How ticketing platform is a key factor to get your event tickets sold

Okay, let’s talk about what goes into planning an awesome event.

Event theme, choosing event venue, event promotions, event schedule, and most important selling event tickets.  

And guess what, these are just the pre-event things you need to keep in check. The list is unending and you need to check everything off. But what about the unsold tickets?

Hence, the main question is how to boost event ticket sales. More importantly, how to do it quickly and effectively. Let us lead you to the secret of selling event tickets online.

Your event ticketing platform is the key factor to getting your event sold out and successful. Also, this way you set a bar a little high for all your events and it makes you stand out in the competition.

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1. Appealing event pages to boost conversion

Appealing event pages actually convert into high ticket sales. So whenever you are picking the right event ticketing platform, pay special attention to your landing pages and other event pages. Many times event pages are attractive but do not convert due to complexities in navigation.

Here are the things you should check on every ticketing platform:

  • Is it easy to create, and add new events?
  • Is it easy to navigate and without glitches?
  • Is this something you want to brand with your event?
  • It is enough appealing to convert your visitors into attendees?

Here is how you can create event landing pages that actually convert. You can also build and link your event pages using professional templates and publish them.

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2. Keep Your Attendees in the Loop

Often, event managers don’t communicate with their attendees once they have purchased the ticket. Attendees don’t feel right when they buy a ticket and there is no other update after that. The engagement with the audience after the purchase of an event ticket is less and that might lead to trust issues. 

In the event of uncertainties, you need to communicate it to your audience. Or for that matter, any small information is important for the audience and they need to know.

For example, due to rain or windy weather, you might delay your event. If you need to share parking details- anything related to the event is critical. 

Here is why you should keep your attendees updated:

  • To build trust 
  • To create an authentic experience 
  • To communicate every single detail

You can notify your audience via these channels:

  • E-mails
  • Push notifications
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Updates on the social media event page

A worthy ticketing platform provides you with all these communication channels and lets you share every minute detail of your event.

3. 24*7 Customer support is the backbone of your event 

When you have a friendly ticketing platform with strong back-end support, you are relieved- at least for the ticket selling. A good ticketing platform provides you with a stress-free experience and helps you:

  • set up your ticketing system
  • with event listing
  • create your branded event website
  • respond quickly to your queries
  • build strategies to sell your tickets faster 

When you get all of these in one ticketing platform know that you’ve found a winner. Bonus points if they help you publish and promote your events like AllEvents.

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4. Secure Payment Gateways

Everything is cautious about sharing sensitive details and your audience needs to know that their personal information is beginning handled with care. 

Ensure you use a ticketing platform that keeps your attendee’s information safe. 

For the payment security and safety concerns, there are two best online event ticketing gateways

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe

At AllEvents, you can be confident about the payment security system and the authentication with Paypal and Stripe. We help you worry less about payments, refunds, pending payments, discounting payments, etc. 

5. Ticket Discounts and Offers for Event Tickets

Just having the right ticketing platform is not enough. You also need the right strategies to escalate your event ticket sales with right event ticket discounts.

Not everyone has an equal pocket share. Selling one type of ticket at one price level is not something that everyone can afford. So you need to have something for everyone. 

Select a ticketing platform that helps you set types of tickets and different price levels for early birds, VIPs, premium tickets, bulk purchases, and more.

Applying this strategy will help you go sold-out event just in a few days and all your customers will have a pretty event experience. 

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6. Clear Event Visibility

Meaning your event must be visible to your potential audience to sell event tickets. Your audience needs to know that you are organizing an event. If your audience will not know about your event, how will they attend?

Here is how you can increase your event visibility:

  1. Get your event shared on social media
  2. Publish your events on event discovery and ticketing platform like AllEvents
  3. Get your event featured on Google event snippets

7. Event Ticket Sales Promotion

A well-designed ticket platform knows that just setting up a ticket system is not a complete process. It requires creative and active event management till the last day of the event and post-event.

Your ticketing platform should offer you multiple features such as:

  • Sending Email invites by using email invite templates
  • Pre-event reporting and updates 
  • Post-purchase updates and feedback
  • Sending push notifications to attendees and subscribers
  • Tracks ticketing source
  • Provides valuable information

Ticketing platforms automate pre-event and post-event activities such as sending invites, reminders, important updates, post-event feedback forms, and others to save your valuable time.

In this way, you can focus on other aspects of your event. 

Quick Takeaways 

Being an event manager you have got a lot to manage. And we know that event planning is not a cakewalk.  

So here at AllEvents, you get all the important things required for your event planning at one place. From creating event pages to ticketing- get a free and seamless experience. 

Register your events at zero cost and strengthen your event planning- make your work smooth, quick, and effective.

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