Best WordPress Event Plugins: Completely Free

Here is what you want from WordPress event plugins: Your website should be able to show, manage, and sell event tickets.

You have an event website and want to start selling tickets there. But facing the issue of finding a better WordPress event plugin? Don’t fret.

Just add these free event plugins, and your website will turn into a ticket-selling machine in no time.

Based on your use case, you only need 5 best WordPress event plugins in 2022 which will enable you to manage everything from listing events to selling tickets on your website,

  1. Event listing and management plugin » to add event cards and ticket booking feature
  2. Plugin to add booking option on your website
  3. Add a book now button that will enable a visitor to purchase tickets
  4. Event City Plugin to add all events cards in a specific city
  5. Advanced event plugin to showcase events on your site
Tried and tested the best WordPress event plugins for event websites

1. Event Listing & Management Event Plugin

Usage: If you have multiple upcoming events and want your website to have event cards, view event details, and book tickets option like this👆. Then this free event plugin for WordPress is your best shot.

(Try to book the free ticket to see the flow of the above event plugin)

Yes, this WordPress Events Plugin is completely free, and the event manager plugin is also free to use. So, all you need to do is add your event details and manage the ticket types, and you are good to go.

Here are four steps to install the event listing plugin on your website:

Step 1: Add your event details by creating your event here

Step 2: Then go to the Organizer page > Click your profile on the top right

Step 3: Manage Page > Display events on your website > Copy both the code

Step 4: Go to your website > paste the plugin code on the page

Step 5: Make it live and you are ready to roll!

event listing and manager plugin: Steps to install

You can add more events, and fully manage your tickets from the event dashboard. Easy peasy. No need to edit your website every time.

Benefits of using Event Listing and Management Plugin

  • Ticket booking and registration: Enabled ✅
  • The WordPress Event Listing Plugin Supports Paypal And Stripe to collect ticket sales
  • Copy code n paste, nothing else 📝
  • No headache of trying out glitchy plugins
  • Free of cost | Unlimited usage

Cons of using Event Listing & Management Plugin

  • Limited customization in design, but works flawlessly
  • Shows only events that are yours (to show more event cards, use Advanced WordPress Event Plugin)
  • Try other WordPress plugins below if they suit your usage

2. Event Ticket Booking Plugin WordPress

Powered by

Usage: To add the Event Booking Widget to the event page on your website.

(Try the look and feel of the above plugin 👆)

Steps to add Event Ticket Booking Plugin to your site:

Step 1: Start by adding your event details by creating your event here

Step 2: Go to event dashboard > Integrations > embed ticket booking on website > Copy the code

Step 3: Then go to your website and paste the code

Step 4: Save changes and the plugin will be activated instantly!

WordPress Ticket booking plugin

Benefits of using Ticket Booking WordPress Plugin

  • Ticket booking and registration: Enabled ✅
  • You can sell tickets with Paypal and Stripe
  • Ticket management available from the dashboard

3. Event Booking Button Plugin

Usecase: In case you want to have a minimalistic site with only a ticket booking button, which will show a widget to purchase event tickets like this👆, then the event booking button plugin is your best shot.

(Click the above button and see how it works)

Steps to add Event Booking Plugin to your website:

Step 1: You can add your event details by creating your event here

Step 2: Go to event dashboard > Integrations > Add book now button > Copy both code

Step 3: After that, go to your website > paste the code

Step 4: Then make it live and you are ready to sell event tickets with the event plugin!

Benefits of using Ticket Booking WordPress Plugin:

  • Simple booking button plugin to sell tickets on your website
  • You can connect Stripe & Paypal to collect payments from your audience
  • Ticket management supported from event dashboard

Cons of using Ticket Booking WordPress Plugin:

  • It is event specific, you need to add different button for every event

Take a step by publishing event

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4. Event City Plugin

Event city plugin

Usecase: You want to show all events of a specific genre in a specific city? Then this is your best pick👆.

Steps to add an Event Booking Plugin to your website:

Step 1: Go to event listing plugin for city.

Step 2: Add city, event category, popularity, start time

Step 3: Then click “get code” and copy the code

Step 4: Go to your website and paste the code and save!

Benefits of using Ticket Booking WordPress Plugin:

  • Full flexibility in displaying events on your page
  • Most suitable plugin for event cityguides and event news websites

Cons of using Ticket Booking WordPress Plugin:

  • You can’t manage events and tickets

5. Advanced Event Plugin WordPress

Usecase: All filters you can think of while sorting events can be added here. It will show event cards like this👆.

Steps to add Event Booking Plugin to your website:

Step 1: Go to the advanced event plugin.

Step 2: Then add city, organizer, category, website, and dimensions

Step 3: After that, click generate code

Step 4: Go to your website and paste the code. Save it

WordPress Event Plugin Example Preview

Benefits of using Ticket Booking WordPress Plugin

  • You can add all types of filters to showcase events on your website
  • The filter can be added in form of city, category, website, organizer, etc

Three Tips to choose a better WordPress Event Plugin

Event plugins are a great way to quickly and easily add events to your website. While there are many event plugins available, some of the best ones focus on specific features. For example, Event Listing & Management Plugin lets you create and manage events, while Event Booking helps you completely to sell tickets on your event page.

However, not all event plugins are created equal. In order to choose which one to use, it’s important to know what makes them special. Here are some criteria that make these WordPress Event Plugins stand out:

1. Event management

Most event plugins let you create and manage events from one place, whether it’s through an intuitive interface. This means that you’ll be able to see all of your upcoming events in one place and make adjustments as needed without having to log into each individual website or app that hosts them separately (such as Facebook Events).

2. Simplicity

Many of these plugins come with their pre-built layouts so they’re easy for new users who want something quick and simple without having to spend hours learning how everything works before ever using them properly themselves!

3. Event customization options

In case you need to make changes in your ticket price or start selling a new discount-type ticket, then your event plugin should be able to give you instant customization options from the WordPress event management dashboard.

Quick FAQs on Free Event Plugins for WordPress

Here is how you can create an event website to add WP event plugins

Sell Tickets With Your Brand!

Get a professional event booking website that runs on your domain & promotes your brand.

How can you add events with WordPress Event Plugins?

Here is how you can create and add new events to the WordPress plugin on your website:
1. Your events will be auto-updated if you have added them to the plugin dashboard.
2. To add new events, you can simply create events from here and add all the details of your event.
3. Then, your event will be auto-updated if you have already added the plugin to the website.

To add an event plugin from scratch, check how to add an event listing plugin.

How to manage events with WP Event Plugins

You can manage events on your website by going to the event dashboard if you have already created events with the help of WordPress Event Plugins.

Here is how to manage from the event plugin dashboard.
1. Go to your event dashboard after signing in on
2. Then go to “my events” from your profile
3. Select the event dashboard you want to edit; you can edit all the event details, including ticket types, and manage them.
4. Save your changes, and the system will automatically add updated details on your site.

How to sell tickets on WordPress with event plugins

Event plugins allow you to add ticketing functionality to your website without worrying about all the technical details. You’ll be able to set up your own payment system, choose the type of tickets you want to sell and how much they cost, and even allow people who purchase tickets online and send them mail confirmations to bring them with them during the event.

You can sell tickets on WordPress by using event plugins. Here is the step-by-step process on how to sell tickets on WordPress with event plugins,

  1. Add your event details here
  2. Choose the type of plugin that suits your need
  3. Copy the code and paste it on your website
  4. You are ready to sell tickets

Is selling tickets using event plugins better than ticketing platform?

After 11 years in the event industry, we suggest that the ticket selling plugins and ticketing platforms are one of the best way to sell tickets for an event. If you have an event coming up, or if you’re looking to sell tickets for a concert or other event, consider using both of them.

They make it easy to create a listing for your event, and they will take care of the rest. They also offer various payment options so that you can get paid promptly and easily.

You can also use these WordPress event plugins and platforms to manage your events so that you are in control of everything from start to finish. The programs will handle everything from marketing through the final product so that all you have left is to sit back and watch your event happen!

Takeaways for WordPress Event Plugins

There are plenty of event plugins available, but these 5 plugins listed above come out on top. These plugins offer an array of features, ranging from the ability to customize events to awesome tools that event managers can use.

So, you can start by adding the plugin and see what features await.

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