your events with AllEvents.

Now that you’ve created an events page, the next question would be, “how do I promote events on Facebook?” 

2. Sell Tickets On Facebook

Facebook has this wonderful feature of selling tickets. You must be thinking, why would anyone buy a ticket from Facebook?  So let me tell you, Facebook makes an excellent place for word-of-mouth marketing. 

In recent years Facebook has become the best tool for digital marketing. Selling tickets on Facebook is a unique way to increase marketing and promotion on Facebook. 

When any person purchases a ticket from Facebook, it shows in the activities of the page and motivates others to make the essential buy. 

Selling tickets on Facebook is effortless and analytical that helps in increasing leads and revenue generation

Activate your ticket button on the events page. Fill in the required details such as event name, venue, type of events, ticketing/ registration, etc.

Pro tip: You can also find other ways to sell event tickets online. Try'em out

3. Tips to Promote Events On Facebook With Your Followers


Regular updates of your business page are essential to keep the audience engaged for your event. To promote your events on Facebook, you must have active Facebook events page. The users need regular posts and updates to feel connected to the events.

Sharing pre-event content creates massive buzz and interests people

People are always excited to know about the whereabouts of the events, who will be attending, who is the host, and other such details. 

Further, try post and pre event engagement ideas on the audience with some amazing content to encourage them. Finally, use Facebook live to give them behind the scenes to create buzz and to spread the word. You can also do pre event survey to know more and engage your audience.

Pin your event on top of your page to highlight the details about the event

This is another method to promote your event. When users on Facebook come across your events page, they’ll automatically see your pinned event.  

Ask your audience to follow/subscribe to your event page to get exclusive content

This will encourage them to attend your event, they will share details with their friends, and in no time, your event will be trending everywhere.     

For instance, if a person clicks on the interested button or purchases a ticket, it will show to the person’s friends as “your friend is interested in this event.”   

Use Hashtags To Promote An Event

Hashtags to promote event on Facebook

Use relevant hashtags with your Facebook post to promote your event. Hashtags are much more trendy on social media than you think. They have an immense impact in the promotion. They have a wider reach and attract the new visitor.

People follow hashtags on social media. If a person is not following your page on Facebook, he might be following the hashtags. Increase visitors to your business page with the use of hashtags. 

For example, if you organize cooking, use relevant hashtags such as #justbakeit #bakewithus. 

You can use hashtags of hosts’ names, speakers, and guests you invite to your event.

Websites like Sproutsocial can help you sort your Hashtags!

4. Facebook Events Advertisement

Facebook advertisement

After creating the event business page, now is the time to highlight your content with event advertising. Make your event public, or select your community, pin it to the top of your page and fill in every tiny detail. Thus, both existing and new audiences get to know about your upcoming events. Here is a quick tip:

Does Boosting Event on Facebook work?

Answer: Never Boost Your Event!

Facebook provides a boost button to promote an event directly to the audience but at the same cost, Facebook also provides an option to set up targeting, ad creation with goal setting, and getting maximum out of the amount you pay.

Wrong traffic will never lead to conversion.

Facebook ad tools target the users based on behavior, interest, activities, following similar events pages, and such. 

Now, there are types of Facebook ads based on your purpose of marketing. 



Posters or photos are the simplest way of Facebook ad promotion. An eye-catch poster or photo gets more attention. Your poster or image must be click-worthy.

Video event ad:

Facebook ads have different types of video ads. The duration of your event ads plays a crucial role. People consume videos in multiple ways. Make sure your Facebook ad is not too long or too short. It must provide necessary information to the users. Your video must be informative and exciting. Create hype and buzz for your events through unique video ads.

Carousel event ad:

When you have too much information and photos to upload, Facebook lets you share pictures with videos. It makes an excellent tactic to highlight your sessions, speakers, event guests, etc. 


Now, this is a unique ad feature. It is a combination of photos, videos, animation, and others to give you video-like ads. It enables you to share links as well. Mention links separately in all your slides to drive the audience to your events page.

Messenger event ad:

As we mentioned earlier, half of Facebook users operate from mobile phones. Messenger ads are promotions done in between the conversations. They are automatically presented in between the conversation of the users based on your set parameters.   

3 Tips for Facebook paid ads

1. Targeting

Facebook has a specific targeting option where you can narrow down the audience based on demographics and geography and then, Target based on specific behavior and interest patterns.

You can upload the data you have as an audience and decide whom the ads will appear.

You can create a lookalike audience based on the followers or audience data you have. This way you will be able to target similar people who are most likely to purchase a ticket to your event.

2. Retargeting

Facebook has a preferred audience option that can be helpful to promote your event to past participants and visitors of your event page. You should create an event landing page whose visitors can be retargeted.

Also, you can target your leads and retarget your audience with catchy email invite templates.

Pro tip: You can direct your whole audience to your website. You can get your own website for free on AllEvents!

3. Outsource Facebook promotion

Boosting an event automatically may end up costing more with fewer results. Getting ads done by people who are experts in the industry is always a great idea.

Start Promotion

5. Promote Events On Facebook With Influencer/Co-Host

Promotion with influencer

Influencer promotion is trendy. Influencers or your co-host have massive reach to millions of people already. They have access to users that might be inaccessible to you. 

Ask your co-host or hired influencer to spread awareness for the event by sharing posts or videos on their Facebook profile. It grabs the attention of potential clients and interested fans. 

The Facebook event page also provides event organizers with the option of Add Host. This option is most effective in increasing registration and creating buzz. 

For example, if you organize music festivals, ask your invited celebrity singers or band to promote your event on their profiles.

Take full advantage of your cohost, guests, and hired influencers to promote your events. For example, ask your co-host or hired influencer to shoot a small video or event and share it on their Facebook page.

6. Promote Your Events On Facebook Groups


If you haven’t created Facebook groups, then it is time to create one now. Facebook groups are a great opportunity to create awareness among the people interested in your events. Facebook groups have huge potential to promote an event on Facebook.

Being a member of such groups, you can share your event posts and updates in those groups as a member. This makes an amazing marketing strategy to promote your events. Be careful that you are not overdoing it. Sometimes group members get uncomfortable with such promotions in groups. Try not to offend them.

There are also existing Facebook groups based on interest and geography. You can be a member and try creating engagement for your events with different activities or contests instead of just posting. Along with that you can use a social media scheduler to schedule facebook group posts about events for better reach.

There are several different mediums apart from Facebook where you can apply different strategies to get the best result out of social media event marketing strategies.

Note: You cannot ignore the fact that you can create and promote events on other social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Events on Facebook can be spread widely by following the proper steps. It has the potential to increase your event attendance to the maximum. Increase your ticket sales, registrations, revenues, and all your business goals with Facebook event promotion. First, generalize your events and then target your audience. Facebook has made it all very easy and quick. 

Promoting events on Facebook can be done for free without investing more money, time, or energy. It requires less investment and human resources. Facebook is an excellent opportunity for any business to delight its customers and attract new ones. Facebook event marketing grabs the attention as it is widely popular with millions of users.

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