18 Creative Thanksgiving Event Ideas for 2022

Out of all the festivities, Thanksgiving holds a special place in everyone’s heart and one cannot miss out on the Thanksgiving tradition. It is the holiday season and there is a long trail of festivities, so you need to start planning for a thanksgiving event with attractive Event ideas as soon as possible.

Thanksgiving is all about food, but obviously one cannot spend the entire day cooking. There is plenty of time to kill. Few people spend their day at home as usual and many will look out for the Thanksgiving events happening around the city.

Whether it be through a workshop, charity event, or even online, we’ve thought of creative ways to explore and celebrate Thanksgiving. As an event manager, you want your Thanksgiving to be fun, friendly, and exciting. We’ve sorted a few fantastic thanksgiving event ideas for organizing this holiday season.

Thanksgiving event ideas for communities

Celebrating Thanksgiving with communities is a tradition for a lot of people. Community-focused Thanksgiving event ideas provide plenty of alluring opportunities for event planners.

1. Thanksgiving Hayrides

Thanksgiving Event Ideas

Families and groups enjoy going on hayrides together. Set up a path around an orchard or pumpkin patch, load hay bales for people to sit on, and then drive. Or, bring your guests back in time by using a horse-drawn carriage. Serving hot cider creates a festive atmosphere perfect for fall.

2. Fall Foliage Tour

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A walk into nature is always refreshing. Organize a tour to a nearby park or nature reserve after consulting with a park ranger about the best time to view the colors in the region. Include a seasonal lunch break with sandwiches made with turkey, stuffing, and cranberries.

Ticketing for Thanksgiving

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3. Thanksgiving Food Festival Truck 

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It is partially impossible for many people to prepare the thanksgiving feast for everyone and few people don’t like cooking at all. So, for the solution, a food truck provides a wonderful alternative. 

Promote your favorite neighborhood food trucks as they provide a full Thanksgiving meal, regardless of what they normally sell – ask the BBQ vendor to cook the turkey and the cupcake truck to bake some pumpkin goodies. We’re confident that you’ll draw a crowd given the demand for food trucks.

4. Thanksgiving History Talks

There is nothing like history that binds and brings people together. Sharing a history together is a feeling of belongingness for people. Invite professors or historians who can impart the learning as well as make thanksgiving a bit fun with stirring up history. 

Thanksgiving by sharing, giving, and donating

Giving comes in different forms. Filling additional needs can make your event stand out because soup kitchens and homeless shelters receive more volunteer offers during the Thanksgiving season than at any other time of the year.

5. Pie-Baking Contest

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See whose recipe wins a Thanksgiving pie-baking competition, whether it uses pumpkin, apple, pecan, or a family’s own creation. Charge an entrance fee to collect money for a preferred charity, or sell on-site slices of the competing pies (follow the rules and regulations applied in the region.)To select a winner, allow a panel of judges—or ticket purchasers—to vote on their preferred pie.

6. Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

The turkey trot has recently become a Thanksgiving tradition, and planning a 5K (just over 3 miles) is exciting but a challenge. As a requirement for participation, ask that participants raise donation contributions. To add some holiday flair, consider having participants sprint in pilgrim or turkey costumes. Organize a wonderful ending with live music, food, beverages, and awards for the fastest timings, the best costumes, and the most money raised. 

7. Potluck Party

Plan pantry-stocking activities where people give canned goods and other supplies in order to ensure that your community’s emergency food supply is stocked. Encourage the sharing of cultural traditions by asking recipients for family recipes that use the donated commodities. 

8. Hay Bale Maze

Dare your visitors to escape by creating a hay bale maze in a public park or parking lot! Set up games for the lost at dead ends, and provide hot cocoa or cider at the exit. 

9. Harvest Festival or Flea Market

Thanksgiving Harvest Festival

Create a harvest festival that honors regional farmers and provides your neighborhood with wholesome food to carry on an age-old tradition. For a festive entrance, place pumpkins, dried corn cobs, or a cornucopia. Give a share of the earnings to a food bank, shelter, or environmental charity.

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Thanksgiving Event Ideas for School Fundraiser

School fundraising ideas for Thanksgiving extend beyond field trips and sporting events. Drives for school supplies help make sure that classrooms are fully equipped. Are you thinking about arranging a fundraiser for the local schools? We have the list of thanksgiving event ideas for school fundraising events. 

10. Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving Event Ideas for School

Without a turkey, Thanksgiving for many people isn’t Thanksgiving. Well, this turkey dinner comes with a price. Set aside space at a diner and promote a traditional holiday feast. Thanksgiving dinner is special and we are sure a huge crowd will turn up for the event.

11. Corn Maze

Corn Maze

A cornfield might be considered a twisting maze in rural and farming communities. Include a contest to see who can navigate the maze the quickest, with a reward or medal going to the winner. Decorate with scarecrows and pumpkins. Set an entry fee and share the money collected with your district or school.

12. Thanksgiving Market

Take advantage of the extended Thanksgiving holiday at your school by hosting a funfair or carnival with cotton candy, games, and fairground rides. With vintage carnival rides set up in a sizable parking lot. Give away plush animals as prizes to provide the complete carnival atmosphere. Finally, serve holiday munchies like popcorn balls and hot cider while displaying themed décor. 

13. Pie-Eating Contest

Since many years back, pie-eating competitions have been a highlight of the holiday season. The competitors usually line up at an elevated table so that the crowd can see them while the pies are presented to them. Contestants could be required to consume just with their mouths for the sake of mess by having their wrists tied behind their backs. 

Thanksgiving Event Ideas for Adults

When planning Thanksgiving parties for college students, keep in mind that they will likely either stay close to campus in anticipation of new experiences or return home to reunite with old friends. The key is to create events that appeal to a young, fun-loving demographic. 

14. Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor live music is sure to draw a crowd. Set your concert in a field or garden on campus or off campus at an amphitheater; if permitted by law, offer drinks and snacks around the venue. 

15. Thanksgiving Wines

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Nothing is complete without wines during the festival season. And festival holidays dinner or meals are complete with fine wine. Organize a wine tasting, or visit to a winery as a pre-thanksgiving event. We are confident that people will join you for the fine wine and dine event and they’ll buy a couple of bottles as well.

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16. Fall Festival or Pre-Thanksgiving Party

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A fall evet party aimed at young adults will differ slightly from one for families. Keep the hayrides and pumpkin carving, but think about adding some more adult-focused music, food, and activities as well, like a 24-hour dance competition or a hard cider tasting.

Thanksgiving Event Ideas or Workshops  

Thanksgiving is often associated with putting up wreaths, lights, ornaments, and other decorations. It can also refer to having fun with friends, family, and coworkers. Thanksgiving courses might assist your participants in achieving that cozy appeal so cherished in holiday customs. 

17. Thanksgiving Floral Center-Piece Workshop

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For many households, holiday traditions include lots of decorating. The meal can be much improved by setting a nicely decorated Thanksgiving Day dinner table with candles, garlands, and flower arrangements. Show participants how to create stunning tablescapes and centerpieces that will impress their families and guests.

18. Cheese and Charcuterie Board-Making Workshop 

A charcuterie board or cheese plate is a classic for special occasions, when cured meats, pâtés, cheeses, olives, and fruits are arranged for grazing by the guests on a marble or wooden board. And the properly built board requires skill! Thanksgiving Charcuterie Workshop receives a board and a kit before learning how to bring the tastes to life.

Wrap up on Thanksgiving Event Ideas in 2022

With so many alternatives, your community will undoubtedly choose a Thanksgiving celebration that they will like. Start organizing your events as soon as you can because the holidays are coming up quickly. 

Thankfully, AllEvents makes listing your event quick and simple. Additionally, it streamlines your event management and ticketing methods so that as many people as possible are aware of and able to attend the event.

Must-know FAQs before you organize Thanksgiving events!

Here are some quick answers that will help you make your Thanksgiving event more awesome.

What are the activities on Thanksgiving?

The activities on Thanksgiving vary depending on the individual and family traditions of each family. However, the main activities on Thanksgiving include:

  • eating dinner together with family and friends
  • visiting with family and friends
  • exchanging gifts
  • watching holiday movies
  • playing games

All of these activities are important and worth doing, but they are primarily for fun rather than for a spiritual purpose.

How can I make thanksgiving more fun?

The best way to make thanksgiving more fun is to have fun with family and friends.

  • Be creative by cooking together or playing games together
  • Be thoughtful by setting up a meal for your loved ones or giving them a gift
  • And most importantly, have fun and make people have a memorable time!

What is a good game to play on Thanksgiving?

Here is a list of games that can be played on Thanksgiving,

  1. FarmVille – This game is good because you can get yourself a farm in turkey.
  2. Angry Birds – This game is good because you can get yourself some angry birds.
  3. Freetown – This game is good because you can play free tomb in turkey.
  4. Fruit Ninja – This game is good because you can get some fruit ninjas in turkey.
  5. Draw Something – This game is good because you can play draw something in turkey with your family and friends.
  6. Grand Theft Auto 5 – This game is good because it has the best storyline of any game ever made

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