How to Sell More Tickets | Key Tactics for Event Planner

Let’s cut to the chase and come straight to the point. When it comes to event organizing one of the crucial task and most demanding task is how to sell more tickets quickly. It is no joke to become a sold-old event.

Yes, we know you have got it all covered but let us keep a double or triple check on everything so that selling tickets can go seamlessly. To sell tickets, people must know you are hosting an event. And it’s a challenge in itself when you have strong competition around. 

How do you spread the word? How do you stand out as an event maker? Can you do it for free? And how to sell more tickets in a short time? Aren’t these the important questions you need to answer to become a profitable event? 

So, we have come up with amazing strategies for you to try. Let us get the word out and make your event the best-happening event in the city!

1. High Impact- High Returns- Tactics to Sell More Tickets

How to sell more tickets

The end goal of every event manager is to sell more tickets to become a sold-out and successful event in the city. So, let’s talk first things first. Here, we have listed a few tactics to sell more tickets online.

Effective and Affordable Ticket Price

Well, ticket prices are important. For buyers, it needs to be affordable and for the event organizers, it needs to be profitable. A high ticket price takes your buyer away and too low a price raises questions about the quality. So don’t sell yourself short. 

Make sure the price is right. It should create value for money. People want to know that their money and time are spent in the correct place. Create the price balance- there’s always a sweet spot to hit. 

Paid Advertising for flash ticket sale

For leveling it up go with social media paid ads. This is a smart investment in the advertisement. 

Social media ads provide you with an organic reach and expose your event to the target audience who has yet not been exposed. These are the forms of paid social media ads:

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Google ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Ticket Discount

The early bird catches the worm.

Offer discounts and good deals to buyers to make them purchase more tickets. From early bird discounts to Promo, code deals offer them all at an appropriate period. 
There are a lot of options for you to try. To ramp up your ticket sales with types of discounts here is something you should definitely read.

Add ticket types in 2 minutes

Start selling tickets by adding various ticket discounts, group deals, and whatnot!

Sell My Tickets

Ticket Giveaways

Keep a few tickets reserved especially for this. Giveaway tickets create an immense buzz about your event. Use ticket giveaways for social media promotions. Hosting social media ticket giveaways brings massive traffic and opens a new market to promote your event and sell more tickets.

We have listed some of the most effective event ticket giveaway ideas to get more ticket sales online with the giveaway strategy.

Tip: You can also leverage local radio stations to host ticket giveaways if you have them as your media partner.

Offline Promotions

Online promotions have their perks but offline promotions still hold the heart of people. Make a creative poster, an eye-catchy hanging, or attractive flyers, and place them where they will reach your potential audience. 

Subway stations, parks, highways, malls, and other such marketplaces make a good point for promotions.

Tip: The most important factor is your event platform to sell tickets.

2. Promotions for the Win

event promotion for the win

Promote, Promote & Promote.

That’s the only way to reach out to the audience. Without effective and thoughtful event promotions you are going nowhere. You need great pre-event engagement to persuade the audience to attend your events. Here are some ways to promote your events on social media.

Use Facebook to Create Events

Facebook is a proven social media platform for event promotions. It is one of the best mediums to sell more tickets online. With more than 2.9 billion active users Facebook can reach people beyond your imagination. 

Facebook has a tool called Lookalike Audiences, if you have emails of past audiences, you can upload them there and Facebook will display ads to people having similar likes and interests. Moreover, you can also sell tickets on Facebook.

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Instagram for Event Engagement 

Instagram helps you get quick audience attention. From millennials to Gen-Z you can reach all types of audiences on Instagram. 
Instagram is widely popular for pre-event engagement and for creating a buzz about events. Plan out your strategies and use multiple features offered by Instagram and make the most out of it. This will eventually help you sell tickets with your ticketing partner online.


Hashtags get your event trending in the feed of your audience. Create a unique hashtag and share it with all your posts. Make sure it is clearly visible on the blogs, posts, and your event website as well.

Be aware that your hashtags reveal a lot of information about your event. When someone clicks on the hashtags they are exposed to multiple posts and details about your event. The audience will be eager to click on the hashtags and find links to the event website. So make sure you have tagged and backlink everything.

Gift Bags and Goodies

Get some cool customized gifts for your attendees. Who doesn’t love freebies? 

And if you don’t have enough budget to gift everyone, then organize a contest for a few. Make sure your gifts are cool and unique. 

Hand out some hand bands, t-shirts, or reusable water bottles with your name or logo printed on them. Such types of gifts are really appreciated. 

If you are hosting a virtual or hybrid event, you can send goodies to the doorstep of your audience.


Social media is full of influencers and celebrities. Influencers have a great reach to the audience. And if an influence promotes your event, people get more excited and it can escalate your event ticket sales. 

Send personalized event invites, send them things to tweet that include the URL of your event. Also, don’t forget to share hashtags. 

And if you can invite a celebrity face to your event, it can be a great attraction for the audience and motivates them to attend your event. 

Get the Press

Approach news outlets, magazines, or any platform that writes about events and also has a high reach. To this be clear on a few points,

  • What do you want to write?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What does your target audience prefer- read or listen?
  • Where do you want to advertise?
  • What channel do you want to use- radio, blogs, newspapers, billboards, etc?
  • Do you want to publish monthly, weekly, or daily?

Send your pitch addressing 5W- who, where, what, when, and why of your event and make it easy for the press to write about your event.

3. Let’s Go The Extra Mile To Sell More Tickets

Extra mile to start selling more tickets online

Let me caution you right there. With ticket-selling tactics and event promotions, you need to do some extra work. Here are some things you must have to make your event visible to the audience.

Appealing Landing Pages

You don’t want people to just scroll through your website, you need them to make a purchase, right? For this, you need convincing event landing pages to encourage your audience to buy your event ticket.

Create easy-to-navigate, attractive landing pages with great event descriptions. The visitors should have a seamless experience, without any glitches and unloading. 

Bonus: Take inspiration from this event landing page of PhDesigns and Signaporepubcrawl.

Sell tickets on your site

Copy code – Paste on your website – Done You can start selling tickets within 60 seconds

Explore Plugins

 FOMO- Show them what they’re missing

Show the audience how much fun they’d miss if they don’t attend your event. So, for this, you’ll need to share pretty pictures, videos, stories, and behind the scene from your events. You can do it easily from your mobile phone as well.

Details are important too

Details are always important. Write a great event description to attract attendees. Details are important as they tell the audience about what they are getting themselves into and what to expect from the event. Mention every detail related to the event from the venue, dress codes, and guests, to parking facilities.

Promote it with Visuals

What is better than pictures to prove that your events are really happening and fun to be? With pictures show them how great your event is and get them excited to attend it. In this way, they can be more confident to attend your event. 

You can even show behind the scene videos to give an insider to your audience. If you have worked hard to organize an event, then why not show it?

Tip: You can create appealing pictures and videos with Canva or PicsArt.

Create a buzz 

Be consistent with your event promotions. Post and update about your event 3-4 times a week and as your event day approaches begin with a count-down post. Use funny videos and creative copies to keep your audience engaged and eager for your events. Post impressive pictures that urge your audience to repost and tag their friends.


Let’s get all your tickets sold out with amazing promotions and ticket-selling strategies. 

Well, it looks like a lot of work. But you need not worry. There are plenty of event tools and event professionals available out there to take some work off your shoulders so you can focus on your event planning and execution.

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