Pre-Event Survey Questions that you should ask Event Attendees

Pre Event survey questions are important to make an event more successful. It is important to collect feedback from people so that we can get the most valuable feedback either in person or digitally. Research and previous case studies are important so that we can learn and do further planning to create a successful event. This is the main reason behind event survey questions to understand the target audience.

Collecting small pieces of information from event attendees through surveys could make the event experience smoother. Pre Event Survey Questions are important for a successful event. You can create a customized set of questions and later distribute it among the participants for feedback. Make your marketing tricks such as pre-event surveys strong enough to increase response rates.

Why Pre-Event Survey Questions are important?

Your event survey questions help a lot because the only way you can grow along with your clients is to know them well. Directly asking them about their preferences is the best way you can reach out to them. Add questions like “would you like” can bring the interest of both host and participants to the same page. Filling surveys shouldn’t be a waste of time so, make questions to the point and interesting enough to be filled.

The event is more like a group project among the people. It can only go well when each one of you is aware of the other. This can be solved by distributing a survey template to the other mate. Depending upon the group of people to whom survey forms has to be distributed you can make a set of customized questions. During the event registration process, this pre-event survey will act as a supportive pillar of the event.

Types of Survey Questions:

Here is six different survey question types exist, with a few examples for each: 

Types of questions

1. Open-ended questions:

People have different opinions and their opinion matters a lot for the survey analysis. A person has full freedom to answer it in his way.

2. Closed-ended questions:

Closed-ended questions appear such that it gives options to the participants like: multiple choice, drop-down, checkboxes, and ranking questions. 

3. Matrix questions:

A matrix question is a collection of multiple-choice questions that are organized in a grid of rows and columns. The participants are presented with the questions in the rows, and the columns provide a set of defined answer options for each question in the row.

4. Rating scale questions: 

A rating scale is a closed-ended survey question showing respondent feedback for certain features/products launch ideas or products/services in a comparative form. Just another way of marking an event engaging for attendees.

5. Demographic questions: 

Demographic questions are common in market research and market segmentation surveys, and they include information on respondents’ age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, education, household composition, employment status, income, and geography. It helps us to know more about the target audience in detail.

6. Image choice questions:

Appealing survey forms makes it interesting for the participants also to answer them. Moreover, you can add images to multiple-choice questions to make them more engaging for the respondents.

Whom to ask pre-event survey questions?

Distribution of survey

There are options for whom the survey form has to be designed and depending upon that factor you can choose pre-survey questions to play around with. Meanwhile, it is very important to know who you exactly want to impact with your work.


Pre-event surveys will allow you to know your attendees way before they attend the event. Similarly, post-event surveys could be beneficial if you wish your future events to go well. Event survey questions don’t need to be tough ones but rather easy ones to answer. Basic best events questions may include how the event went, what more was expected etc.


These people work closely with you, they know your work like no one. Suggestions and tips from them would cause no harm and will be beneficial for future events too. In addition, you will have new ideas to present at your event and create a successful event. And this way let your teammate’s valuable event feedback in.

Sponsored person:

You would not like to repeat something that went wrong, so to avoid that you can ask for event feedback from your sponsors. This will not only make them feel that their thoughts hold importance but will also make your bond stronger. learn more about event sponsorship

List of Questions to ask in the Pre-event survey

1. Personal relevant details?


A few things that you may want to include in your event survey questions that can also be personal are name, email id, phone number, gender, etc. But be careful while handling this information as these are sensitive data. Knowing a little background about the person who is filling out the form of event questions will help you attain attendee satisfaction.

If event organizers are wishing to arrange food or games for their event. Then the questions regarding the same will let organizers know event attendees’ preferences or food allergies if any. You can send the survey form in a beautiful email invite template.

2. Why do Attendees want to attend?

Reason to attend

Event Organizers should know with what motive attendees wish to attend the event. Gaining trust in each other is a major step toward a successful event. Make your event attendees understand the importance of their valuable feedback. Organizers can have specific questions for things to be easy for a while.

Understanding attendees’ mindsets should be a supreme concern of the event organizer. Don’t limit your event just by getting pre-functioning done. Post Event Survey questions to hold equal importance as pre-event survey questions. These real-time event experience

3. What interests them most about the event?

You can serve on the plate better once you are aware of their choices. And this will make a long-lasting impression on you on them. Because no matter how good you are good at your job there should always be a scope for improvement. Pre-event planning will be a lot easier once you are fully aware of what options are available for you to make a satisfactory impact.

Apart from multiple-choice questions, you can always have a text-type question asking for suggestions or comments on whatever they are likely to have an interest in. Encourage them to participate fully hearted in the event and rewards would increase response rates. 

4. Their Expectations from the event?

Last-minute tickets sell and event preparations can be quite stressful. Asking about attendees’ expectations will help you get alternatives available to you. These are just open-ended qualitative questions that will make the whole process hassle-free. These little efforts will show attendees that you are really into them to present valuable pieces of stuff. Firstly, for this to happen you need to advertise your event to the fullest.

5. The language they’re most comfortable with.

The best event interaction is done when the speaker speaks your home language. It may seem no big deal to be done, but it’s tested true that people tend to grab more when you speak with them in their mother tongue. As it has a direct impact on attendees’ hearts more than their minds. Including these tricks will increase your response rate in overall terms.

Not all responses may be the same so to better analyze it design radio button-type questions. And go with the majority requested language by attendees so that you already know that you can reach a larger audience in the frame. 

6. Which social media do they prefer the most?

event survey

Reaching your audience is a major part of the planning, having a track of which social media platforms are most preferred can put your event on the higher side.

As organizers will be promoting the pre-event through landing pages, and different social media platforms. It’s a good idea to sort out a few best platforms you can invest in for your event promotion. Marketing about your event can be more important than you think it is and you will tend to gather many insights. You can set up your own event website to be more approachable.

7. Special assistance or need that has to be taken care of.

If event organizers are beforehand aware of their attendee’s extra needs then they can better assist their attendees. Two ends together can meet each other needs, cooperation can make anything possible that seems tough. Event survey questions are supposed to be more general and generous as attendee satisfaction should be the prime motto.

8. Preferred date and time for the event.

To maximize the number of the audience of the pre-event make sure your event dates have to be on a date that your audience can take out time from their schedule or just go for some of most preferred dates. Design questions in checkbox patterns with multiple options. Ask for 2-3 slots from the questionnaires to select from and go with the larger response of dates. Utilizing the time for attendees will bring out so much from both ends.

9. Attendees’ Suggestion


To make attendees feel more involved in the process organizers can ask for attendees’ suggestions in event survey questions as well as in post-event survey questions. With different people present at the event, each one will be having a different perspective and suggestions for you. 

Ask attendees to comment on what they enjoyed more and what more can be added for making it fun and more effective. Organizers can ask for topics attendees wish to know more about. Organizers can keep rewards for the best survey forms that will increase response rates from the other side. This way you will get to know the best answers for your specific event if any.

Event Surveys Tips

1. Registration and ticket Process.

During the event registration process, you can include some basic questions such as source and language, etc. with custom registration forms. But organizers should keep the registration form as short as possible to avoid friction. Many event ticketing platforms offer you to customize registration forms for Free. AllEvents is one of them.

Post-conference survey questions you can gather insights from attendees. Take up feedback and work on your improvement, be confident with your skills, and believe that you can rock it. Not let negative feedback discourage you in any way because it is part of growing.

2. Tools to create a survey form?

There is a lot of event app present online that could help organizers create a catchy event survey template and make use of technology to the fullest. A quick tip is you should send out survey forms to only attendees but sponsors, teammates, volunteers, and speakers. Look for out-of-the-box marketing strategies that could attract people. You sell out more tickets for your event with auto follow-ups that will make your job much easier at AllEvents.

Listing out free event apps to check on-

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